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As I sat in the driveway I reflected on the events that had transpired the last two days. I had acted like a child on Saturday night and ran away from my love. I have to say that I was

more than surprised when she showed up with Alice. I was completely unprepared for her declaration of love. My dead heart swelled so much with love for her it was almost painful.

We only had time for one dance when we got back to the school but the feeling of holding her in my arms as she clung to me was pure heaven. My thirst for her didn't even register whilst

I was twirling her around the floor. When I left her at her door for the evening I must say that it took a lot of control to simply kiss her hand and not pull her to me and drown myself in

her lips, but I could never forget that I am a vampire and she is human. Her dreams that night had been filled with contented sighs and murmurs of her love for me. Yesterday had been

sunny so I was unfortunately unable to spend time with her. We did, however, speak over the telephone last night. She fell asleep talking to me. Little did she know that I was in the

woods just outside her house in the same place as Friday when I had heard her speak of unconditional love and her belief that she could, in fact, love a monster. I sprang into her

window as soon as I knew she wasn't going to wake up. I gently placed her under her blankets and took my now usual place in the rocker by her window. I had remained there until the

sun began to rise. I ran home to change my clothes and get my car, which brings me full circle to the present.

I am sitting here in my love's driveway waiting for her to emerge so that I can drive her to school. I heard some banging around and a small curse that was undoubtedly whispered in a

clumsy moment and that made me chuckle. I was still laughing when the front door opened and the angel known as Bella Swan emerged. She spotted my car and I could not read the

expression on her face. It looked like a mixture of disbelief and confusion. I suddenly felt nervous; did she not want me here? Would she refuse to ride to school with me? I stepped out of

the car, adjusted my features into a pleasant smile and crossed to the passenger door.

"Good morning Bella, would you like to ride to school with me today?" It felt as though my silent heart was racing as I waited for her answer.

She looked dazed and her heart rate rose when her eyes met mine and she merely nodded.

I held the door open for her and she took her seat, I then hurried over to my side and started the car.

"How are you this morning, love?" I asked, glancing at her out of the corner of my eye.

"Great, and you?" She answered while looking at her hands.

"I am wonderful, now that I'm with you." I turned my head to look at her. She was blushing and smiling shyly. The rest of the ride to school was silent but it was comfortable. We each

kept stealing glances at the other. My siblings were already at school when we arrived. Alice jumped out of Rose's M3 and ran over to us. She enveloped Bella in a hug and they both


Finally my sister, my best friend was the only thought in Alice's head and I smiled at that.

They released each other and I took Bella's hand in mine, brought it to my lips and placed a kiss on the back of it, causing her to blush a pale shade of pink.

Damn, I can't wait to meet her. I wonder how much longer Rose is going to act like this. She looks like she'd be fun to mess with. If Eddo kissing her hand makes her turn that color

I bet I could turn her into a tomato in no time.

I glared at Emmett but he just smiled. Other students were starting to arrive now and their thoughts ranged from shock to anger and jealousy when they spotted Bella and me holding

hands. The ones that stood out the most were, of course, the vile Mike Newton and his wretched band of followers.

I still have dibs on her. Doesn't he know the guy code? I saw her first so I get my crack at her before anybody else.

Damn that Cullen, why does he have to go after the best looking girl at this school?

Bella and Cullen? My Bella with him? No, they are just friends Eric, yeah that's it, just friends.

I had to suppress a growl at that; she is My Bella.

Lauren Mallory's thoughts weren't any better.

Look at her all over him. She is so plain; he can't really like her. Maybe he is just using her to make me jealous. Oh I bet that's it. He so wants me!

My love is anything but plain.

Oh I can't wait until trig! Bella is so going to spill. I have to know how she got Edward freaking Cullen to hold her hand.

The gossip-queen, Jessica Stanley would pounce on my love the first chance she got and I couldn't wait to hear that particular conversation.

