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Friday Morning

"Hinata…Hinata", a familiar voice called out to her.

Hinata was wearing a long strapless flowing white gown in a field of yellow daisies. The air was crisped and the sun appeared over the mountain ranges that were far in the distance.

Again the voice called out to her, "Hinata, Hinata".

Hinata recognized the tone and said, "Naruto..."?

Suddenly he appeared in the distance with that oh-so familiar smile on his face. Hinata ran towards him and he awaited her with a hand extended out. She reached him and went to grab his hand but suddenly he disappeared and the scenery change. Hinata was now standing on the edge of a cliff under a very eerie red sky.

She called out, "Naruto…Naruto"!

She turned around to see Sakura standing there in front of her. She had an evil smirk and piercing green eyes.

Sakura said, "Naruto would never go for a poor, nobody like you…give up, hyuga".

Sakura hands extended out and pushed Hinata against her shoulder making her fall off the edge of cliff. While falling Hinata heard Sakura's crazed laugh that followed her all the way down.

Hinata woke up in cold sweat as she sat up from her bed. Hinabi was standing there looking at her older sister.

Hinabi said, "Hinata, get up you're almost late for school".

Hinata was still in a daze from her scary dream.

Hinabi laughed and said, "You should have seen yourself sleeping…you were tossing and turning saying Naruto…Naruto"!

Hinata fell back down into her pillow ignoring her sister's comment.

Hinabi rolled her eyes and said, "Fine, be late for school, it's not my problem".

She walked out the door laughing and repeated loudly, "Naruto…Naruto".

Hinata thought to herself, "That dream was crazy, no more late night snacks from now on".

Hinata looked in the mirror to see her hair was tangled from all that tossing and turning. She washed her face and fixed her hair as best as she could. She put on her uniform and went downstairs to smell the scent of French toast and cheesy eggs.

Hiashi turned to Hinata and said, "Good morning president".

Hinata laughed and said, "The race isn't over yet".

Hiashi laid the bread in the pan hearing a loud sizzling sound and said, "No one's a match for my daughter."

Hinata grinned but thought, "You haven't met Sakura".

Hiashi said, "When I was your age I ran for school president".

Hinata was happy to hear that maybe her father could help, she asked, "Did you win"?

Hiashi sighed and said, "No, but I did put up a good fight".

Hinata's face went from hopeful to disappointment.

Hinata finished up the breakfast her father had prepared and left for school. For the first time Hinata was frightened that maybe her dream was a warning for her not to go to school that day.

Hinata meet up with Ten Ten in front of the school.

Ten Ten said, "Hey, Hinata remember we are meeting up at my house to work on your campaign".

Hinata smiled and said, "Right"!

Ten Ten fixed her outfit and in a loud tone said, "Also, how's it going with Na-ru-to".

Hinata shushed Ten Ten and said, "Ten Ten not so loud…I told you it's nothing".

Ten Ten didn't believe her and said, "Yeah right, Hinata I've known you for 2 months now and can already tell you're lying".

The bell rang and Hinata said, "I'll see you at lunch".

Ten Ten waved bye and they departed to class. While walking to class a girl said hi to Hinata and then two boys further down the hall said they would vote for her. Even Sasuke Uchiha gave a nod of recognization. Already a couple of days and Hinata knew so many people. Hinata arrived at her first block and sat down in her seat. Sakura was whispering to Ino and rolling her eyes at Hinata and laughing.

Hinata managed to ignore their laughter and thought, "It's been two months and I've already programmed myself to ignore Sakura".

Suddenly, the girl sitting behind Hinata tapped her on the shoulder.

Hinata turned around and the girl whispered, "Hey that was a great speech you made in 4th block, you've got my vote".

Hinata smiled and politely said, "thank you".

Sakura intervened and told the girl, "Hey Misaki don't you have to go stuff your face or something, stop sucking up to Hyuga and seriously consider a diet!"

Misaki sat back in her chair and put her head down. Hinata could hear her sniffling and on the brink of crying. Hinata remembered the time she felt like that too.

Hinata turned to Sakura and said without thinking, "That's not very nice Sakura; She didn't do anything to you".

Sakura stare into Hinata's eyes as if she trying to shoot lasers at her.

Sakura said, "Excuse me".

The whole class turned their attention to toward Hinata and Sakura.

Hinata's eyes widen and thought, "There goes my big mouth again."

