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Bella awoke to life as a vampire a little more than two decades ago. She was the most beautiful, compassionate and controlled newborn that I had ever seen. She had almost no bloodlust what-so-ever.

With her control over her thirst came control over her vampiric gift as well. She could now close her mind to me at will. It was terribly frustrating to get a glimpse of her beautiful mind just to have her slam the door on thoughts that she wanted to protect.

Bella's self control was so flawless that Carlisle suggested Bella and I attend college as soon as her eyes had changed to a more golden color but Bella was in no hurry to start her vampire matriculation. Bella wanted to travel around the world so that is what we did.

I had already been to most of the places that we traveled but Bella showed me the beauty of cities like Madrid, Paris, London, Sydney and Venice in ways that I hadn't thought possible. Her curious and observant tendencies brought the world to life in brilliant color like never before.

I could have spent eternity doing nothing but traveling with my wife but she began to miss the family. We had, of course visited with them several times during the last twenty years when we would all visit the same locale, but nothing long term; the family had paired off when Bella and I decided to travel and had been traveling as well. With Bella's admission of longing for family time I realized that I too missed them deeply.

Which is why we are here, in Elma, Washington a small town just outside of Olympia? The family had been living here for about two weeks. Alice, who had foreseen the rebuilding of our family as a unit, took the liberty of registering us all for high school that would be starting in less than a week.

We trudged to our cars when Alice announced that is was time for us to leave for school. We had to take two cars since there were six of us attending this time. It felt to drive my brothers to school while my wife rode in the car with my sisters.

The receptionist had a very sweet mind and had only kind thoughts about us when we arrived in the office.

"Hello, dears. What can I do for you?"

"We're new here," Emmett announced.

"My name is Edward Masen and this is my sister Alice. To my left are Isabella Cullen and her brother Emmett." I pointed to each of them in turn, "and this is Rosalie and Jasper Whitlock."

The story that we are portraying to the public is that Esme is Alice and my older sister. Rosalie and Jasper are Carlisle's orphaned niece and nephew while Bella and Emmett are Carlisle and Esme's adopted children.

I was very upset to find that Bella and I only shared three classes together and they were all after lunch. I felt lost knowing that I would not see her all morning. I kissed her lips gently and chastely as I left her at the door to her first class of the day.

By mid morning the school was abuzz about the new kids who were according to the rumors all hooking up with each other. Emmett and Rose who had never been discreet about their relationship were causing the biggest stir.

When the lunch bell rang I made my way to the cafeteria to wait for Bella. I had not seen her since arriving this morning. She and Alice shared their last morning class and were walking together. My class was three doors down from the lunchroom.

Who is that hottie?

I can't decide who's hotter? The tiny one, I think.

Whoa! Who is the brunette?

Ugh! They think they are so hot. I am ten times prettier than either one of them.

Ahh, it seems that my wife and sister have arrived. I had learned of the last twenty years to ignore the trivial thoughts of humans in regards to my wife's beauty. She was mine and they could never separate us so their thoughts meant nothing.

The entire lunch hour was spent talking about our mornings and how the juvenile behaviors of high school students had not changed at all. We were the target of malicious and very predictable gossip but in a town where the population barely reached three thousand, I would be surprised if we weren't.

I took Bella's hand and led her to our first afternoon class, Sophomore Biology. The irony was not lost on either of us.

I couldn't help but chuckle as we took our seats at an empty lab table. Bella shook her hair out so that it was hanging over her shoulders creating a curtain to block her face from me.

The familiar action caused me to pause for a moment to reflect on my life with Bella. Sitting here in this classroom beside the love of my life I realized that everything had came full circle.

Yes, I was repeating high school for the twelfth time but this time and every time after I would have my Bella, my beloved by my side, I was no longer simply existing within my family dynamic, no I was finally living.

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