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Chapter Summary: Dean discovers his second power... Enjoy!

Phoebe woke up to Sam's insistent nagging. He wanted them to leave early to go to some bar and question people. Her mind was too foggy to comprehend it. She basically ignored him until… he mentioned getting fake IDs. Then she shot up like a rocket. She always loved cop movies as a kid. It would be really cool to get a badge and get people to think she was a cop. She got up and got dressed immediately. Dean was still asleep of course. He fell asleep in a chair of all places. That was the second time on this trip that he fell asleep in the chair so far…

Something was up between Dean and Sam. When they made it to the diner, things were different between them. Sam felt embarrassed, fearful, and slightly rejected. Dean felt relieved at one thing, but miserable at another. She tried to talk to Sam about it, but he just shrugged her off, blushing. If Dean did something to hurt Sam, Phoebe would kick his ass.

Sam felt… embarrassed and humiliated. He must have been so stupid the other night, trying to kiss Dean. He obviously didn't want to be kissed… but why did he cup his face and look at him like that? Maybe he was just showing affection and didn't mean it like that. Sam felt stupid and hoped he didn't ruin things between them by trying what he did… Maybe Dean didn't notice? Yeah right. Sam sighed, frustrated and called Dean to wake him up so they could go.

Last night was so awkward after that almost-kiss. Him and Dean avoided meeting each others' eyes the entire night and barely spoke at all. He caught Dean staring at him a couple of times from the corner of his eye, but when he turned to look, Dean quickly looked away. He was probably freaked out and really confused. His brother tried to kiss him after all.

The worst thing was, Sam couldn't help the wave of emotions associated with looking at Dean anymore. Whenever he looked at him, he thought of that embrace. Whenever he spoke, Sam stared at his lips and remembered the feel of Dean's breath against his lips. The memory was like a dream, so surreal and beautiful. Sam almost had a hard time believing that something so wonderful could have been real, even if it had been cut short.

He almost kissed Dean, who was always there for him every day. The first face he'd seen in the morning for over a year. Dean was the one who grew up with him and protected him from danger. All the time Sam spent with him on hunts, in the impala, and saving each other reflected in his mind. Every time he looked at him now, his heart started to ache with longing. He always felt something more than the love for a brother, but he'd been able to keep it from showing… until now. Now, it was all he could think about.

"Dean! Wake up."

Dean groaned and simply ignored him, sitting on the chair. Sam looked at him and felt his heart flutter. He swallowed and quickly looked away.

"Dean! We have to go!"

"Saaaam," Dean grumbled. "Fiiiive more miiiinutes."

Sam rolled his eyes and left to grab his bag. "If you don't get up now, then Phoebe and I are going to have to leave and get IDs without you. Come on, get up! We need to question some people at that bar."

Dean mumbled and waved him off tiredly.

Sam smirked. "Alright, since you obviously aren't coming, we'll just leave without you. Oh, and we'll be taking your car since it's the only one available. I think I'll even let Phoebe drive."

Dean cracked his eyes open tiredly and Sam had to look away again. "Don't you dare let that bimbo drive the impala!"

"Well, goodbye Dean," Sam said as he walked over to the door.

Suddenly, Dean appeared right in front of him. Appeared as in, out of thin air.

"No way man! Crap, I'll come, just don't let that chick get behind the wheel dammit!"

Sam jumped in surprise and looked at him with his eyes bugging out. "What the hell?!"

"What? I said I'll come, why are you looking at me like that?" Dean raised his eyebrow at him.

"How did you get there?! You were just in the chair! I saw you! You just… appeared in front of me! What the hell man?"

"Oh, beats me…"

"You were there!" Sam exclaimed and went back to point at the armchair, only to find Dean still sitting there with his eyes closed. "Dean! LOOK!"

Dean looked to where Sam was pointing. "Hey, it's me." He turned away, bored, then suddenly his eyes popped open and he did a double-take. "It's ME! What the hell!? Am I dead?!"

"I don't know!" Sam shouted and ran over to check Dean's pulse and sighed with relief. "Nope, you're still alive."

"Then WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED! How am I here and there at the same time?!"

Phoebe walked into the room. "Hey you guys, we should really be leaving soon. What's with all the- Hey, Dean just astral projected."

"Huh? What does that mean?! What happened to me?" Dean asked.

"Oh, nothing to worry about…" Phoebe said, waving it off. "It must be your other power. My sister Prue had it too. You just send yourself somewhere else. It's really helpful in battles when you learn how to fight with it. At first, you can't really touch anything because you'll have the consistency of a ghost."

"How do I get back in?!" Dean asked, still a bit alarmed.

"Beats me." Phoebe shrugged. "I don't know, just think yourself back there or something…"

"And how do you suppose I do that?!"

