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Epilogue- Rise Again

"Stand up straighter."

The female fox, who had been leaning against her spear, yawned and stretched her back. The grey, metal suit of armor she wore made it difficult to move and left her with some unpopped cramps. "I would if they didn't make these things so heavy," she replied.

Her partner, a male raccoon dressed in similar fashion, sighed and hefted his shield up higher. The purple emblem on the front of it was the emblazoned symbol of Blaze's household and was also painted onto the two guards' chest plates as well.

"Just do it," he ordered, glancing up and down the spacious hallway that they stood in. White marble decorated the interior with large, paned windows separated by bleached columns on either side. The sunlight lit the corridor, leaving the small, three-pronged chandeliers attached to the walls to hang uselessly until nightfall. The only door to be seen was the large double door they stood in front of. "You never know when one of the aristocrats will come through. Or perhaps the Princess herself."

"Speaking of which, did you hear-"

"I really don't care for any of your gossip," the raccoon snapped, once again looking around to make sure the corridor was clear.

"Oh c'mon," his partner pushed. She spun her spear around like a baton, much to the male's chagrin. Before he could berate for treating a dangerous weapon as a mere toy, she continued. "It's to do with the Princess' love life."

"Oh boy, what now?" he asked sarcastically. "Is she dating some king from another country this time? Or perhaps a celebrity?"

"Even better," she answered. "I hear her and her bodyguard, Silver, are getting awfully close."

"Hah!" he snorted. "Silver? Captain of the guards Silver? The same Silver who gets nervous around her and whose only concern is protecting her? Don't make me laugh."

The fox stuck out her tongue at him and considered whacking him with her spear. Unbeknownst to them, up on the ceiling, perched in the corner where the top of a column met the wall, was a small insect. It's wings fluttered briefly as it watched the two argue and when the girl had turned to her mocking friend, it quickly crawled along the marble, not daring to attract any attention with flying. Instead, it opted to move along with a faint click, clack of it's six, spindly black legs and raced to the bottom of the guarded door.

"Hey, why not?" the girl questioned, moving closer to the other. It was just enough that the insect took it's chance. It dashed inside, wiggling it's body underneath the door as she continued. "He's kind and sweet and cute!"

"Just like you said that new yellow guy was?" he asked.

"Oh yeah. I'd like to get them together for a th-" but the rest of her sentence was muffled as the bug moved further away from the door and into the room it had intruded upon. It was furnished much like what the hallway was. Pure white marble surrounding a glassy floor. Except there were no windows so no prying eyes could peek inside the mysterious chamber.

It actually only contained shelves and filing cabinets. High and low, they were everywhere and were stuffed with papers and folders to the bursting point. But once every month or so, they were checked and neatly arranged by a caretaker, leaving the room with an organized, but messy and unused, sense at the same time.

The insect did not dwell on any of this. It continued it's mission, scanning the shelves and cabinets. After several minutes of searching, it finally found what it had come for. It stopped in front of the shelves labeled with a black T and flew up to their jutting ledge, which was just barely big enough for it to perch itself on. Using it's legs, it pulled aside papers and folders, searching the contents of each one on the row. When it reached the middle, it flapped it's wings in excitement, having found the right one.

It stood up on it's hind legs and bit the manila folder that it wanted with it's pincers, pulling it out slowly. It misjudged how lodged between it's compatriots the folder was and yanked too hard, spilling the contents onto the floor. The bug, terrified that someone may have heard, stayed perfectly still on the ledge while the documents scattered around the floor, splaying themselves out for all the world to see. When no sign of movement or discovery occurred from anywhere in the room or outside of it, the insect hopped down to the floor below.

It quickly scanned the different papers until it found the one it wanted. Standing before it, it deployed a small, miniature camera from it's back and snapped several photos of it. After making sure it had what it came for, and that there was no other relevant material, it headed for the door, deciding that it would be better to escape with it's prize rather than clean up it's mess and risk being caught.

Outside, the two guards were in a heated argument over their pointless discussion. The bug was able to easily sneak past the two, especially when the girl threw down her spear and began kissing the boy, claiming that the endless bickering was "turning her on". Perplexed by this sudden gesture, the insect paused in it's escape for only a second to watch before continuing on.

By nightfall, the tiny critter had reached it's home and master. In the belly of a derelict, wrecked ship from a war long forgotten and deep in a high crevice of a lonely mountain, was where it flew. Passing through the blasted holes and ancient scorched walls of the ship, it made it's way to the very heart, where life still barely beat in the large contraption in the form of a solitary, old man. He hovered over a piece of machinery, staring bleary-eyed at it through the flickering kerosene lamp, which turned the ship from a decaying waste into a cozy, impromptu home. The man's back was turned away from the small insect until it landed next to the machine piece the man was working on.

"Did you get the pictures?" he questioned. The bug responded by deploying it's camera once more and showing holographic images of the photos it had taken. "Excellent. Were you spotted?" The insect nodded. "Incompetent fool!" the man raised his gloved fist, but halted before bringing it down onto his minion. "Never mind. It will not matter soon."

The man grabbed the handle of his lamp and flashed it's light on a taller machine behind him. It was large enough to hold two people and contained various wires, buttons, and was held together by scarcely sufficient field repairs. It loomed over the entire room, like an omnipresent being. And sitting at the top of it was a red jewel.

"With the plans from the princess' little fox friend, we'll finally be able to make this transporter work without the emerald being forced to travel with the occupant as well," the old man murmured. With a wicked smile, he let his mind began to envision his future ambitions that he planned to make a reality very soon. "And then everyone will bow before me! The great and powerful Nega!" he thundered.