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Chapter 4.

As Negi followed Ayaka into her bedroom, a sudden flash of light and the roar of thunder caused him to jump nearly out of his skin. Which seemed appropriate since that was all he was currently wearing. How do I keep ending up naked with my students?

Ayaka seemed a bit nervous as well. "I guess it's a good thing you planned on staying here the night anyway."

"Yeah." Negi said seriously. He then looked at the bed. "Ayaka, I know what you're wanting. But I think it would be highly inappropriate."

"More inappropriate than bathing together?" The blonde questioned coyly.

Negi sighed as Ayaka sat down on the bed and patted a place next to him. He then sat next to her. "How am I ever going to keep from getting fired?"

"Well let's see, so far you've managed to assemble a team of highly trained partners who specialize in combat, magic, information gathering, and stealth. You manage to travel around Japan and Europe under the guise of an English teacher while in secret you practice the arcane arts. You've been in compromising situation after situation with numerous members of your class, and not only have they not reported you but your roommate (who is also a girl) has been selling tickets. Somehow I think if any of us were going to turn you in, we'd have already done it." Ayaka reasoned to her crush.

"I should at least wear pajamas to bed." Negi grumbled.

Ayaka laughed her musical little laugh and smiled deeply. "So you aren't going to argue about sleeping with me?"

A loud peal of thunder outside the window made both of them flinch. Negi looked at her sheepishly. "I was hoping you would let me sleep with you. On nights like tonight the nightmares are usually worse."

"Mine too." The class representative confided softly. "Go get your pajamas. I'll be in mine by the time you get back."

Negi looked at Ayaka in stunned relief and quickly retrieved his simple night clothes from his bag. When he returned he found her wearing simple linen pajamas of her own and for once he began to relax. As the storm raged out of control, Negi climbed into bed beside Ayaka who welcomed him warmly with a hug and wrapped her arms around him as the two settled in to sleep for the night.

"This is like a dream come true." Ayaka said cradling him close as the storm raged outside.

Negi watched the rain pelting the window with ferocious abandon and actually nuzzled closer into Ayaka's embrace even though it meant pressing the back of his head into her bust. "It's not because I find you unattractive you know."

"What's that?" Ayaka asked dreamily.

"The reason I didn't want to sleep with you without my clothes on. It's not because I find you unattractive." Negi said simply.

"I know; you don't want to take advantage of one of your students." The heiress guessed seriously.

"It's not that either." The boy murmured. "It's because I shouldn't… no matter how much I want to."

"You… want to?" The blonde whispered with a gulp.

"I've never told anyone this before, but it's all I can do to keep from spouting nosebleeds just looking at you girls. I know that it would be wrong, but every time I look at you girls I feel my will slip just a little bit more. I'm afraid. I'm afraid that someday I'm going to break and that I'm going to do something that all of us are going to regret. The idea of losing everything I've come to love at Mahora terrifies me. In some ways, I catch myself hoping graduation never comes because then it feels like somehow everything would change then and all you girls would leave me to go on to other places and do other things." Negi confided.

"If you want me, no one would ever find out." The enamored young woman whispered in his ear rubbing her hand across his chest.

"I would know. I don't know if I could face the other girls knowing I had let my will slip like that." The boy teacher said sadly.

"You really are in love with all of us aren't you..." Ayaka realized. "When you say that there's no one 'special' you like, it's because you love all of us."

"For different reasons, but yes I do." The mage agreed. "If you only knew how many times I've been tempted. I've allowed myself to slip too many times as it is. I knew you were watching me undress when we went to the gym. The truth is if you hadn't asked me to turn around, I would have probably been looking at you in the mirror myself."

Ayaka squeezed Negi a little tighter. "I'm glad."

"You're glad your teacher is a closet pervert?" Negi snorted.

"No. You aren't a pervert. It just means you're a normal young man. I'm glad that I please you. I've been so afraid that you might not think I'm pretty, or that you might not like me as a person. It always seemed like you were avoiding me." The class representative said holding him closely.

