"The emperor is sending his troops to Kashyyk to reinforce a base there. Make sure that no witnesses are left alive. Leave it as if they were never there. Go, my apprentice, and do not fail me," the dark lord instructed the young man before him who knelt respectfully. The dark lord pointed to him and made a dismissing gesture before he drooped and his image etched away to reveal a droid with the profile of a simplified human skeleton. The droid drifted forward and the young man arose and caught him, pushing the droid back to his feet.

"Ahh, master. It looks like it is time to saddle Ferine. Don't let him kill you before I do," the droid said in a chipper tone.

The young man smiled softly and turned away, the droid followed after him as he walked to his ship. "Ahh, I won't let him, Proxy. Don't worry. I'm all yours," the apprentice reassured the anxious droid as the massive doors to Vader's viewing bridge parted. The apprentice passed through them and turned to his right.

Ferine(Feerayne): A name to be dreaded by all, even the young apprentice himself to a degree. Not as much as an individual or group who never handled or confronted the beast. Ferine was part of the empire's Cavalry.

The sith and dark jedi practiced the art of their alchemy in perverting the virgin natures of living beasts. Each sith had to conjure an acrid nature to corrupt the innocent nature of an animal. What they desired was put into thought then manifested through the perversion of the creature. The sith could not create a beast from scratch. They could only take what already existed and pervert it. The whole point of this process was to aggrandize the development of being a sith. The sith were heavily prodded with the faith to make their mount as caustic and as wicked as possible. Sometimes the animals were worse than their master's in nature. With this animal that had the potential to kill its very own creator, the sith had to learn how to keep it under control. The beast did retain some of its original specie's behaviors and mannerisms. The animals, as a final product of sith alchemy, were known as sith spawns.

Guarlara were the favored choice of the sith. They were smart, witty, and quick learners, naturally seeking to have a leader. Guarlara were also fight or flight beings. The perfect animals to be fueled by fear. The sith were strictly favorable of stallions. Stallions were more hubristic than the mares. Also, they were more showily in presentation and profile when being ridden. Stallions were always pulling impulses from their instincts which benefited to the first and lasting impressions of their riders.

Customized tack for the mount was completely up to his owner. The sith had to hand make their tack. It was an additionally laborious process next to creating a lightsaber from scratch. The next task after that was to introduce the corrupted beast to its new dressage. The whole experience of this was long and hard, but in the end it conditioned the sith and their mounts to appreciate the other more.

The dark lord, Darth Vader, had his own mount, the emperor, and the young apprentice, Galen. Although Galen's mount was non-existent as far as the emperor and his army was concerned. Galen had secretly received his mount about 6 and a half years ago when it was still a foal. He had not been taught in the art of sith alchemy. Vader deprived him of the practice intentionally. Ferine was an adult stallion now and he was 17 hands tall. He was completely pitch black, sculpted, and surging with hormones since he was not a castrated guarlara. The stallion's temperament was ruthlessly vindictive, even, at times, toward his rider.

His horns were allowed and encouraged to grow out to a very fine point. The guarlara horns were the length of Galen's arms, bowing out very shallowly near the base where they hovered in the air after coming back in farther up from the base. Galen had had his fair share of practically being run through by them on more than one occasion. One of which he did get pierced by one of the guarlara horns.

His mount was injured from a recent mission and very cross with anyone outside of Galen's temperament with his state. Vader had aggravated the stallion by disciplining him with a saber whip intentionally into one of his wounds. The stallion was infuriated, despite his pain. He charged Vader, overpowering his handler without rue. Galen's voice commands were no use to stop the mad animal so the young apprentice jumped in front of his master before his master could harm the animal any further, ending the ordeal by receiving a puncture wound in his left rib cage, involuntarily. Galen used the force to knock his mount off his own feet to keep him under control. Vader never seemed to display any appreciation, approval or disapproval about Galen's sacrifice and his faithfulness to him. Galen recovered completely, never holding his mount responsible for his outburst. He was naturally more compassionate towards his mount than Vader was to his own. The guarlara loved their riders and hated each other. Fights were not unheard of. It was very difficult to break up the animals. After all, they were sith spawns to a certain degree in nature.

The young apprentice emerged into the docking bay to lay his eyes upon his ship: The Rogue Shadow: his personal space chariot to transport him and his mount to wherever he needed to be. A beautiful female officer stood outside the ship's entry ramp curiously looking about. She spotted him, looking at him expectantly for orders.

"Get the ship ready, Juno," he told her, passing his ship.

The female officer, with her light blonde hair draping down by her temples dipped her head comprehensibly, departing up the ramp of the rogue shadow. The droid followed his master down another corridor to a secluded location that was only accessible through the use of the force to raise a massive blast door. Galen stopped before it and sighed, composing himself by closing his eyes. He put himself into a lunging position. He lowered his hands, palms up, at his waist. With a soft grunt he slowly raised his hands. The door obeyed his request for it to rise by the force. It rose at short intervals until Galen gathered enough energy to slam it into the ceiling. The apprentice stood upright with a soft, relieved sigh, strolling into the room that belonged to his mount.

"You've improved, master," Proxy praised him.

"I've done better before," the apprentice criticized himself as he paused in the center of the room to gaze into his mount's large stall secured with a chrome metal door. A trough of food pellets rested against the back of the stall wall. Straw littered the floor densely. The guarlara stallion was not to be seen, except his long, deadly horns, sticking up past the door. Galen curiously approached the stall, clicking his tongue.