Alice glided over once more and kissed Bella on the cheek, telling her that she would see her at lunch before she danced off towards the school. As I watched my sister's retreating form

I realized that she had touched Bella twice today and I had touched- and was still touching- her and my love had yet to flinch or even comment on the difference in our body temperature.

Any other human would be pulling away from the cold but not Bella; my love is truly one of a kind.

I ignored all of the stares and whispers of my classmates as I walked Bella to her first class. I carefully lifted our entwined fingers to gently caress the soft skin of her cheek briefly before

pulling away to make my way to my own class. Her heart was hammering so hard in her chest as I walked away that I was afraid that she might be in pain, but the contended sigh that I

heard escape her lips as I walked away caused a smile to spread across my face and I knew she'd be fine.

I monitored Bella throughout the first hour, listening as she told Angela about the weekend.

" Okay, so I saw Edward leave the dance with you chasing him and I saw you guys make it back for the final dance of the night but I didn't see you anytime in between. Do you want to

talk about what happened?"

Bella blushed and sighed.

"Or you could tell me to mind my own business. And I will; I'm not Jess you know."

Both of the girls giggled at this. Bella leaned in close to Angela and whispered so that no one else in the room could hear.

"Okay, I guess I should start at the beginning. Somehow Edward" - I noted how Bella's breath hitched and her heart sped up when she said my name. I liked it. – "misunderstood what I

meant when I told him that I wasn't sure that he was my admirer. He thought I had some secret boyfriend or something. I have to admit that I was confused at first by his reaction but

then I was crushed when he walked away. Alice helped me to calm down and took me to find him. She left us alone to talk and I explained about the whole 'Mike holding me' thing."

Both girls visibly shuddered at this.

Mike is gross; I tried to tell her it wasn't him.

"Then we talked for a while and I-I, well I told him that I love him." Bella looked at her hands at her admission and flushed a beautiful scarlet color.

Finally! "Wait, what did he say?" Angela asked cautiously.

The smile that lit Bella's face as she lifted her eyes to her friend's face was breathtaking.

"He said he loves me too." Bella's eyes shone with a brilliance to match any star. The love that permeated there was unmistakable.

"Oh, Bella I am so happy for you." Wow, Edward Cullen.

"Thanks Ang. We actually talked on the phone for five hours last night. I think that-" The bell rang then, ending the conversation.

"We'll talk later", Bella mouthed to Angela as the teacher began her lecture.

I tried to pay attention to my own class but I honestly couldn't tell you anything that the teacher had said. I was too busy reviewing everything that Bella had said. She said that she had

been crushed when I had left the dance and I felt the all too familiar pangs of guilt and self-loathing attempting to dampen my mood but I focused on the look in her eyes when she had

said that she loved me and I instantly felt better.

I was out of my seat as soon as the bell rang and was standing by the door to Bella's class when she exited the room. Angela smiled a knowing smile at me and winked as she passed.

"Hello, love. How was class?"

"Fine, but I um, I told Angela about Saturday night. I hope that's okay." Her tone was nervous and she suddenly found the floor very interesting. Was she worried about my reaction?

I couldn't have that.

"It's more than okay my love, I find myself wanting to shout from the roof tops that Isabella Swan loves me, plus we probably should tell people something so that they understand why

I am always with you."

Her heart sped up as I gently placed a finger under her chin to lift her eyes to meet mine as I continued. "We are a couple now. Aren't we?"

I couldn't help the small amount of uncertainty that I felt. After all I was still a monster and she still had no idea what I was.

"Of course we are," she whispered, her eyes never leaving mine, "but your family tends to keep to themselves and I don't want to do anything to draw unwanted attention to them.

I know how that feels. I guess I just wanted to tell as many people as possible about us before rumors got started about us."

I laughed, because no sooner did those words leave her mouth did I hear the thoughts of the rumor mill itself coming down the hall towards us.

Oh my God! He is standing right in front of her. I bet if I hurry I can catch part of their conversation. That way I won't have to coax so many details from Bella. God, that girl is lucky.

