Chapter One: Introduction

My name is Jeremy Smith the youngest conductor the world had ever seen. I really hated my true parents, James and Lily Potter because they didn't love me; in short they neglected me because of my savior brother.

Want to know why? Okay I'll tell you the story. A stupid prophecy surfaced and it said that my brother Anthony is the savior of the wizarding world from the Dark Lord Voldemort (what a weird name actually his name consist of three French words that means 'flight from death') and as a result they began to neglect me. Also they didn't teach me about that freak stuffs.

You know the only answer I got when I wanted to learn was;

"Harry, you're brother needs to learn fast so that he can defend himself."

What about me? They think I was made of iron that can withstand any weather conditions and they also think that I'm an immortal who won't die.

So I got fed up with their treatment and I fled home when I was eight and Ms. Anna Smith found me in a cols alleyway in London. She adopted me and treated me as if I were her own son. She was a famous concert mistress of an orchestra that tours around the world. She teaches me how to play the piano, flute, and especially the violin I was shocked when she teaches me how to conduct. She also teaches me how to speak different languages like French, Italian, Japanese and German.

Before I reach my eleventh birthday we flew to Peru and settled there for six years.

When we are in that country I enrolled in a music school. I was in the conducting division my teacher saw my potential and he entered my name in the national conducting competition.

I won and got a scholarship to a music school in London, England. The last and only place that I don't want to stay or live in.