"I have been." Negi admitted. "Of all the girls, I suspected that you would be the most likely to allow me to be with you. You've never made your affection a secret. I just finally decided that I wasn't going to be able to run away forever and I was going to have to tell you this too. Class rep… Ayaka, I want to make love to you so bad that I can hardly stand it, but I simply can't destroy everything like that."

Negi felt tears falling from his eyes as Ayaka's hands gently wiped them away from his cheeks. "What are you going to do when we graduate?"

"Go crazy I think. I feel myself slipping more and more deeply in love with each of you as the days go by. It's killing me, but all I can do is hold on and try to wait for the day when I might be able to decide who to love. If anything I'm hoping that you girls manage to find someone before then and leave me on your own." The young boy cried.

"Then I will help you." Ayaka promised.


"I want you too Negi. I don't plan on going anywhere, or to anyone before graduation. If waiting until we've graduated is what you want then I will make that wish come true. I'll keep any of the girls from seducing you, and I'll help Asuna keep you from getting into trouble with any of the girls on your own. After all, I'll be hoping to save you for myself. I'll make sure that you're never alone with any of us in a situation where something might happen." The blonde girl vowed.

"Thank you Ayaka, I don't know what I'd ever do without you." Negi said turning to look up at her.

"End up having sex with a large number of overly excited teenage girls." The girl giggled.

Negi laughed deeply at her joke and hugged her close. "Thank you."

"Well sensei, there is something you can do to thank me." The blonde said with a blush.


"If I promise not to have sex with you…" The older girl said with a deep blush. "Do you think you could let go?"

"What do you mean?"

"I want you to keep going until I stop you. I want to feel the passion in your heart. That is, if you trust me to stop you before we go too far." Ayaka pleaded.

"I… I trust you." Negi admitted. "But if you can't…"

Negi's misgivings were stopped by a kiss. Negi whimpered as she parted her lips from his. "I won't fail you sensei."

At last Negi let his reserve go. All the months of being surrounded by beautiful girls while trying to remain a gentleman had taken its toll and the young man in him couldn't be contained any longer. Pulling Ayaka's hands above her head as they had in the magic circle earlier, Negi climbed on top of his student and began to devour her lips in a kiss that made a piranha look like a goldfish. Negi began to make out with his student with wild abandon, kissing all along her neck and shoulder.

Ayaka groaned beneath him. "You're not making this easy."

"I'm just getting started." Negi said as his hands began to roam across her sides and hips. Negi's sucked in a quick intake of breath when he felt Ayaka grab his wrists.

"Strictly above the belt, love." The blonde whispered.

"Better hang on to your belt then." Negi growled with feral need as his hands traced their way up under her shirt.

By the time the two wild lovers finished ravishing each other, they were both topless and breathing heavily. Ayaka had only barely managed to keep him from going too far. The storm outside had been peaceful compared to the torrent of emotion Negi had released from his beleaguered heart. Now on bottom with his student's head on his chest, Negi gulped trying to calm himself.

"If you make love with half that much passion, I'm going to be pregnant the rest of my life." Ayaka moaned in exhaustion.

"I can't wait for graduation." Negi wailed.

"Remind me to make sure I get the rest of the class drunk that night." Ayaka chuckled.

"Remind me to learn Kaede's clone technique." Negi likewise joked.

The two drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. The rain outside softened to a light drizzle, and by morning Negi felt like the raging torrent that had threatened to consume him had likewise lessened. For the first time in a long while the two of them had slept, and not a single nightmare had come to them.

Asuna looked up in horror at Takane Goodman. Here she was in the bath scrubbing Negi's hair, and berating him for spending the night with Ayaka when Takane came in. Negi had tried to explain that nothing was going on as the older girl had commenced to chewing the living daylights out of the young boy teacher.