Sakura flipped her hair and said, "Word of advice new girl, just because you think your Mrs. Postive doesn't mean anything. I'm leader of this school and you are nothing but one lucky poor girl who got into private school. So, you need to just stay in your place. Got it!"

Hinata turned forward in her seat and thought, "Lucky? How is coming to class everyday to be harassed by you lucky?"

Kakashi walked into class interrupting everyone's attention. After being publicly tortured by Sakura all class period, when the bell rang Hinata was the first one out the door.

Suddenly, Chouji came up behind Hinata and grabbed her around the neck.

He squeezed her neck and screamed, "Hello, Hinata"!

Hinata grabbed his arm and said, "Chouji you're cutting off my air circulation".

He let go of her and chuckled, "Sorry".

Hinata breathed and said, "You're extra excited today".

Chouji said, "of course today they're having meatball subs in the cafeteria".

Hinata said," mmmmhhhmm, that's great".

Hinata thought, "Chouji really can make anyone smile".

Chouji and Hinata walked into second block and sat in their seats. Hinata had to sit next to the lazy blonde who so far hasn't helped her cook one thing in the class.

Naruto smiled said, "Hey, I heard what happened between you and Sakura this morning".

Hinata looked toward him and was reminded of her dream. She quickly tilted her head toward her desk.

Hinata put down her bag and said, "News travels fast in this school".

Naruto leaned back in his seat and said, "Any news dealing with Sakura...or me is considered big."

Hinata laughed and replied, "Well, I guess poor girls like me don't deserve to be sitting with Mr. Royal himself".

In a low and serious tone Naruto replied, "Not all rich people act like Sakura".

Hinata felt as if Naruto believed she hated him for being rich.

Hinata smiled toward him and said, "I know that".

Naruto smiled and said, "I never saw a poor girl as cute as you anyway"!

Hinata eyes narrowed at him and thought, "Talk about ruining the moment".

Hinata replied, "Don't try to flatter me Uzumaki".

Naruto scratched his head and said, "Just trying to lighten the mood".

Soon, the teacher entered and told today's lesson.

She said,"Okay, class today we will make homemade chocolate chip cookies. Simple".

With those words, the teacher's eyes shot toward Naruto and Hinata who still didn't know how to cooperate together.

She handed out their ingredients' list:

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 lb butter, cut into 1/2-inch pieces

1/2 cup sugar

3/4 cup tightly packed light brown sugar

1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1 large egg, lightly beaten

7 ounces bittersweet chocolate chips

Naruto read the list and asked Hinata, "What's brown sugar, isn't sugar white…is it dirty"?

Hinata was amazed at how stupid he was but remembered that he probably never cooked in a kitchen or at least seen one.

Hinata answered, "No Naruto, brown sugar is white sugar combined with molasses, which gives it a soft texture. Light and dark are the two most common styles of brown sugar. In general, the lighter the brown sugar, the more delicate the flavor it adds to the dish. Very dark or old-fashioned brown sugar has a more intense molasses flavor."

Naruto was still confused but he pretended like he knew what she meant.

Hinata looked at Naruto and said, "So, are you actually going to help cook this time"?

Naruto put his head down on the table and said, "Sure, I don't want to get another "F".

Hinata rolled her eyes and they followed the instructions.

She sifted together the flour, baking soda, and salt into a medium bowl and then set aside. Then Naruto had to cream the butter and sugars with the mixer on low speed until it is smooth and lump free for about 3 minutes.

Hinata looked over at Naruto and said, "Do you know how to work the mixer"?

Naruto smiled and said, "Of course".

Naruto searched for the ON button then finally started the mixer. He felt it shake in his hands and then he put it in the bowl. Suddenly chunks of chocolate batter started flying all over the place. Hinata ran over to Naruto who was trying to turn it off. Hinata grabbed his hand and got hit in the face with a chunk of batter. Some students were screaming as they were being hit with the battered chunks.

Finally Hinata managed to turn it off and yelled, "What happened"?

Suddenly, behind Naruto was the teacher and she asked, "I want to know that, too"?

Kurenai looked around the classroom and said, "Lunch detention again for both of you clean up this mess".

Hinata looked around the room and saw that Sakura was covered in so much chocolate her hair looked like a strawberry/chocolate ice-cream. Chouji on the other hand was eating the chocolate off of him…and Sakura.

Hinata sighed and looked back at Naruto who was flirting with the girls in the tables behind them.

Hinata rolled her eyes and yelled, "Uzumaki, you get the floors, I'll get the tables".

