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"Hinata, Wake up, wake up, wake up," Hanabi screamed while she shook her sister until she was awake.

Hinata rolled over and muffled some words that Hanabi couldn't hear. Hanabi tapped her foot and tried to think of a way to get her sister awake. She ran out the room and into the kitchen. She came back out with a glass of cold ice water and then poured it on Hinata. Hinata jumped up from her sleep screaming and shivering from the cold water. She had "Bed Head" and her eyes were wide awake.

She screamed, "What the Hell, Hanabi!?"

Hanabi put her hand to her hip and said, "I had to do something to get your fat ass up".

Hinata looked at her clock and it read, "6:37".

She yelled out, "OMG! I'm going to be late for the first day of school, I need to change!"

As Hinata frantically searched the room for her school uniform Hanabi stood there talking.

Hanabi said, "No kidding, why the hell you think I'm in here for? Hinata, I don't think you should go to private school if you're going to be slumming like this."

Hinata gave Hanabi a quick glance and said, "Well, I'm not even going to be going to school if I don't find my skirt".

Hanabi turned her head, pointed to a skirt and said, "Is that it"?

Hinata looked at what her sister was pointing to and said, "Yes, that's it."

Before running to the bathroom Hinata went over and patted her sisters head and said, "Thanks, brat".

Hanabi fixed her hair and yelled, "Stop calling me that!"

20 Minutes Later…

Hinata was finished getting ready and looked at her self in her long mirror.

She said to herself, "Not Bad."

Hinata started posing in the mirror and laughing.

She stopped and said to her reflection, "Okay, This is my junior year of real school and I'm not going to ruin it." "Yes, public school was fun, but this is the real deal!" "You can do this, I can do this! "

She saw the clock's reflection and it read, "7:03".

Hinata rushed down the stairs and yelled, "Sorry dad can't eat, See ya!"

He yelled out, "Have a nice day, Hinata!"

Hinata ran down the street with her class schedule in her mouth while she stuffed the rest of her school supplies in her book bag. She came up to Konoha High School and was the only one in the hall when the bell rang.

She screamed, "Shit, the bell"!

She busted through the door before it closed and screamed out, "I made it"!

Hinata was taken out her moment of glory when she saw kids staring at her and laughing.

Hinata turned a light shade of red and the teacher said, "You must be Hinata Hyuga, go take a seat over there near Sakura Haruno."

Hinata looked around and though," Who is that"?

Suddenly someone shouted, "New girl I'm over here or are you going to do another grand entrance?"

The kids busted out laughing and Hinata felt her stomach ache. She walked over to her seat and heard whispers of a couple of students while she passed.

One girl whispered to another, "Her ass is huuuuuge".

Boys whistled at Hinata and one screamed out, "nice chest"!

Hinata felt violated as her classmates scanned her body. She took her seat and looked around at the eyes that were staring back. She looked at Sakura and saw that she was the scariest. Her green eyes felt like they were piercing her skin looking through to her heart and crushing it. Hinata felt a bead of sweat drip from her forehead as Hinata gave her a weak smile.

The teacher caught everyone's attention and said, "Hello, everyone I'm Kakashi and I'll be your English teacher."

Everyone said back, "Hi, Kakashi."

He continued, "Your first assignment is to write 3 things about yourself that you would like to tell the class."

Hinata took out a sheet of paper and searched for a pencil.

She looked through her bag and even her pockets and though, "Pencil? Pen? I forgot to pack them!"

She raised her hand and Kakashi walked over to her.

She said, "May I please borrow a pencil"?

As Kakashi handed her the pencil Sakura said, "You're late and you're not prepared?" "You're just full of problems aren't you Hyuga"?

There were a couple of laughs from the nearby desks but Hinata ignored the statement. Kaskashi walked away and sat back at his desk to read as Hinata started working.

She though, "Okay, write 3 things about me".

Hinata wrote down her three statements and Kakashi said, "Alright, time to present."

Hinata watched as her classmates went before her. She didn't want her name to be called or even get up from that seat until the bell rang.

Hinata though, "Please, don't let me mess up, the worst thing that could happen is if my stutter comes back."

Hinata was snapped out her thoughts when Kakashi said, "Sakura Haruno, your up".

Hinata watched as Sakura Haruno got up gracefully and walked over to the front of the class as her pink hair bounced against her shoulders and her arms swooshed back and forth.

