Thanks to all of you who love my story and to my #1 fangirl for inspiring me to get me writing this story.

2 days later

"Do I get to go back to the bridge today Bonesy? I miss my chair," Jim Kirk said, sitting up on his Sickbay bed, legs dangling over the side.

"Ya you get to go back. Just need to check your stitches real quick," Bones said as he walked over to his friend, datapad in hand along with his scanner.

"Don't you have anything else more dignified for me to wear other than this nasty gown?" Jim whined, he was tired of feeling a draft on his ass whenever he got up to go to the bathroom.

McCoy sighed at Jim's comment and pulled up a stool so he could sit down. He pulled out a pair of latex gloves and snapped them on. "I told you Jim, the ties on the sides give me easy access to your stitches and the waist band on pants would just rub and irritate the area making it worse," Bones said as he untied the knots on Jim's gown so he could look at his hip.

"Ya ya you just wanna check out my ass. Don't deny it Bones you know you like it," Jim teased as he leaned back on his hands. He instantly regretted his comment when he looked down at his doctor and saw an almost murderous look in his eyes. Jim gave his friend a sheepish grin, hoping for forgiveness, slightly afraid what Bones would do with his hands so close to his package.

"The only thing I like about your ass Jim is when it's getting kicked," McCoy muttered as he examined his friend's stitches. They seemed to be pretty okay, not red anymore and the scarring wouldn't be too bad as long as Jim didn't strain himself. He grabbed his scanner and moved it over the tender area. Everything looked great, which made him happy. After a quick update to Jim's file he grabbed a small bottle of lotion from his pocket and gently applied the cream around the stitched area. "Fuck dude that's cold," he heard Jim say above him. "It's for the peeling of your skin around the stitches. Just don't put the lotion directly on them alright, just around it," Bones told him, pulling his hand back from Jim's body.

"Do I get pants now?" Jim grinned, clearly wanting to get out of his gown.

"Yes you get pants but I'm putting them on you. You'll just probably rip your stitches," Bones said as he got up and walked towards a cupboard and pulled out Jim's pre surgery clothes that had been washed for the dear Captain. "Up," he commanded and watched Jim stand up, cursing a bit as his bare feet touched the cold Sickbay floor. "Now I don't want to see or……touch your junk, so you pull the stuff on and I get it settled on your hip. Deal?"

"Deal," Jim said, grabbing his boxers from Bones's arms and carefully slipped them on. "Alright, nice and covered. Help me get this gown off?"

McCoy sighed and put the rest of Jim's clothes on the bed before he reached up to undo the various ties on the gown and pulling it up over Jim's head. "Now if you feel any pulling or irritation from your clothes I'll put some gauze on you," Bones said, taking the waist band of Jim's boxers and gently settling it on his hip.

"Yes doctor," Jim smiled, hopping back onto the bed and pulling on his socks and pants. He got his boots on and quickly pulled his black undershirt then his yellow Starfleet shirt. Jim carefully zipped his pants as Bones observed, making sure his stitches didn't feel uncomfortable.

"Now before I let you go I do want you to know something okay," Bones said in all seriousness. "I do actually care about you, so please try not to hurt yourself," he said resting his forehead against his friend's.

"I'll try my best doctor," Jim said with a small smile.

"That's all I ask," Bones said softly, moving to kiss Jim's forehead.

The kiss surprised Jim. "What's with the touchy feely stuff?"

"Well when you cut open your best friend things are kinda put into perspective."

Well that makes sense.

"I'll be a good boy," Jim said with a smile. "Promise."

"Thank you. Now get back up on the bridge. They need you," Bones said, gently shoving Jim with his elbow.

"See ya later Bonesy," Jim said cheerfully, giving Bones a quick kiss on the cheek before he practically skipped out the door.

Bones watched his friend walk out the door in silence. Once Jim was gone he touched the cheek his friend kissed. With a muttered ''brat'' he picked up his supplies and headed back towards his office to update the computer as his friend headed back up to his favorite chair.