"I don't know…" Phoebe said and frowned. "Figure it out…"

And Dean tried to figure it out, for ten minutes, and nothing happened. He was screaming in frustration and tried to punch a wall, only to have his hand go through. He paced angrily back and forth, and Sam thought to himself. What would make Dean get back into his body? Sam went over Dean's Telekinesis and how he got that to work. Something had happened to make him angry and he threw the glass across the room out of instinct, although it was bad instinct since the glass ended up hitting him. Suddenly, Sam came up with an idea.

"Hmmm, well Dean. I guess you can't really control your body now, can you?" he asked.

"Of course not Mr. Oblivious!"

"Well then, I guess you can't do anything about this then." Sam picked up Dean's limp hand and put the thumb in his mouth. Phoebe laughed at the display.

"That's not funny…" Dean growled.

"I think it is," Sam said, smirking.

"Stop it right now, or I'll-"

"You'll what? It's not like you can do anything, now can you?" Sam grabbed the sides of Dean's mouth and made him face a funny face.

"Hey, stop that!" Dean snapped and tried to knock Sam's hand away from his body only for it to go through him.

"Nah, I'm having too much fun," Sam replied.

"SAM!" Dean yelled.

"Let's see you pick your nose…" Sam said lightly and lifted Dean's hand and went to put his finger in Dean's nose. Phoebe giggled.

Suddenly, astral Dean disappeared and the body of Dean came to life and pounced on Sam, knocking him over. Sam laughed at Dean's furious face and raised an eyebrow. Phoebe sat on the table and watched, amused by their antics. She looked from a furious Dean and an amused and triumphant Sam. Dean had Sam's arms pinned down over his head. His eyes were slightly softened though and Phoebe knew Dean wouldn't seriously hurt Sam.

"What was that for?!" Dean asked angrily.

Sam laughed. "Well, it worked, didn't it?"

"Didn't what work?" Dean asked, slightly confused.

Both Sam and Phoebe laughed.

"Well," Sam said, shifting a bit to get more comfortable with Dean straddling him. "Why were you able to pin me to the floor?"

"Because I jumped on you of course! How else did you think I- wait… oooh. So you pissed me off to the point where I would jump back into my body by humiliating me?" Dean asked.

"Yup!" Sam said, grinning and all too happy with his current position.

"You… you bitch!" Dean said, anger fading to annoyance and embarrassment.

"Jerk," Sam replied and stuck his tongue out.

Dean smiled and chuckled, his annoyance fading into slight amusement. Both were at ease and smiling at each other. Suddenly, it was as if a light-bulb turned on and Dean realized what position they were in and stared at Sam. His eyes widened slightly and he swallowed. Sam met his eyes and laughed nervously, swallowing hard and blushing. Sam looked into Dean's eyes and barely held back a whimper at their proximity.

He lay there, as frankly there was nothing else he could do at that moment, and took in each sensation he felt as they touched. He absorbed the feeling of Dean's knees lightly pressing against Sam's sides. He relished the feeling of Dean's chest slightly brushing against his, and he savored the sensation of Dean's hands gripping his wrists with his smooth fingers and holding them firmly to the floor. Sam didn't even make an effort to move, wishing he could just stay in this position forever as he felt the windy feeling of Dean's hot breath washing over his face. Sam couldn't even look away from his eyes and almost died of both embarrassment and excitement.

Dean stared down at Sam, taking in the feeling of Sam's lean body pinned beneath him with his hair splayed out beneath him. He breathed in and out harshly as bided his time, savoring the feeling of Sam beneath him. He didn't want to let go. Not now, not ever. He wondered if he could gather his bravery to just lean in and kiss Sam. Just lean in, it was so simple.

Just a few seconds and he'd have his lips touching Sam's, but Sam's unwavering gaze paralyzed him and he couldn't move. So he stared into Sam's eyes and stared him down until the other couldn't take it anymore and closed his eyes. The moment Sam closed his eyes, Dean's own lit up with hunger and he gained his bravery back. Sam was there beneath him, pinned to the ground. His eyes were closed and he wouldn't be able to pull away or realize what happened until Dean's lips were already on his. This was his chance. Dean started leaning down.

"Uhm, guys? What are you doing?" Phoebe asked, extremely confused at what was going on. "We should go you know. I mean, we should have already left a long time ago."

Dean inwardly growled at her as Sam's eyes fluttered open. Dean's bravery died again and he reluctantly climbed off of Sam, another chance ruined. He didn't even bother looking at Sam. He just left the room and headed to the impala. Sam continued to lie on the floor in the exact same position Dean had left him. Phoebe looked at him strangely and knelt down to hover over him.

"Hellooooo? Earth to Sam, what are you still doing on the floor?"

"Nothing," Sam muttered and slowly stood up, brushing her off and heading out the door as well.

He wondered what Dean thought of him now? Not only did he almost kiss him, but he soaked up his touch like some desperate girl.