Sakura faced the class and said, "I'm Sakura Haruno as if you didn't already know that and 3 things about me are…."

She swept her hair back over her shoulders and continued, "Number 1. I'm captain of the Konoha Cougars cheerleading squad, Number 2. I'm the most gorgeous thing that you have ever laid eyes on, and Number 3. If you mess with me I can make your life a living nightmare."

At that last number Sakura's eyes locked on to Hinata and Sakura gave Hinata an evil grin that made her spine shiver.

Sakura walked back to her seat and Kakashi said, "Next, Hinata Hyuga".

People turned toward Hinata as she got up. She stepped away from her desk and started walking until Sakura's foot "accidentally" tripped her. Hinata didn't fall but stumbled a little.

Hinata looked at Sakura and Sakura said, "Oops".

Hinata kept walking to the front and turned around to the class. She took a deep breath and read her list.

Hinata said, "I'm Hinata Hyuga and 3 things about me a-a-are..."

Hinata though, "Oh no, my stutter is back."

Hinata heard Sakura laugh when she stuttered.

Hinata continued, "Number 1. I-I've transferred here from S-S-Saints High School".

Hinata was interrupted when Sakura said, "I wonder if she is going to start praying?"

Kids laughed at the comment and Hinata felt her throat choke up. Kakashi got the kids to quiet down and Hinata continued.

"Number 2. I-I-I've got 1 little s-s-sister named H-Hanabi".

Sakura gave her second statement and said, "She must be the pretty one compared to that."

She pointed at Hinata and kids laughed once again. Hinata felt her stomach twisted and it felt like she had just been hit in the stomach. Kakashi hushed the growing crowd down once again.

Hinata though, "One more and I can sit back down."

Hinata said, "Nu-umber 3. I love t-to cook food".

Sakura gave her last statement, "Looks like they found the new cafeteria lady".

The kids laughed harder and harder while Hinata stood there.

Kakashi yelled, "That's enough from you!"

The kids got quiet and Sakura rolled her eyes.

Kakashi turned to Hinata and said," you may take your seat".

Hinata practically ran to her seat with her head hanging downward as Kakashi called the next name.

Hinata heard 2 girls whisper, "I think she's about to cry."

Before putting her head down for the rest of the class period she took one last look at Sakura who was smiling at her misery.

Hinata though, "The nightmare begins".

The bell rang after everyone finished there first assignment. Hinata took a sigh of relief. She packed her stuff and walked out the door but right through the doorway Sakura bumped Hinata against the shoulder from behind knocking down the papers she was carrying. Kids coming out the class were laughing now and Hinata just picked up her stuff and continued walking. Hinata went to the bathroom and into the nearest stall. She noticed that private school bathrooms were much prettier than the public ones but she was too busy hyperventilating to notice all of the décor.

Hinata though, "Get yourself together, you can't let that girl get to me."

Hinata tried to put on a smile but it quickly went back to a frown. Hinata collected her stuff and got ready to go to her next class. Hinata looked at her schedule and saw that her next class was "Cooking." Hinata felt a smile go across her face because she knew that was one class she could pass. She enters the class and took her seat near this chubby boy with brown hair who was munching on a beef jerky stick. Hinata scanned the room looking at her new classmates and some she just saw. The desk were large so 2 people can work together and there was large windows letting in lots of sunshine.

The chubby kid said between each munch, "Hi, I'm Chouji Akimichi".

Hinata smiled and said, "I'm Hinata Hyuga".

Chouji's eyes lit up and he said, "Your Neji's cousin."

Hinata knew her cousin was here but she hasn't seen him.

Hinata replied, "yeah, but I haven't seen him around."

Chouji took another bite of his jerky and said, "You'll see him at lunch probably."

Hinata hoped that was more like an invitation to sit with them then a statement.

Hinata though, "this class might not be so bad."

Suddenly, walking through the door was Sakura Haruno and Hinata's nightmare. Her arms were wrapped around this boy's waist. Hinata heart thumped a little when she looked upon the face of a blond haired boy with blue eyes that look like the ocean. The sunlight from the window shone upon him and made his hair illuminate. Girls in the room giggled when they saw him and Hinata felt like she just witness a movie star enter the classroom. Hinata was snapped out those though when Chouji started waving beef jerky in her face. Hinata shook her head and looked back at Chouji.

Chouji said, "Want some, Hinata."