"Furthermore, Negi-sensei your behavior concerning your students has been absolutely deplorable. I have no choice but to report this to the headmaster for your immediate removal." The older girl ranted cutting off any opportunity for Negi to explain.

"Is there a problem?" Ayaka said coming into the baths with a towel around her. Asuna noticed nearly all the class was with her.

"Yes, the problem is Negi-sensei coming in here and bathing with one of his students!" Takane bellowed.

"I agree. Asuna, it's not your turn today." Ayaka lectured.

"That's right it's not your… excuse me?" Takane said looking like someone had just blasted her between the eyes.

"Yes, it isn't Asuna's turn today." Ayaka continued without pause. "Chisame! Whose turn is it today?"

Behind her, Chisame pulled out her laptop and typed in a few keys. "Mana is supposed to bathe Negi-sensei today."

"Excellent choice." Ayaka beamed as Mana came over and promptly took Asuna's place rubbing the shampoo into Negi's hair. Asuna was stunned by everything that was going on, and even worse by the fact that Mana was completely nude.

Takane's mouth worked but nothing came out for a moment. Finally she recovered enough to stare at Negi balefully. "You mean you're bathing with all your students."

"Not by choice of course." Ayaka mentioned.


"Well, it seems that poor Negi-sensei has been getting harassed every time he tries to take a bath. This is his usual bathing time, but somehow some of the girls from the school have been spying on him and acting inappropriately. Even some of the girls in our own class have been bad about it at times. Therefore to keep things from getting out of hand, we've all decided that he is going to bathe with the rest of us from now on and that we will take turns being his guardian while he's here. That way even the girls in our own class that might be tempted to act unseemly will be obliged to act properly because they won't be alone with him." Ayaka lectured loftily. She then looked over at Negi lovingly. "He'll never have to worry about anything happening, because we'll all be here for him."

"What kind of excuse do you think that is?" Takane shot back angrily.

An ominous click was heard throughout the baths as Mana pulled out her 9mm handgun and set it with her bathing supplies. "An acceptable one." The dark skinned girl whispered menacingly.

Takane gulped and was visibly taken aback. "There's no way that this could be acceptable to the entire class.

"Well let's see, they're all here." Ayaka noted. Asuna looked around to see everyone getting undressed. "Alright girls, this is the moment. If any of you has a problem with Negi-sensei bathing with us, then you need to say it now."

Asuna looked around at her classmates. A lot had changed since Negi had first come to be their teacher. She knew not all the girls were in love with Negi; surely at least one of them was going to have a problem with this arrangement.

No hands were raised as many of the girls continued stripping and even had a seat next to Negi as he was being bathed by Mana.

"It's just like bathing with my little brother." Makie giggled as she walked past in the buff as well.

Asuna looked at Chisame who was usually the most vocal about her dissent in these cases, but the girl only looked down quietly with a blush on her face. "It's not a problem for you either?"

"What of it?" Chisame growled gruffly, turning away. Asuna smiled at the girl's stubborn refusal to admit she liked Negi too.

"Well then Takane." Ayaka said informally rounding on the girl and crossing her arms. "Since this has been Negi's scheduled bathing time for quite a while, would you like to explain what you were doing here?"

Takane looked like a frightened dear getting confronted with a pack of hungry she wolves as Kaede, Setsuna, and Ku Fei chose that moment to nonchalantly gather behind Ayaka with dangerous glints in their eyes. "Umm, just leaving…"

As the older girl bolted for the safety of the nearest war zone, Asuna turned to smile at the class rep. "So I guess you know now, huh?"

"As much or more than you do." Ayaka replied primly. "As it should be."

Asuna let the intentional barb pass. "So what artifact did you get?"

"Who said I made a pactio?" Ayaka purred. "I serve Negi-sensei just like the rest of you do. I just don't need an artifact. I already have a staff of unequalled power. They'll be optimizing Negi-sensei's portfolio from now on."

"You mean you didn't kiss him?"

A deep blush crossed the class rep's face. "Well now I wouldn't say that…"

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