Sorry it's short but when you get to the end you'll realize why I cut it off.

Bella's POV

It was the morning of Edward's birthday, Jasper and Emmet had taken Edward out hunting two days before up in Canada to let Elizabeth time for last minute peperations. When we were talking I once slipped and called her mom although she didn't seem to mind at all, it felt right being able to call her mom. At 7 am it was time to meet up with the Family in the meadow.

The second I was in the clearing Edward was in an embrace with me and kissing me but Emmet and Jasper quickly had a hold of him if it weren't for Jasper calming me down the problem whould have been me on Edward. Edward would have been easy for Jasper to calm if it weren't for my confusing shield. Emmet and Jasper still having a strong grip on Edward made Edward pissed.

He finaly spoke up with words that pained me as he begged, " Please Bella, love, I want you, I want to hold you in my arms and tell you that I love you, I want to come home in the evenings after a long day and see you eagar to make love with me, I want to be with you and kiss you and never have to let you go, I want to lay next to you in bed and not have to worry about you're stupid shield going away, I want you and only you, can't you see that Bella."

Hearing that made me feel all the pain I had when he left me.

After two minutes of silence I finaly spoke up, " Edward, can't you see that I am in just as much pain and that it must be a pretty good surprise for me to resist staying away from you this long, actually your surprise is ready now if you want to see."

"Yes please lets get this over with so I can make love with you again."

"After you see your surprise I dobut you'll want to to make love right away."

"I highly dobut that."

"You'll see," I said as Emmet and Jasper let go of him and I took his hand and we walked just above human pace back to our home.

Edward's POV

Bella and I were walking back to the house when I came across an unfilimar scent, Bella quickly saw the worry in my eyes and comforted me, Don't worry the senct is part of the surprise." After a few minutes we stopped at the door step from out home. "Are you ready," she asked.

"Ready as I'll ever be."

We walked in the house where Bella stopped me in the entry way, who ever this was they had a scent that make me think of my child hood.

I took a deep breath then she walked around the corner and simply said "Hello Edward, I've missed you."

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