Elizabeth's pov is the preface

Elizabeth Mason's POV

"Honey why didn't you dress up like a ballerina for Halloween like I told you" a mother exclaimed at her child. "Because I suck at dance, I swear one day that ballet studio is going to come back to haunt me then it will burn to ashes, so screw being a ballerina, I wanna be a VAMMPIRE!" As mean and offended as I felt something to me one day I would meet her and I would see her standing next to Edward, now why she would be with Edward I had no idea, but one thing was for sure, I would defiantly see her with him.

Bella's POV

So I was sitting in my cottage with Renesmae just talking Jacob as usual Edward was out hunting for his 99th birthday with Jasper and Emmet, when Carlisle knocks on my door. Hmmm, that's strange, I thought, the rest of the family doesn't usually come over, let alone Carlisle. So I opened the door shooing Renesmae away knowing that the only reason he decided to come over now was probably to keep something from Edward. So Carlisle comes in with an excited expression on his face. "Okay, so here's the thing, when Elizabeth Mason asked me to "save" her son I didn't tell you that I also "saved" her." In my head I'm thinking what why didn't Edward tell me? " I know" he says seeing the confusion in my face, "but here's the thing Edward doesn't know, when I changed her and she "woke up" a day earlier than Edward she asked me two favors, 1, that I was to tell Edward nothing of her transformation, and 2, that for his 100th birthday that she be allowed to surprise him."

"And why Carlisle, are you telling me this, and why now?"

"Because I can't not think about this when it's getting close, I need you to help to keep him out of my thoughts, Are you in?"

"I'm in but for me to keep up my shield I'm going to have to avoid "pleasure" with Edward, and he's not going to like that."

"Good idea, here's Liz's phone #, if it doesn't work don't worry she'll contact you." Carlisle saw the confusion in my face, "don't worry she has a gift of her own."

Edward's POV

So I had just gotten back home from my birthday hunting trip with Jasper and Emmet when I was surprised that I couldn't hear Carlisle nor Alice, Bella must be up to something I thought to myself, any way it didn't matter, all that mattered was that it was my birthday and Bella always found a way to make it some of the best nights ever, so I was surprised to find that she was at the main house instead of our cottage. I walked in the house where Bella is then at my sied in a millisecond in an embrace and kissed me slightly. I took her hand, "Well I'm ready to head home Bella."

Then to my surprise she replied, "actually I was hoping we could hang out here tonight."


"Well it's just that……that," I then remembered about how I was being kept from Alice and Carlsile's thoughts.

"What is it that you Alice and Carlisle are keeping from me anywho?"

"Let'ts just say you're going to have a wonderful 100th birthday." As confused as I still was I knew I wasn't going to get much more, so I just let it drop, still furious that my night wasn't what I hoped it to be.

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