It was the first day at a new school. Great, I hope I can was to blend in. 'I chose to move here,' I keep telling myself. 'Why, oh why did I ever do that?' I had thought to myself. Get over it Bella, you're here already and it would hurt Charlie if you turn and leave now. Besides, Renee, my mom, and Phil, my new stepdad, need this, time to grow as the new couple that they are.

Forks, what kind of name is that? This place should be called 'Rains' or something for all the wetness that is everywhere. I remember the day Charlie picked me up, from the airport, in none other than his police cruiser...

Great just what I wanted to be seen in my dad's, "Chief Charlie Swan's," police car. "Thanks Char-, I mean, dad for coming to get me." I corrected myself.

"No problem Bells, I'm happy that you came to stay with me," he said that afternoon. That night was the first of, I have a feeling, many sleepless nights from all the rain.

Now some guy is walking up to me smiling this bringing me back to reality. "Hello, you must be Isabella Swan, I'm Mike Newman very glad to meet you."

"I prefer Bella." Then I smiled so he wouldn't think I was so weird person.

"Mike, did you say? Can you show me to the office, I have to get my schedule."

"Of course, Bella, follow me." Mike flashed her a smile and then muttered under his breath, "Man, this girl is hot, I hope to get to know her better."

"Sorry, what did you say Mike? What's hot? I haven't seen anything here in Forks that could even remotely resemble 'hot', not like how it's in Phoenix anyway."

Mike looked like I had caught him saying something bad, this made me blush. "Sorry Bella, I was kind of was talking about you."

"Oh, thanks," I said. As we reached the office, this little brown-haired girl walked up and shot me a dirty look then turned and smiled at Mike. "Thanks Mike, I'll be okay from here."

"No Bella, I am here to help you out, it's your first day. By the way, this is Jessica, my girl friend."

"Hello, Isabella" the little brunette greet me.

"Hi, just Bella, please" I said.

She just looked at me and nodded. "I thought you moved here from some place warm and sunny so shouldn't you be tan?"

"Yeah, I should but that's why they kicked me out," I said with a smirk on my face.

"Ha ha, Bella, you're such a crack up, isn't she, Jess?"

"Yeah sure, Mike, can we go now? She said she'll be fine, besides Angela can help her."

"Jealous much?" I mumbled to myself as they walked away. Mike just smiled and mouthed 'sorry' as Jessica pulled him out of the office and down the hall.

"Isabella Swan?" the nasally little woman from behind the desk asked as she pushed her glasses back up her nose.

"Yes, Mrs. Carter, but please call me Bella."

She smiled and handed me my class list and told me, that if I need any help, to just ask the teachers and that I should hurry up to get to class.

My first class, English 3, was in Building 4A. This should be the best class, English is my favorite subject. I walked in and Mike was there, 'Good,' I thought, at least I knew one person and he seemed nice to me.

"Hi, I'm Angela, nice to meet you, Isabella." A girl walked up to me.

"Hello Angela, nice to meet you too. Oh, please call me Bella."

Angela smiled; I'm positive that this girl and I will be great friends. She's the kind person that I like to be around. At least that mean girl, Jessica, was right about one thing, Angela. I took the empty seat next to her and we talked for most of the class. We found out that we pretty much had the same schedule, save 1 or 2 classes.

We walked to our next class, math. I didn't really like math so much, I had to try harder at it to get an A. Mike was also in this class, as was Jessica, a guy named Ben, that Angela smiled at, and his friend Eric. Then there was this beautiful, petite, little girl sitting all by herself. She has jet black hair and round golden eyes.

"Hey, Angela, who's that over there? She's beautiful and very pixie-like," I said and smiled at her.

"Oh, that's Alice Cullen, she's a freak just like all her brothers and sister," said Jessica.

"Jessica be nice, we don't even know any of them," Angela said. "Besides, Jessica, just because her brother didn't give you the time of day doesn't mean they are bad people. Maybe he just likes girls that don't act like they are 2 and that don't act like everything is theirs."

I had to laugh to myself and made a mental note that Angela and I are going to be great friends. I smiled at that girl Alice and said hello to her. She said hello back then got a faraway look on her face. I took that as my cue to leave and just went to my next class. Spanish 3, I was getting really good at it. There was a big guy in this class; his eyes matched that Alice girl's even though they didn't look alike.

"Hey Mike, who's that?" I had asked.

"That's Emmett Cullen, Alice's big brother. The one with the wild looking hair is Jasper, her boyfriend, even though he and his sister, Rosalie Hale, live with them and Dr. Cullen and his wife. They're all their adopted."

"Is that all of them? Are they all that beautiful? That's great, I'm glad that the Dr. and his wife are caring enough to take in four teenagers."