While everyone else enjoyed their freshly made cookies, Naruto and Hinata moped and clean tables. The lunch bell rang and everyone went to lunch as those two stayed behind once again to clean.

Hinata grabbed the rag and said, "If you didn't know how to use the blender you could have said something."

Naruto soaked the mop and said, "I didn't seem that hard to do".

Hinata sighed and said, "Another missed lunch".

Uzumaki replied, "Relax, you really want to eat that mystery meat".

Hinata stopped wiping and exclaimed, "Actually, they were serving meatball subs today".

Hinata processed about what she just said and thought; "now I sound like Chouji".

Naruto laughed and Hinata said, "It's not funny, you've got me in trouble twice already".

Hinata went over to the next table and Naruto said, "What's the big deal".

Hinata slammed her hand down on the table making the absorbed water in the rag squeeze out on the tabletop.

Naruto stopped mopping and Hinata yelled, "Unlike you Naruto my family worked hard for me to get into this school. They sacrificed a lot for me and I want to show them I can do better".

Naruto continued mopping and said, "Sorry, It's just I don't meet a lot of people who actually work hard to earn a living usually it's sign a paper and make a thousand or so bucks."

Hinata continued wiping the table and said, "Sounds easy".

Naruto and Hinata continued working and finished cleaning up quickly. Hinata sat in the chair to rest and Naruto leaned back on the table next to her.

He said, "Well, we are finish."

Hinata rolled her shoulders and said, "Finally!"

Naruto grabbed his bag and pulled out a large sugar covered honey bun. Naruto unwrapped it and Hinata smelled the scent of the cinnamon. Suddenly, a large growl erupted from Hinata's stomach.

Hinata blushed and Naruto laughed, "Do you want half"?

Hinata folded her arms and said stubbornly, "If you're offering then yes".

Naruto split the bun down the middle and gave Hinata half".

If was soft in her hand and a little gooey. She took a large bite out of it and savored the flavors.

Naruto looked over at the over joyed Hinata and notice a crumb of Cinnamon on her cheek.

Naruto said, "You must be really hungry".

Hinata stopped eating and with a mouth full of honey bun and looked at him.

Suddenly, Naruto's finger reached over to Hinata's cheek and wiped the crumb off her cheek.

Hinata was shocked and her face lit up with shades of red.

Naruto continued on eating without noticing Hinata's shocked face. The bell rang so Naruto grabbed his stuff and headed toward the door. Hinata was still a little dazed of it all.

Before leaving out the door Naruto turned around and said, "See ya Monday Hyuga."

A delayed second later Hinata grabbed her stuff and walked out the class. Her cheeks turned to a dark pink and as she slowly walked to gym.

Ten Ten was already there waiting for her and said, "Chouji said you and Naruto got lunch detention…AGAIN!"

Hinata said, "sorry, Ten Ten".

They got called out to gym and waited for Gai's instructions.

While giving out instructions Ten Ten, whispered, "So, I have everything set up my house to make the posters".

Hinata whispered back, "you're working really hard for this campaign".

Ten Ten grinned widely and said, "Yup, this is the most fun thing that has happened to me since I got in high school".

Hinata laughed and Gai sensei gave her a quick glance signaling her to be quiet.

After instruction Gai sensei let them go run laps out on the track. Hinata was a slow runner so Ten Ten slowed down for her. Ten Ten and Hinata took a break and sat on the bench to cool off. The football players were practicing in the distance and the cheerleaders were cheering them on.

Hinata watched Naruto tackle a guy so hard he almost flew across the field and noticed that he really had a passion for football. His passion for football was like hers for cooking.

Naruto turned toward Hinata who was deeply concentrated on him and gave her a smirk.

Hinata turned away and thought, "Don't try to show off Uzumaki".

Hinata wanted to impress him too with her athletic skills so she took off running as fast as she could. Of course her speed was enough to pass by 2 kids ahead of her but she still was ultimately slow. Then suddenly, Hinata felt herself stumble against the pavement and she went head first into the ground.

Ten Ten screamed out, "Hinata"!

Everyone's attention was now turned to the bruised Hyuuga and it was embarrassing. Hinata sat up to turn her attention to Ten Ten who was worried about her injury.

Hinata looked around to see Sakura's group of cheerleaders pointing at her and snickering.

Hinata looked back at Ten Ten and said, "I'm fine" in a sheepish tone.

