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Continuation of Tales of Ba Sing Se: The tale of Toph and Katara

Katara and Toph chuckled and walked away after they had successfully washed the pompous "poodle monkey" brats down the river. After a couple minutes of walking in silence, Katara heard some sniffling. Bewildered, she turned to Toph who, sure enough, had tears streaming down her face. Just outside of their home, Katara placed her hands on Toph's shoulders and gently turned the earthbender to face her.

"Toph, don't you worry about them. They don't know what they're talking about--"

"I know I'm not pretty, Katara. You don't have to try and make me feel better about it. One of the good things about being blind is I don't have to worry about my appearances or impressing anybody. I know who I am," Toph interrupted, her freshly applied make-up now streaming down her tear-stained face.

"And that's one of the things that I really admire about you, Toph. You're so strong and you don't care about what anybody thinks." Katara explained gently, her motherly instincts kicking in. "But, Toph, you had to know what I was going to say. You know, you really are pretty."

"Yeah right, I've heard from everyone about how beautiful you are. I don't need your sympathy and lies because you feel bad for me—"

"Toph, no, really. I am being completely honest," Katara pleaded using the hem of her sleeve to wipe the smeared make-up and tears from the small earthbender's face, "You have this cute little button nose, and flawless pale white skin, really soft jet-black hair, and your eyes—they are gorgeous. Like very pale emeralds."

Toph smirked through her tears, "That's great and all, Sweetness, but I don't know what any of that is," Toph gestured to her unseeing eyes, smiling weakly at her friend. Katara rolled her eyes at her own slip-up and smiled back.

"Right," Katara chuckled, "I forget sometimes. You just seem so..capable with your 'seeing with your feet' thing."

"I know," sighed Toph, her tears finally coming to an end as she leaned against the wall of their home and slid into sitting criss-cross applesauce, "And for the most part, it's awesome..Like, I'm the greatest earthbender in the world. If I weren't blind, then I wouldn't be. But, there are some things that I really wish I could see for."

"Like what?" asked Katara, joining Toph on the ground.

"Like…..like, boys.." Toph mumbled, blushing at her own sudden openness. Katara smiled widely. She had been waiting for the time that Toph would start liking boys and was excited to finally have a girl to talk to about that stuff.

"What about boys?" Katara encouraged.

"Well….I guess I kinda..well, isn't seeing them kind of important? Like, you always talk about boys being good-looking. What if boys don't like me because I won't be able to see them? What if I decide I like a really weird looking boy and everyone judges me for choosing someone like that? And what about kissing? How am I ever going to kiss a boy if I can't see where his lips are?? And—"

"Toph, Toph, calm down. Haha, you're worrying way too much," Katara chuckled, taking Toph's hands reassuringly, her piercing cerulean eyes boring into her friends pale, blind emeralds . "You're making it into such a big deal and it's really not."


"Toph trust me. When a boy cares about you and he makes it known to you, I'd be very surprised if he didn't make the first move. Most boys like too. It makes them feel good about themselves to have worked up the courage. It boosts their ego."

"Yeah, I guess so… but, what about the kissing? How do you kiss?" Toph went on, her questions now flying out of her mouth with ease and curious enthusiasm. Katara giggled.

"Well..um, it's.. Kindof..well, Toph, to be honest its like… hm.. I can't really explain it. It's really something you just do. You'll know how when the opportunity presents itself, trust me. "

The two benders continued to talk, friendlier than they had ever before as they sat against the wall of their home, watching the sun set behind the great walls of Ba Sing Se. Little did they know, that a certain airbender had heard their entire conversation...



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