"You idiot!" Lester screamed from the kitchen. Takuto sank into his chair, knowing he did something wrong. The automatic doors opened, letting Milfie's home cooking saturate the air. Lester ran towards Takuto, his face purple. "What have you done, you moron?!" a small purple vein pulsed on his forehead.

"I-I- don't really know. What did I do Lester?" he had a sheepish smile on his face, which angered Lester even more. His carefree attitude towards all of this absolutely annoyed the heck out of him.

"I specifically told you to NOT answer Lulu's call!"

"Oh. Sorry. I guess I just forgot." he shrugged, and sank further into his chair. Lester growled in response. His hands balled up at his sides, and his knuckled turned white.

"Think about the Emblem Frame! Think about how this would make us look if we lost one of the Angels!"

"That's a lot of thinking." Takuto joked, obviously testing Lester's small amount of patience.

"Takuto! Can you take anything serious?!" Lester began trembling with anger. "Now, we have to be on alert 24/7, with barley any sleep!"

Maybe that's why he's so cranky. Takuto thought sourly. Lester huffed and walked away quickly, mumbling to himself about how 'no body ever listens to him anymore.' Takuto shrugged off Lester's tantrum, and ran down the opposite hallway.

* * *

The knock at Ranpha's door made her jump. She started at the door, her eyes wide with fear. She could feel her heart pick up speed.

"Ranpha," Takuto cleared his throat. "May I come in please?" She let out a breath, she didn't realize she was holding in. She sighed with relief, and jumped off her bed to answer the door. Her bare feet touched the cold floor and she flinched at it. She slammed the door open, and she looked at him coldly.

"What?" she blushed, seeing him eye her room with interest.

"Umm, well I actually wanted to apologize, because Lester was out there yelling at me a minute ago, I was surprised you couldn't hear him all the way down here, I mean he was really loud, it hurt my ears pretty bad," he rambled on and Ranpha tapped her foot, waiting for him to spit it out. He eyed Ranpha's foot, and got back on track. "Anyways, I wanted to apologize, because I was instructed to not answer any calls, and I did. Which led to this mess." he looked at her, not smiling. For once.

She squinted her eyes at him, confused.

"Why would that be your fault? She was going to do it whether you answered or not. It's probably a…" she forced the word out, "good thing you answered." She hated admitting it, but things would have turned out worse if he hadn't.

"You're right." he smiled to himself. "Thank you Ranpha." he skipped down the hallway, yelling for Lester. She rolled her eyes. What an idiot. She slammed the door again and locked it securely. She climbed back onto her bed, sat up and held her knees. Her mind began to wander.

What if somehow Lester and the others wouldn't be able to stop Lady Sherry, and Lord Eonia? What would the Angel Troupe do? Would they spilt up, just because I was gone? How would Takuto feel about all this? How does he feel about it now?

Her face flushed as always when she thought about him. That stupid dork. Came to apologize. I'd bet he doesn't even care if I was gone. A small voice in the back of her head protested. Maybe Ranpha, he does care. Maybe he is hurting over this mess.

She shook the thought from her mind. Takuto didn't care, and she didn't care that he didn't. There was suddenly another knock at her door.

"Ranpha-san?" Mint called sweetly from the other side. Ranpha got up again, and groaned. She opened the door gently, and held it there.

"Yes Mint?"

"Ranpha-san, I need to speak to you." You're not the only one. Ranpha thought angrily. "It's about Lulu." she rolled her eyes. Everybody was talking about it all the time, and now it was just getting annoying.