Hinata shook her head no and looked back at the door. She saw this boy with black hair and black eyes enter behind the blond boy. Hinata watched as the black haired kid was about to sit next to blond boy but Sakura bumped him out the seat. He moved out of the way as Sakura drooled over the blond.

The teacher entered the room and introduced herself, "Good morning class, I'm Kurenai and I'll be your cooking teacher." "If you're wondering this is not home economics but purely cooking for those aspiring chefs."

Kurenai continued and said, "I know you all want to sit next to your friends but being a chef you have to learn to get use to your co-workers, that's why I'm assigning your partners."

The class moaned even Hinata was bummed because she was getting use to Chouji. Sakura was the first one to protest this switch.

She said," Kurenai, getting use to other co-workers is a great idea…but I think improving your skills with your current worker is much, much better."

Sakura gave the teacher a pageant smile and Kurenai said, "Ms. Haruno you're so right…But NO".

Hinata laughed as Sakura's smile quickly turned to a pout. She looked back at Kurenai who was switching students around. Kurenai looked at Hinata.

Hinata though, "Please not Sakura, Please not Sakura, PLEASE NOT SAKURA!!!"

Kurenai said, "Ms. Hyuga who can be partnered with Mr. Uzumaki."

Hinata looked at the boy and he was smiling back at her. As Hinata walked over there she saw that Sakura's arms were folded and she was not moving.

Kurenai said, "Sakura, up."

Sakura quickly rose and argued, "Kurenai, I want Naruto to be my partner"!

Kurenai raised an eyebrow and said, "Well, I want a job with better pay but we don't always get what we want."

Sakura rolled her eyes at the teacher and stood in front of Hinata's assigned seat.

Kurenai sighed and said, "You're working with Sasuke and if you don't like that you can work with Principal Tsunade."

Sakura quickly moved to where Sasuke was sitting which was far away from where Hinata was. Before leaving Sakura gave Hinata an evil glare. Hinata took her seat near Naruto who was texting on his phone. Hinata looked at his side view and noticed how his face was perfectly measured.

Hinata though," His face looks flawless."

Not noticing she was staring, Naruto said, "You want a picture?"

Hinata looked away blushing and he laughed.

Naruto said, "You're kind of cute when you blush."

He leaned in close to Hinata and his hands were on her leg. Hinata shivered at this touch. He was interrupted when Kurenai slammed the metal spoon on their table. She glanced at Naruto who was grinning back and then at Hinata whose face was more red then an apple. Kurenai walked back over to the front of the class and continued talking about the class rules. Hinata was too busy thinking about what just happen to listen to Kurenai's do's and don't.

Hinata though, "He's a pervert, but he's cute, but he's still a pervert!" "I wonder if anybody else saw this".

Hinata got out of her thoughts and focused on Kurenai. At the end of class, everyone was ready for lunch.

The bell rang and Naruto got up, whispered in Hinata's ear, and said, "See you tomorrow Hyuga."

Hinata looked at him and he smiled and walked out with Sasuke. Hinata got up to walk out the class but was blocked by Sakura.

Sakura said, "I saw that and I'll tell you right now Hyuga, STAY AWAY FROM MY NARUTO".

Sakura looked at Hinata and chuckled she said, "It's not like you have a chance with Konoha's star athlete anyway".

Sakura walked away laughing and Hinata stood there until she was completely out of eye hurried to the lunch line, got her tray, and received her food. Once she was out the line she looked around the Cafeteria scanning the thousands of people who were there eating and laughing. She even noticed The "Popular" table with football players and cheerleaders clinging to them. Even Sakura was snuggled up with Naruto but he didn't seem interested in her affection.

Then, a loud voice overpowered the cafeteria and yelled, "Hinata! Hinata! Over here!" People turned to the Hyuga and she quickly went over to the table. She saw her cousin and his gang in deep discussion.

Neji said, "Everyone, Shut up so I can introduce my cousin".

Everyone continued to talk frantically ignoring his statement.

Neji got pissed and said, "You shut up or I'll let Ten Ten tell us those boring stories about her days in Summer Camp".

Everyone hushed at Neji's threat except a girl with 2 buns in her hair who said, "Hey, My stories aren't boring."

Neji smiled and said, "Of course not".

Then when her back was turned he mouthed out, "Yes, they are".

Neji cleared his throat and continued, "Everyone this is Hinata."

Everyone said, "Hi".

Neji said, "Hinata this is Ten Ten, Shikamaru, Shikamaru's girlfriend…"

"I have a name," Shikamaru's girlfriend snapped.

