I had debated with myself on leaving Bella with Emmett and Jasper but after Alice assured me she would be well taken care of, I finally agreed.

I had to hunt more often now that I was with Bella. After I kissed Bella good-bye and gave glaring looks at Emmett and Jasper to behave, I finally left with Alice and Rose.

When we were running I suddenly got an image of Bella from Alice. I stopped suddenly. I could feel something change. I wanted to go home. I wanted to flee, run back to Bella. I know something had happened.

All of the sudden, I felt myself being pinned to a tree. Rose and Alice both had me pinned. I was not surprised they snuck up on me. I was distracted by my worry.

"Let me go, Alice!" I growled at her. "What's happening to Bella? Let me see her! Let me go!"

Rose glared at me and said, "We can't do that Edward, Alice has already seen this happen and if you deviate, there will be consequences."

"What happened? What are you not telling me?" I said as I was feeling panicky.

Alice looked at me and leaned in as if she was going to whisper something in my ear and then as I caught her true intentions I tried to struggle against their hold. "I can't do that! It would be betraying Bella! She would never do that to me and so I have to stay true to her! Alice, let me go!"

She suddenly opened her mind and shared what she had been trying to hide from me all evening. Jasper and Emmett were both in Bella on the ground. I was stunned. They were obviously going against her will, she would never allow them to do that to her. She loved me as I loved her. We had a bond that could not be broken, or so I thought. I cried out in anguish, "Why is she doing this?"

Alice shushed me and leaned into me. She pressed her lips against mine and held them there. I felt Rosalie rub her center into my leg and as she ground onto me I lost control. I kissed Alice back with a wild abandon I never knew I possessed. I could still feel Rose on my leg and on the entire side of my body.

Suddenly Alice poked her tongue into my mouth and I accepted it and responded tenfold, if Bella could mess around, then so could I.

I wrapped my arms around Alice's tiny frame and flipped her around to press her against the tree I had been against.

As I was working my mouth on Alice's I felt Rose rub on my back. She wrapped her hands on my chest and rubbed my pecs and abs. She started kissing my neck slowly and spread her kisses all over my shoulder muscles.

I groaned and started kissing Alice again. She suddenly stopped and gave me a wink. She put her hands on the bottom of my shirt and pulled up. My shirt was flung to the side and Alice wrapped her mouth on one of my nipples. I groaned and pulled her mouth back to mine. Rose soon replaced Alice's mouth with her skilled hands. I groaned in Alice's mouth as Rose's hands slowly pulled, rubbed, and twisted my nipples.

She really did have great hands. I felt her stop and I turned to her and kissed her on the mouth.

I felt Alice snake her hands around my front and unzipped my pants. She slowly slid them down my hips. She then tossed them to the side and started to work on getting my boxers off.

She tossed them to the side and grasped my cock, while I was still kissing Rose.

I moaned out loud and thrust into her hand. She smacked my ass and I turned to look at her in surprise. She shrugged and smiled at me. I turned back to Rose to take her clothes off, and looked in surprise she had already beaten me to the punch. She was truly stunning. She was at least a double-D and had a flat stomach. She had legs that went on forever, and her center was completely bare and shining wet from the juices that were starting to run down her leg. I could smell her and she smelt like heaven.

I licked my lips and thought about tasting her when she reached her hand down and swiped two fingers across her slit and then held them up to my mouth to taste. I looked at her in surprise.

"Lick," she said in a very commanding tone.

I wrapped my lips around her digits and moaned at the taste, if anything she tasted better than she smelt. I sucked her fingers till there was not a trace left of her juices.

She told me to kneel and watch.

I did as was told and knelt into a submissive position on my knees. Alice walked around me and to Rose. She pressed her lips against the other girl. I started to object when Rosalie held up her fingers and commanded me not to speak unless given permission to. I remained quiet and continued to watch Rose dominate Alice. Rose pushed Alice on her knees and forced her face into her pussy.

"Alice, if you are a good little girl, then I may allow you to come, and if not, then I will deny your release. Am I understood?"

Alice whimpered and nodded yes.

"Make me come and you will get your reward," Rose commanded as Alice eagerly set to make Rose come undone.

I observed her as she was pleasing Rose. She would lick long strokes and then do quick little strokes on Rosalie's clit. She would stick her tongue in Rose's entrance and tongue her for a while and then switch to stroking her again. Rose started making small noises after about ten minutes of Alice's ministrations.

Finally, Rose stilled as Alice continued to lick and suck as she came all over her face. She let out a high pitched wail of pleasure as Alice brought her to climax again.

"Enough," Rose panted. Alice moved beside me into the same position as I was, except she laced her fingers behind her neck with her head towards the ground. Rose recovered and then looked at her.

"Alice, you have pleased me greatly and I would like to let you come. Do you want to do that? You may speak freely."

"I want that so bad; please let me come, please!" Alice whined as she was still shaking from not coming.

Rose looked at me and smiled. She put her hand on my head and petted my hair. "Edward, Alice has pleased me greatly and I would like for you to do the same thing to her. Could you please her like she has pleased me? You may respond."

I thought about this. I took into account what this would mean for Bella and I responded. "Yes."

"Very well," Rose smiled gently at me, "Crawl to Alice and I want for you to fuck her with your tongue, when she comes close to the edge I want you to stop and wait for further instructions."
She looked at Alice and said, "Alice, you may freely express your pleasure and talk as you wish."

I crawled over to Alice and looked at her. She stood and I put my mouth on her clit as she had done with Rose. I started to lick and suck, trying to imitate her earlier actions. I stuck my tongue into her and moved it on her walls, I felt her contract on my tongue, I started to go faster and when I felt she was just at the edge I stopped and looked at Rosalie, waiting for her to say something. Alice whined and cried out as I stopped. Rose looked at me and requested I lay Alice on the ground. I did as I was told without saying a word.

Rose looked at me and said, "I want you to make love to her. Make her orgasm." She said this as she positioned herself on Alice's face once more.

I positioned myself at her entrance and slid my cock on her folds, trying to get the natural lube on my dick. I slowly pushed into her and she cried out on Rose's clit. I slowly started to move in her, and then out of her. I repeated this until she started to push harder against me. I started rocking into her faster. She screamed out on Rose as her climax hit her senses. The vibrations from the yell on Rose's clit caused her to climax as well.

At the look on her face I spilled into Alice.

I gently slid out of her and fell to lie next to her. After a while all three of us got our clothes and headed back to the house.

When we walked into the yard, I immediately smelled sex. I walked into the house to see Jasper slip in the door. He had a determined look on his face.

"I'm sorry that you had to find out but will you forgive Bella? I took her home and laid her to bed. She was asleep when I took her there and she will want you in the morning, I think." Jasper said.

I looked at him and said, "Yes I think I will forgive her. She will have to learn some lessons about sex from your wife and sister though. Thank you for taking her home. After I take a shower I will go over to her house."

"Thank you, I think I will go find my wife now. We have some…catching up to do". He said in his head to me as he was going to the stairs to find Alice.

Rose strolled in the house. She kissed me on the cheek and went to find Emmett.

I smiled and went to take a shower. I wanted to see Bella to find out what this would mean for us, all I knew was this could be the beginning of a very good start.


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