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"Kurabayashi. Eto." I heard chief Hiki call our names.

"Hai, chief!" I exploded out of my desk sending all my papers flying.

Hal did nothing as a reply except barely look up from his newspaper. The small action caught my attention. I couldn't help but peer over at him. He looked so serene...

His cream colored hair hung in his face and pale-green eyes just about glazed over. Such a stoic appearance. His clothing are very relaxed and casual.

He shifted around and looked at me for a second, raising an eyebrow. Then I realized, once we made eye contact, that I was staring! Had he noticed? I blushed and looked away towards Hiki, waiting for him to continue speaking again.

The chief cleared his throat, picking up some papers which I'm assuming are reports. He showed them to us after first calling us forward to his desk.

"There has been a new drug spreading across Japan. It's known as 'Sand Mirror'. There is one individual in charge of the distribution of this drug, but here's the thing... We are unable to locate his whereabouts or identity." He placed one paper in front of him onto the desk. It had a poor quality picture and information on it. Is this the guy? The chief started again. "What we do have is the identity and location of one of this person's representative dealers. I believe if we can catch the representative, we can make our way to capturing the one in control. I am going to need your cooperation."

"Seriously?" Hal cut in.

"Yes. Both of you will work on this together. Alright?"

"YEAH!!!" I literally jumped in the air like a wild kid at the simple thought of working together with Hal. I balled my hands into fists and thrusted one in the air. "I will do my best!!!"

Hal placed a finger to his temple and muttered something under his breath. I barely heard the statement but it most definately sounded along the lines of 'good-fer-nothin.'


"Okay...This is it. Get outa the car" his voice came upon my ears, coarse in tone but somehow managed to keep pleasant.

I remember when I was a kid, and in my teens, I would always have a favorite song. I'd play it over and over again, and never get sick of it. I'd listen to it no matter what was happening at the time. If I was sad, it would make me happy. If I was stressed, it would calm me. And any day when I didn't listen to it, I'd think about it. Sing it over, countless times in my head.

That was Hal's voice. To me, it was a song I feel I have known for my whole life, yet not known for long enough. If only he'd let me carry a conversation with him for more than a minute, like all my other failed attempts were, I'd be satisfied.

Somehow I had absorbed myself so deep into my thoughts that I didn't even notice Hal leave the vehicle. I just sat there thinking and stared at nothing in particular, it was just the air in front of me that had my view. I heard a loud tapping at the window. I snapped out of the 'zone' I was previously stuck in and shot a glance at the glass beside me but Hal caught my eye. I sat staring once again.

"You gonna get outa the car, or what?" I heard, muffled from outside the glass. He was irritated.

I quickly unbuckled my seatbelt and pulled the door handle to step out. I was blushing. Tried to hide my face. Hal didn't say a word but his eyes softened and gave off a more kind and playful look. A second passed and it was gone. His eyes grew narrow again... What was that about? That expression...

"Let's go" His voice cut in my questioning. I'll put the questions aside... I have to focus on this assignment or I might screw it up.

We turned to the direction opposite the car and headed towards the club... The location of the representative dealer.


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