Hinata tried to stand up but her ankle was really bruised from the fall. Suddenly, a pair of arms swooped up Hinata effortlessly and carried her off. Everyone watched as the star of the football team was now carrying this clumsy nobody Hinata looked up at the blue eyes that showed concern for her and was only speechless.

Naruto looked down at Ten Ten who was still kneeling at the spot Hinata once was and said in a demanding tone, "I'll take her to the infirmary".

Ten Ten looked at him nervously and said, "a-alright".

Naruto walked off with Hinata in his arms and the speechless students looked on. They reached the hallways and Hinata was still in disbelief.

Hinata saw a couple of students walking pass who were pointing at the two of them and Hinata felt even more embarrassed.

Hinata said in a quiet whisper to Naruto, "Put me down".

Naruto seemed to be ignoring her statement and kept walking.

Hinata said in a louder tone, "Put me down Uzumaki".

He still ignored her pleas and carried her down the corridor.

Then Hinata got frustrated and started kicking and pulling away from him.

Naruto stopped and put her down frustrated.

He asked angerly, "What's wrong with you"?

Hinata took a stumbled stance and asked, "Why did you come help me back there?

Naruto replied, "You were injured."

Hinata was annoyed and said, "That doesn't mean you had to come to my rescue."

Hinata started limping away and Naruto yelled out, "I try to do a good thing for you and you act like this".

Hinata stopped and said, "Did you not see how people were looking at you? At us? Didn't you feel embarrassed carrying me?"

Naruto looked bewildered at Hinata's accusation and said, "No, I don't care what they think. I was helping out a friend".

Hinata now was really frustrated and yelled, "Well, I do care. Every time you do something nice for me my life here gets worse."

Naruto now felt sympathy toward her and shouted, "I just wanted to help, and I was concerned".

In Hinata's head she was saying, "You just don't get it, Uzumaki."

Hinata looked away with her eyes swelling up and said, "Well, don't help me again".

Hinata started limping away and Naruto grabbed her arm. She didn't look toward him but tried to nudge away.

Naruto yelled out, "Hinata, I can do whatever I choose to because it's my choice. Why are you so scared about everything?

Hinata pulled her arm away with enough force she could get and said, "You can have choices like that here but I'm just the poor girl".

Naruto now looked angrily in Hinata's eyes and said, "Why do you consider yourself like that? Just because kids have money here it doesn't make them any smarter or talented as you. I never seen a rich kid who could cook food as good as yours and that's something no one can take from you".

Hinata was silent for a moment and said in a pleading tone, "Naruto, please don't help me again."

She turned from the sorrowful boy and she never felt so low. She ended up at the infirmary and the nurse observed her ankle. Her ankle was now a deep purplish color and swollen. The nurse put some cream on her bruise and wrapped it up for her.

She said in a sweet voice, "You injured your foot pretty bad. I'll call your father to come pick you up".

Hinata nodded her head and sat back in her seat. She looked up at the spinning blades on the ceiling above her and thought about her harsh words toward Naruto.

Hinata thought, "I did the right thing" trying to convince only her.

After 20 minutes, her father came into the infirmary with a worried face. Hinata still sat with her head tilted back but sat up for her father. He started asking the nurse questions but then turned his attention to Hinata. Hinata heard the bell ring and students piled into the hallways. Passing by was the sad Uzumaki boy who looked as if he was part of the air. Soon, she was back at home and her father stopped questioning her about the incident. She went in her room and put a bag of ice on her leg. She felt the coolness of the ice sooth her bruised ankle but the pain in her heart was still there. She went over to her window and stared out onto the passing cars and children. Finally, the tears flowed from Hinata's eyes. She quickly wiped her eyes.

2 hours passed and Hinata didn't move from here position. She looked at the clock that was now at 6:10 p.m.

There was a knock at the door and her father called out, "Hinata, your friends are here."

Hinata thought, "Friends?"

Suddenly busting through the door was Chouji, Ten Ten, Neji, Shikamaru, Shino, and Temari. They were all smiling and carrying art supplies.

Hinata smiled and asked, "What are you guys doing here"?

Temari plopped on Hinata's bed and said, "We heard about your accident so, since you can't make it to Ten Ten's house we came to you".

Ten Ten rushed to Hinata's side and said, "Are you alright"?

Hinata smiled and said, "I'm fine, Ten Ten".

Neji and Shino spread out the supplies on Hinata's floor and took out the poster paper. Hinata's dad came and asked if anyone wants to eat anything.

Chouji was the first to shout, "Give me anything".

Hinata's dad laughed and said, "I'll get you something."