"No, Bella, there are five of them and I think they've been with them since they were small." Mike said.

"Bella, I wouldn't even try to be friends with them, you're not good enough, besides they're all freaks anyway."

"Gee thanks Jessica, they aren't the only ones I shouldn't be friends with." I retorted. Then Mike had said something else but I never caught it.

Class started and I kept an eye on those "freaks," as Jessica puts them. They didn't look like freaks. They were pale but so am I, except, they looked unbelievably good being pale. Class passed by very quickly and before I knew it, it was time for lunch. Angela and I have lunch together along with Mike and his group.

Angie and I got our food and sit down at a table that was filling up really fast .There was Mike, Jessica, Eric, Ben, and this other blond girl named Lauren, she seemed like a second Jessica.

"Hey Angie, who's that blond guy sitting with Alice, Emmett, Jasper, and Rosanne?"

"Ha ha, Bella, her name's Rosalie and that guy's Edward."

"Angela," Mike said "Are they together like a family or like, together, together?"

She laughed and said "Both, I think."

"Who's that blond guy with?" I had asked.

"No one, like I said before Bella, he doesn't "think any girl here is good enough for him," so you won't be either." Jessica snapped.

"Jessica , do you not like me? I don't want your boyfriend, I promise. All I want is to be friends with him. I already have a boyfriend anyway," I lied. "I don't think you know him, he's my dad's best friend's son, they live down in La Push. His name's Jacob Black." Okay, so Jake and I are friends and I've known him for years but we were just friends. I'll have to call him and let him in on this little lie just in case.

I spent the rest of my lunch looking at Edward Cullen, he looked like a angel. After lunch, Angela and I headed to our next class, biology. The teacher had me stand up in front of the class till everyone else was seated, then he told everyone who I was and had me seated at Edward's table.

Edward jerked away and moved his seat all the way over to the other side of the table, as far away from me as he could. What in the world was his problem? I didn't smell bad, I smelled like my favorite strawberry shampoo and lotion. What does he know? Maybe that Jessica girl was right, maybe no one here was good enough to even be his friend. Friendship was I was looking for, I don't want to put down any roots here other then my father Charlie.

Biology went on forever; all I wanted was for class to be over so I could as far away from this Edward Cullen as I could. Right before the bell ring he got up and walk out of class.

"Angela, what's his problem? Do I smell bad?"

"No, you actually smell very nice, what kind of lotion do you use?"

"I use Strawberry Bliss shampoo, body wash, and lotion. Hey, want to go shopping and get some?"

Shopping? Did I just ask someone to go shopping with me? Yuck, I hate to shopping, what was I thinking? Man that Edward guy has my mind all messed up.

Great, next I have gym, hope I don't hurt anyone today. What am I saying? I hope that I don't get hurt either. All I need, is to meet the hospital staff without being here for a week. I hate being so clumsy but I always have been, I get it from my father. In gym, I didn't have to dress today because it was my first day, so everyone was safe for at least one more day.

After gym, I went to my locker and saw that Alice girl standing next to it; it looked like she was waiting for me. When she saw me, she smiled and waved. I looked behind me to see if it was me she was waving at or someone else. There wasn't anyone behind me, so it had to be me. Then Edward walked up to her, she looked at me, mouthed 'sorry' and walked away with him.

"Stupid Edward," I muttered. He turned and looked at me like he had heard what I had just said. 'But there was no way he could have,' I thought to myself. Then I got all my books out and put them into my bag and went to my big red truck, my monster, that's what I called it. Great, home work on my first day.

When I got home I had feeling like someone was watching me but I pushed it away. I had loads of homework and had to get it all done before I started getting dinner ready for Charlie and me. Renee called, just as I was about finished with all of it, to see how my first day had went.

I chose not to tell her about Jessica or Edward, I didn't see any point in making her regret letting me live here, here in this hell called Forks. I talked to my mother while I fixed dinner. Just as I finished up, Charlie had gotten home.

"Dinners done dad!" I called out.

"Great Bells, I'll be right there. What's for dinner, Bells?"

"I made homemade Mac-and-Cheese and some burgers, is that alright?"

"Of course honey, that'll be great, it smells good, I'm starving." So we sit down and eat in silence which was alright with me. Charlie and I are a lot alike and I am grateful for that. Except for the fact that he likes sports and I hate them with a passion.

"Thanks Bells, I'm going to watch the baseball game tonight. Billy and Jacob are coming up to watch also. Will you please do me a favor and entertain Jacob for us, you guys used to be great friends, remember?"

"Sure dad, that'll be great." I wanted to catch up with Jake any way.

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