Galen sat upon his mount's backside, rocking his body with the stallion's gate. The guarala walked across a desolate valley. His long furred tail was slightly elevated with a kink to keep it from dragging in the filth of the soil. The valley seemed to have been cleared at some point. Many old stumps from mushrooms still broke the surface. The apprentice relaxed for a few minutes, giving his mount the bit.

"Juno, I'm going to turn in now."

"Did you not confirm your suspicions?" came her reply.

The apprentice patted his mount's neck. "No."

"Copy that. I see your signal. I'll be there shortly to pick up you and Ferine."

The young man sighed in displeasure. He was hoping to have found the source of his suspicions, but he had not. His hands were yanked to his right. His mount took the bit and broke into a canter.

"Feer, where do you think you're going?" the apprentice inquired, pulling back on the stallions head. The stallion skipped to a stop and resisted his hands. So, the apprentice pulled back more sternly on the reins.

The stallion nickered in anger as his head was twisted to his left.

"Feer! Feer, don't do this! What is your problem? Feer!"

Galen fought against the stallion's powerful, short neck briefly before the stallion balefully threw himself to the floor on his right side. The apprentice groaned, heavily.

"Feer!" he shrieked in agony. "This is very uncouth! Get off of me, now!" He was completely immobile and his left leg was being crushed by the stallion's rib cage. He withdrew his free foot from his stirrup.

His mount pushed his luck and did not respond. Galen growled, shocking the stallion rather severely. The animal was up in an instant with a squeal of pain. Galenn withdrew his occupied foot from the stirrup in this instance and remained on the ground in severe pain. His mount circled. His flesh steamed slightly from the electrocuting shock. Galen rolled over on his back before he sat up. He breathed heavily, watching his stallion nicker teasingly. The steed pawed the earth, daring the apprentice to discipline him further. The apprentice tried to stand, but wilted back down to the ground on his backside.

"I should have seen this coming! I knew I couldn't trust you!" he spat in resentment.

The stallion snorted, darting away. He broke into a fast gallop to put distance between him and his master. He rapidly approached a spiked mound that was located near a massive rib cage, buried in the soil. He balked before it, studying it, intelligently. His head was dipped where his nostrils flared to aquire the scent of this object. The mound, with its protruding white spikes coming from its surface remained still. The stallion whinnied, cautiously stepping up to it. He constantly inhaled and blew out of his nose to process the scent. His soft muzzle touched one of the spikes. The mound shifted sharply in response. The stallion snorted in fear, jerking back. He batted at the now living mound to recognize it had antennae and a head. It slithered away from him. He neighed at it, warningly. He pricked his ears in satisfaction, watching the slug move away. He had suspected it to be an animal, but he hadn't ever seen it move. He had to investigate. He was just curious by nature. Also, he could have been entertained himself with a fight with this creature, but it was not that type.

"Is everything all right? I don't see Ferine...are you hurt?" came Juno's voice.

The young man was in a kneeling position now. He forced himself to stand. "No!" he snarled. "Ferine decided to wander off. So I tried to chastise him for it and...he purposefully rolled over on top of me," the dark jedi spoke in pausing segments.

"Oh! You don't sound too good. I'm closing in on your position. I'll send proxy out to help you find the stallion."

Galen nodded with a heavy sigh. He drew his light saber, igniting its red blade behind him. He briskly set off in the direction the stallion had cantered off to. He wasn't surprised at the stallion's take of opportunity to get revenge. He was surprised at the stallion's unusual spark of audacity to do so much as crush him. He expected things like this, but the stallion had never done such a defying gesture against him. Regardless, he had to discipline the animal with a heavy hand.

Ferine trotted after the slow slug as it blindly navigated his way about the barren land. He circled in a bullying manner, nipping, biting, and shocking it with his forefeet. The creature groaned, trying to avoid the stallion's feet it felt through the ground. As he took another revolution around the giant beast he was seized off his clawed feet and flung away from it. He whinnied in surprise as he rolled across the ground, rapidly. Once he came to a stop he was quick to pick himself up.

"Ferine!" snarled his master.

The stallion blew out of his nose in slight dread at the tone he heard. He pinpointed the apprentice's rapid approach. He sighted the light saber behind his body and stepped away.

"No!" the young man bellowed, grabbing the animal with the force.

The stallion struggled a while against it, rearing in the air. Galen slightly curled the fingers of left hand. Ferine squealed in broken audio before he was shoved back onto his haunches as the force acridly oppressed his body. He drew back his ears as his master halted before him, slapping him across his muzzle. The red light saber remained behind the young man's back as he glared at the stallion.

"Don't you ever do anything like that again! Do you hear me?" Galen raved.

The stallion learnedly dipped his head, resistively shaking it afterward in pain. The red light saber receded back into its hilt and the young man lowered his left arm, relaxing his hand. His mount picked himself up, standing docilely. HIs ears unsurely remained flattened against his head.


The stallion lowered his head in a humble manner as his rider turned to see his droid walking towards him. The Rogue Shadow sat casually on the soil. He witnessed Galen replace his light saber back on his belt.

"C'mon," Galen said in a warmer tone and the stallion followed, contemplating his punishment.

It was the light saber he dreaded more than anything. The apprentice hadn't used it against him in any way like Vader did with a light whip. His muzzle prodded the young man in apology. He knew Galen wouldn't like his stunt, but he didn't know exactly how bad it would hurt him. He just knew it would to a degree. Enough to let him conclude his investigation that he desired to conclude. The apprentice never got raving mad unless something hurt him terribly either emotionally or physically. The stallion noted this reaction from his rider

His muzzle was met with a cuffed hand by the apprentice as they approached the ship. The stallion fondly blew into the hand, heating it with his warm breath. This incident, however, did not mean that he would do it again.