Then he turned his attention to Neji and said, "Hey nephew."

Neji gave his uncle a wave and then Hinata's dad left.

Hinata looked around at her friends who were working hard to help her on the campaign. After having such a bad day, she really needed her friend's enthusiasm.

Hinata joined in with them and started decorating and writing with them. Shino was drawing a picture of Hinata that was a perfect replica.

Hinata looked over at Shino's art and said, "Wow, that's a really good picture Shino".

Shino kept drawing but replied, "Thanks".

Temari wasn't really doing any work but she kept yelling at Shikamaru that he could do a better job.

Temari kept looking over Shikamaru's shoulder and yelled, "Hinata's posters need more creativity than that"!

As Temari kept yelling, Shikamaru looked at her frustrated and Temari quietly turned back around to her blank poster.

Hinata looked at Neji's poster and read the words, "Vote for the Hyuuga, she isn't a loser".

Hinata laughed at her cousin's bad rhyming skills and even Ten Ten felt embarrassed for her boyfriend. Chouji's poster had chip grease stains on it but put all his efforts into helping Hinata out.

Ten Ten's poster had lots of colors on it and stood out the most, Ten Ten's poster read, "Vote for a friend".

Hinata smiled at Ten Ten's slogan and went back to her own poster that had the slogan "Vote for me, please" and a picture of badly drawn pictures of her friends on the front.

Ten Ten looked at the picture and laughed, "Is that suppose to be me"?

Then Temari added, "Why is my head so big"?

Shikamaru laughed at Temari's picture and said, "Because your head is that big"!

Temari hit him across his right shoulder and said, "at least my eyes aren't crossed in the picture".

Chouji looked over at his and said, "Hinata, I look perfect".

Everyone looked over at Chouji's picture which was drawn so that he looked really skinny. They all looked at Hinata in disbelief and Hinata just smiled. Shino nodded at his picture too. Ten Ten looked around the picture and saw another person on there.

Ten Ten pointed at the person and asked, "Hinata, who's this blonde kid"?

Hinata looked at the person Ten Ten was pointing too, it was a person who had the biggest smile on his goofy face, and Hinata replied, "A friend".

Hinata's father came back bringing snacks to eat and Chouji was the first to grab the bag of chips.

The next 2 hours they finished up with everything. Hinata looked around at everyone's posters and even Temari finished one poster that was piled on with glitter.

Everyone cleaned up and Ten Ten said, "Well, I guess we put these up tomorrow".

They all piled back into their cars and left back home with their posters in hand. Hinata fell back onto her bed felt exhausted by everything.

Chapter 7 You're Lying

Hinata woke up the next morning awaiting the day. She hopped out of bed and felt the stinging pain of her bruised ankle causing her to fall back down. She rubbed her ankle and replayed yesterday in her head. She remembered what happened yesterday with Naruto and her face became solemn.

She thought, "The only way to feel better is to apologize to him".

She did her daily routine as quickly as possible with a bruised ankle and started on with the walk to school with her poster in hand.

She met everyone in front of the school and Ten Ten said, "alright everyone, time to put up these posters."

They walked inside and started posting up their "Vote for Hinata" posters all over the school. As they finished up the bell rang and everyone entered the hallways taking notice of the posters. Ten Ten waved bye to Hinata and everyone departed to class.

She went into first block and noticed that Sakura and her friends weren't there. She took her seat with a bright smile on her face.

Kurenai walked in and put her books on the desk waiting for the late bell to ring. When the late bell rang, class began.

Hinata began taking notes that were posted on the board and writing down what she needed to study. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and Sakura entered in the classroom with her friends.

Kurenai looked up from her lesson plan and said, "You all are 15 minutes late for class".

Sakura smiled lightly at Kurenai and said, "We were stuck in traffic, it won't happen again".

With that statement Kurenai narrowed her eyes at Sakura and said, "fine, take your seat".

Sakura passed by Hinata with a bizarre smirk on her face. As she walked passed she kicked Hinata's bruised ankle making the pain worse.

All class period, Hinata could overhear Sakura talking about Hinata's fall yesterday. She was talking so loudly that the teacher "hushed" her a couple of times.

When the bell ended, Hinata packed up her bags and left for her next. When she entered to hallways she saw kids in groups all pointing and laughing at the walls.

Hinata went to see what they were looking at and went up to see.

Her eyes widen and her heart dropped as she saw the posters that they created was now defaced, tattered, torn, and ruined.

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