Edward Cullen is H-O-T!

"Speaking of rumors, your friend Jessica is coming. She will probably bombard you with questions. Only answer the ones that you feel comfortable with, love. I will see you at lunch I need

to see Emmett so I won't be able to walk you to your next class. Good luck with Jessica." I whispered the last part, seeing as how the girl in question was within hearing range. I had

decided to introduce her to Em because he was so anxious to meet her and she needed to meet at least part of the family, so I needed to warn him beforehand. I decided that I would

keep Rose away as long as possible. I leaned in and pressed my lips to her hair as I had done last night while she was sleeping.

He kissed her. Oh she is so going to dish now!

I smiled at Jessica as I rushed past her on my way to class. I suppressed a chuckle as I heard Bella mutter, "Thanks Edward, I love you too" under her breath as Jessica Stanley all but

dragged her into the classroom. This was one dialog that I couldn't wait to hear.

To say that the conversation between Bella and Jessica was one-sided wouldn't be much of an exaggeration. Jessica asked her questions and she responded with as few words as

possible. Most of the time it was one word answers, shrugs or head movements. My girl knows how to be evasive. I found it extremely funny that Bella was so open with Angela and so

closed off with Jessica.

Emmett was with Rose when I caught up to him. She was just as crass as always.

"Don't you have a human to stalk?"

She smirked at me before kissing Em on the cheek and sauntering off towards her class.

Don't worry about her. She'll come around. I hope. "What's up bro?"

"How would you like to meet Bella?"

Really? Hot damn, time to make Edward's girl blush.

"Do you think that's a good idea?" He wondered aloud.

"Yeah, I do. I know that she would love to meet more of the family than Alice. So, I will meet you in front of your next class and you can walk with me to get Bella and then you can join us

on our way to lunch. As long as you watch yourself and don't embarrass her. She's not used to your humor yet so please behave."

"Ok dad, I will be on my best behavior." He said sarcastically.

I was nervous throughout the whole hour as I waited to introduce Emmett to Bella. Maybe I should have warned her that I was bringing him, but then again I didn't want her to think he

didn't want to meet her if he had something else to do before lunch. The bell rang and I rushed off to meet Emmett so that he could finally meet Bella.

Bella was waiting for me outside of her class and her eyes lit up the second she saw me. Her expression changed from one of love to one of worry quickly as she spied Emmett beside me.

"Hola, Bellarita! I'm Emmett, Edward's older, bigger and obviously better looking brother." Bella smiled as Emmett grabbed her in a massive hug and spun her around.

"Older? Yes. Bigger? Definitely. But better looking? I'd have to say nope." Bella made the 'p' pop then giggled and blushed as Emmett's booming laugh filled the hall.

I like her, Edward. She's got spunk.

"Whatever, little girl. I think it's time for you to see the optometrist."

"Why, do you need me to pick you up some glasses?" Bella joked.

Oh yeah, she is awesome. Nice choice Edward, she's a keeper.

I was glad to see that Bella was holding her own against Emmett but she is human and needs food.

"Come on, love. Let's get to lunch." I held Bella's hand and made our way to the cafeteria.

Bella and I sat at a table by ourselves and we both tried to ignore the stares and whispers. I was pleased to note that there weren't any ridiculous rumors floating around yet,

but as this is high school it will only be a matter of time.

Biology was pretty quiet, save for the occasional malicious thought and glare in my direction from Mike Newton. His jealousy was quite amusing.

I walked Bella to gym and was waiting for her when school was over. I held the door open for her as she climbed into my car. We spent the ride to Bella's house in a comfortable silence.

I gently caressed her cheek with the tips of my fingers before she got out of the car and stumbled to her front door. I went hunting after I dropped my car off at home and then assumed

my position in the old rocking chair by the window in Bella's room once she was sleeping, waiting for her dream-talking to begin.

I have to say that if this becomes the norm then my existence will be complete.

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