Neji corrected himself, "I mean Temari".

Temari smiled and kissed Shikamaru's cheek.

Neji continued, "You alright met Chouji, and then there's Shino".

Hinata looked at Shino who wasn't moving or talking and made her skin shiver.

Neji whispered, "Hinata, Shino can't talk or that's what we think." "Freshmen year we asked if we could sit here and he didn't say anything so we just stayed and he's just been part of the group."

Hinata though, "Creepy".

Shikamaru yelled out, "Like I was saying this food taste like dog shit mixed with rotten eggs."

Chouji argued, "Food is food and it's the only thing we eat for about 8 hours".

Hinata intervened and said "Chouji, you had 6 beef jerky sticks in cooking class, I mean your getting pretty FA-".

Hinata was interrupted when Neji put his hand over her mouth. Everyone was staring at her wide eyed.

Neji whispered in Hinata's ear, "Hinata be very careful what you say about Chouji's w-e-i-g-h-t". "Last time someone called him the "F" word he destroyed the cafeteria and injured 3 lunch ladies."

Chouji interrupted Hinata and Neji's conversation and said, "What were you saying Hinata"?

Hinata smiled at Chouji and said, "Um, nothing."

Chouji shrugged and everyone took a sight of relief.

Ten Ten continued the conversation, "So, Hinata what class do you have next?"

Hinata took out her schedule and said, "P.E".

Ten Ten squealed and said, "Me Too."

Hinata was happy that she found someone else in her classes that she liked.

The bell rang and Ten Ten said, "Okay, let's go."

Hinata said goodbye to the gang and followed Ten Ten to the Gymnasium. As Hinata got changed Ten Ten said, "Hinata, your chest is HUGE."

Hinata blushed but it wasn't the first time she heard that today. They exited the locker room kids spilled out onto the gym floor. The coach came out wearing a green track suit.

Coach said, "Everyone, settle down." "I'm Coach Gai".

Everyone was quiet and listened to their coach.

Gai continued, "For the first day we are going to get some fresh air and go do some laps".

Everyone exited the gym and onto the track. Hinata saw that kids were already on the track and recognized them quickly.

Ten Ten whispered to Hinata, "Gym for the cheerleaders and football players are practices isn't that fortunate for them".

Hinata recognized, "Sakura; who was the head cheerleader (obviously), Ino; who was second in command, Sasuke; who was the football players' line backer, Lee; who was a wide receiver, Kiba; who played cornerback, and the cheerleading coaches were Anko and Shizune while the Football Coach was Baki."

Then her eyes were locked on the star quarterback a.k.a Naruto. He moved so swiftly and never dropped the ball. Hinata watched as he ran up and down the field practicing and pacing himself.

Ten Ten tugged on Hinata's collar and said, "Earth to Hinata, are you okay"?

Hinata looked at Ten Ten and said, "Yeah, I'm fine".

Ten Ten looked at what Hinata was staring at and ask, "I hope your not crushing on Naruto Uzumaki because last time I check he's with Sakura."

Hinata replied, "I'm not crushing".

Ten Ten continued, "A star athlete dating a head cheerleader isn't that original".

Ten Ten continued about the popularity status in the school but Hinata pretty much ignored everything.

The bell rang and Ten Ten finished up by saying, "Hinata we are here on the popularity level and Naruto is here, I mean we are just above Chatty Patty".

Hinata closed her gym locker and said, "Ten Ten you can make one hell of a speech but I don't like him".

Ten Ten said, "all right, but you've been warned".

Hinata left to go to her last class of the day. She met back up with Chouji and that creepy guy Shino and went to chemistry. Asuma gave them their assignments and the class went by fast. When the last bell rang to leave Hinata couldn't believe how slow this day went. She said goodbye to everyone and went back home.

When Hinata entered her home her father said, "Hey Hinata, how was your day? Did you see Neji?"

Hinata said, "My day was boring and yeah, I saw Neji."

Hinata left her father in the living room and she went to her room. Hinata fell upon her bed and looked back on the day. Sakura was the only disappointment of her day.

Hinata clung to her pillow and muttered under her breath, "Bitch".

She rolled over on her stomach and though on the Uzumaki boy. His hair, his eyes, and his football skills.

Hinata stuffed her head into her pillow and said, "He's still a pervert".

Hinata got ready for school tomorrow and that night she fell into a deep sleep awaiting tomorrow's surprises.

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