A soft grunt and shuffling of feet later, the stallion arose to his feet, delightedly whirling around to face his master.

Galen fearlessly walked up to his mount that blew in his face fondly."Feer, what were you doing on the floor? That's unusual for you."

The beast burred at him. The stallion's very long tail was wrapped up against the walls of his stall, curled in on its self a ways from being so long.

"Master, I believe he felt safe enough to do so for a time," Proxy educated his master.

"C'mon, Feer, we've got a mission to do." The young man departed.

Proxy retrieved the mount's saddle and breast collar. Galen returned to the stall door of his mount to be nipped at by him. The young man stopped where he was and eyed the stallion sternly. The last thing he wanted was to be torn open by one of the stallion's long tusks that protruded from each side of his mouth. The guarlara nickered inquiringly at the apprentice, teasing him for his cautions.

"Feer, do I have to shock you again?" the young apprentice quizzed his mount in a stern tone.

The guarlara stallion nickered generously, bobbing his head.

Galen sighed. "You were supposed to imply that you mean no. Why do you have to be so difficult?" Galen lowered the bridle he held in his hands. He lifted his right hand using the force to unfasten the lock to the mount's stall door. The stallion routinely pushed his way out and trotted away from the young apprentice to the far end of the room, his long tail trailing behind him.

Galen approached his mount, using the force to put the beast in a state of quiescence while he put the bridle on the animal's face. After it was fastened he moved onto the saddle and the breast collar. The bridle was in usable condition except for a few deep gashes and scratches in the connecting leather. The bridle had no nose band, but it had an arched brow band that rested under the stallion's long forelock that persisted to come down past his nose. A fish net extension of the bridle made up of leather and crystal rings, enclosed the stallion's neck all the way down to his breast.

The reins were wrapped in stained white cloth that was torn and tattered. Neatly wrapped could not be said for it. White cloth draped loosely from the reins all the way down to the location for the bit, which, for Galen's mount, was bitless. After he saw how severely he was supposed to treat his mount he trained Ferine to respond without the need for a bit. It was not an easy task since the animal was created with a sith-based nature. The animal could only be controlled by a very cruel version of a bit, which was a screw bit.

The screw bit was like a plain bit, but in the center of the bit was a screw shaped extension that came to a sharp point. If the guarlara was resistant to his rider's hand the rider could sharply pull the animal in the direction he wanted to go. The rider could also compose his mount by driving the bit into the roof of his mouth by sharply pulling back on the reins. It was very painful, but effective to keep authority over an animal that was otherwise uncontrollable by humane means.

With tusks coming from the guarlara's mouth, Galen thought it uncomfortable for his mount to have a bit in his mouth. There was a natural space in between front teeth and the molars, but in place of that space the tusks grew out. Galen had figured out that his particular mount would not respond to any commands, regardless of where they came from if he was nervous, uncomfortable, or in extreme pain so he went bitless. Since the lack of a bit Ferine's temperament and attitude on the battlefield had greatly increased. It was all that he needed to keep order with his companion to pull off his missions with success. Ferine's unique abilities ruled out any type of metals period.

The young apprentice fastened the black breast collar to his black saddle that rested on top of a black torn saddle blanket. The thick, black breast collar that fit the curvature of Ferine's chest had a central pendant in the shape of a smoothly edged circle composed out of a Qixoni crystal. The crystal was rather circular, very shallow in depth, and large when Galen had found it on a destroyed gunship while exploring an unknown planet to obtain an amplifier for his mount's unusual potential. With great care and skill he smoothed out its edges, making it the center point of his mount's breast collar. He used the rest of it for his mount's personalized tack.

The breast collar itself was leather as it came from the centerpiece, ending at the round edge of a fist-sized ring made out of the crystal, then continuing into leather once more, connecting to the saddle with very sturdy leather. All three straps of the breast collar expressed this composition. Galen noticed immediately that his mount was more alert, lethal, and could sense nearby enemies sometimes before he could. The young apprentice used part of the crystal to blend it with his current light saber crystal, enhancing his force powers.

Once he selected Ferine as a foal his connection with it enabled him to tame and train the impossible sith spawn quicker. He formed a close bond with the animal very early in its life. The red crystal enabled him to control his mount while he rode him and when he dismounted him. Ferine benefited from the crystal as well in very unique ways.

If Galen was supposed to be present before the emperor and seen by the stormtroopers he would have a cleaner appearance and so would his mount. He did not, however. It didn't really matter. His raffish appearance seemed to add more fear to his victims when they saw him mounted on his great guarlara stallion. He had no order to the people he would kill. His appearance and ruthlessness proved that. The good thing in his case was that no witnesses were left alive to tell of his profile so they could fight back when he appeared again.

Galen checked his mount over, eyeballing for any lameness that he could be exhibiting. Once he was satisfied he went to the stallion's head to gather the reins. Proxy began to walk out of the room.


The droid turned around to face his master. "I believe I will warn Juno of your approach. The incident of her being bit was...quite unfortunate."

Ferine pushed against Galen with anticipation. The young apprentice reached up with the hand that contained the reins and rubbed the stallion's nose. "Not yet, Feer. We'll give him a second," the young apprentice calmed his mount in a soft tone.

The guarlara blew out of his nose obediently, but not fondly of the idea. He wanted to leave now. He wanted to get out on the field and fight. It was in his nature. Galen understood this, but he had to keep it under control unless he wanted to be met on the receiving end of it from complacency.