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Captain James Kirk felt like hell. Combine all the hangovers and bar beatings he'd endured in his life and that was how he was currently feeling. He was hunched over in his captain's chair, his head in his hands with the persistent nagging feeling of nausea. He had noticed the concerned looks on his crew's faces when he walked onto the bridge but insisted he was fine. He wasn't, but he didn't want his crew worrying about him. "Captain," he heard his first officer say somewhere to his right. "As it seems that you are ill and unable to perform your duties I have requested the presence of Dr. McCoy. Seeing as he is your primary physician he will be able to diagnose you most efficiently."

The thought of Bones coming up to the bridge to diagnose him slightly relieved and worried Kirk. The last time he felt as bad as this was the good doctor's doing when he was trying to smuggle Jim onto the Enterprise. The memory of getting stabbed in the neck by all those needles made him want to grab a phaser in self defense.

Took a damn month for all those bruises to go away too.

He sat back in his seat and rubbed at his neck as he heard the doors slide open and feet walking towards him. "What's wrong with you now Jim," he heard his friend say as he knelt in front of him, his tricorder moving over the captain's face. "Nice to see you too Bones," Jim said with an amused smirk. "Damn Jim you look like hell, what did you do last night?" McCoy said, sounding concerned. "I didn't do anything. I grabbed some food, took a shower and went to bed that's it I swear!" Kirk said with as much energy as he could muster.

"Well looks like it's just a fever," the doctor said as he moved his scanning from Kirk's face down to his body. "Nothing really to be worried abou…….huh." That one little pause got everyone's attention. "Huh. What do you mean, huh?" Jim said sounding even more tired as he slumped in his chair, the crew's eyes all on him. "Commander, can you lift him up for me for a second," McCoy asked as he stared at the readings he picked up on his scanner. Spock nodded and moved from his spot to lift his captain's arm over his shoulder and move his arm around his waist, lifting James Kirk from his beloved chair to a somewhat standing position.

McCoy went to work scanning Jim's body, lingering over his right side every so often. "Well Jim I found out what's wrong with you," the doctor stated as he put tricorder away and grabbed his communicator. "Oh? And what is it?" Kirk said getting slightly green in the face. "Appendicitis. McCoy to sickbay I need a wheelchair to the bridge stat and prep the O.R. for surgery," he said into his communicator before opening up his medical kit and grabbing a hypo. Jim's eyes got bigger when he saw McCoy come towards him. "Please Bones don't, don't I'm beggin' you. The bruises just went away from last time. Don't you have any pills or anything?" Kirk asked pleading, untangling himself from Spock and feebly trying to get away. "Jim come on this is the quickest way," McCoy said following his friend, needle at the ready for the prime opportunity to get him off guard.

Spock watched the scene with amusement and swiftly moved around the captain's chair to Kirk who was now at the elevator and placed his hand on his friend's neck, catching Jim in his arms as he fell unconscious. McCoy sighed and gave his Commander a nod in thanks before injecting his friend with a sedative and pain killer. He grabbed his kit and was about to call the sickbay again when the elevator doors opened and a cadet stood with a wheelchair in front of him. "Bout time," he grumbled as he walked inside and let Spock sit Kirk down in the chair. "I'll have him back to you in 2 to 3 days and I'll call when he wakes up," the doctor said to Spock. "Thank you, doctor. Take care of our captain," Spock said as he took his natural pose of his hands behind his back. "Will do," said McCoy as the doors of the elevator closed, leaving Spock and the crew in silence.

Spock walked from his spot to replace Kirk in the captain's chair, the crew looking on for any orders. "Continue on route," Spock commanded, satisfying the curiosity of the crew. He looked over to where Uhura sat and caught her looking at him. She smiled at him and he gave her a small quirk of his lip before they both turned away. He gave the Vulcan version of what would have been a sigh and relaxed in the chair as floors below, his friend and captain was about to undergo surgery.

I wonder what Jim meant by 'last time' .

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