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Warning: may be OOC and also, if you don't like sad endings, this is not for you. Also (another one), this is my take on an overused, rather cliche love story...

He was sitting outside, alone, initial feelings of jubilation, hope, and love, all gone in an instant. Suddenly he felt something wet on his face.

Tears? I'm crying…?

I never cry… Never…

He wiped his face. But the tears wouldn't stop. Clenching his fists so tight that his fingernails made red marks on his palms, he shuddered, heaved and started crying. Crying big, baby, heart wrenching sobs.

How can everything go wrong so fast?

They were the best couple, destined for each other, many have said. This was amazing, seeing how both of them hated each other when they first met. She hated him because of his attitude and he because of her motive to join showbiz. When they met again, those feelings remained unchanged. If anything, she hated him more for pulling that stupid luggage trick on her.

When they met yet again, funny how fate seems to like pushing them together, though neither seemed to realise it at that time, the first thing he thought was 'she looks ridiculously flashy in that neon pink outfit' before he noticed she was in much pain. Then, even with a fractured ankle, she still managed to get herself into a ridiculous competition with the bratty lead of the show. How can she act? After all, she joined showbiz for revenge.

Hardly a good motivator.

Then she came into his sights, a vision in the kimono. Beautifully elegant, just like what the script called fo-

No, stop it Tsuruga Ren, just because she looks fitting for the role doesn't mean she can fool me. It doesn't mean she- she can- she can act.

She can actually act. Amateurish, but better than that bratty girl. Can revenge actually be a good motivator?

He started to feel something else apart from hate. Respect? Admiration? With her ankle like that, she still continued acting, until she fainted. He felt respect, though it was just a spark, for that Love-Me member. The same feeling was growing in the girl as well, she admired his acting ability and felt this need to catch up to him. She found another motive to act besides for revenge.

But, those sparks of respect were snuffed out rather fast when he gave her a –10 stamp. Both parted ways, not wanting to see each other again.

Fate was going to have to work overtime to bring this pair together.

When they met for the third time, third time's the charm, they say, something occurred, changing his view of her. In fact, it practically dropped from the sky onto his feet. That blue stone, Corn, as she liked to call it, fell in front of him. Seconds later, he heard something, not unlike a cannonball, coming down the stairs.


He felt a jolt, hearing that name being called out. He wanted to know more, how could this girl, Kyouko Mogami, know his name? How could she have this stone that was his precious treasure before he gave it to that one girl, Kyou-

Oh. Realization hits. He inspected her closer, seeing her frantically searching for the stone he's holding. Her looks may have changed slightly, but that little girl that he was, he is, infatuated with, was in there, wearing that ridiculously pink outfit.

She looked so happy, when he passed her the stone.

10 years before and now, 10 years later. Looks like she hasn't changed muc-

Did she just point her middle finger at me?

Maybe she did change, though not as much as me.

He wanted to see her again. After a spot of trouble, whereby a chicken, Bo, solved for him, he met her again. He was delighted, even though she was trying to run away from him. It was like knowing her all over again. He felt so, there wasn't any other word, refreshed after talking to her. She still hasn't lost that ability to do so with him.

From then on, their mutual feelings of dislike gradually changed to tolerance and respect for each other. Though for him, it upgraded further to love, even if it's one-sided. It didn't help that Yashiro kept teasing him about it.

As for her, well, she is a Love-Me member, after all.

She admired his acting and aimed to do the same. Whenever she's faced with a problem, he is the first one she turns to for advice. As for him, he talked over his problems to her, though he doesn't know it, in the form of Bo the chicken.

From hating each other in their first meeting, to respect, to love, it has been a roller-coaster ride for both, albeit a rather long one, with her being a Love-Me member and all. She was like a mother hen at times, always nagging at him to eat. And he, an overprotective person, making sure she doesn't get hurt again.

He made her the happiest person in the world by being there when her mother, a bitch from hell, though he didn't say it out loud, returned, just to say she disowned her and left without further explanations. Like a tornado, fast but destructive. He made her even happier when, upon seeing how upset she was, he brought her to the place they first met in Kyoto, and revealed to her his true identity. She wasn't angry, shocked probably, but was unbelievably happy to have found him again. "Corn" then she smiled that angelic smile of hers that stopped his breath.

She returned the favour and made him happy and, to be honest, quite shocked, to learn that she's actually Bo the chicken. He should have expected this, it is so Kyouko. Besides, he should have known, who else would dare to turn up in front of his dressing room with the head of a chicken and body of a duck? Also, him revealing his true feelings in front of a chicken should have told him something.

He wasn't sure it was possible, but she made him even happier when she said those two words, "I do".

Simple, but it binds them both together for life. He felt complete now. Like the missing piece of the puzzle has finally been fitted in, finishing the most beautiful picture.

Hizuri Kyouko.

It sounded good.

Their first three years together were nothing short of amazing. He had never felt happier. Such a sense of contentment, satisfaction, joyfulness… the list goes on. If he had her then, would he have felt the need to run away from home? No matter what, the fact remains that she belonged to him now, and nothing else matters.

He was so proud when she won the prestigious Best Actress award. After putting in so much hard work, after clocking in so many hours, almost becoming a female version of him, she was finally rewarded for it. She entered showbiz with the intent of revenge, but found something much more rewarding instead.

She had finally graduated, with flying colours, from the Love-Me section. Though there was no way of telling whether she had won Fuwa Sho, it was enough for her to get that award, proof of her hard work. It was enough for him as well, finally her thoughts would not be consumed by that detestable guy.

He was like a proud parent showing off his child's crayon doodlings as if it was a priceless Van Gogh drawing. When she went up on stage to receive the award, resplendent in a simple pink gown, glowing with health and happiness, stroking her baby bump tenderly. She made a joke, saying the colour of the dress she wore tonight was in remembrance of her Love-Me days. Because without that department, she wouldn't be here tonight, she wouldn't have found a way to act her best and she wouldn't have found the love of her life, Tsuruga Ren. After thanking various people, including her best friend, Kotonami Kanae, for always being there, President Lory, for not giving up on her, she gave a low bow, humongous stomach and all, and returned to his side.

She did not rest much, perhaps that was the problem, only taking a break two weeks before her due date. He was understandably anxious, always hovering around, making sure she does not over-exert herself. "Corn, every time I wince, you look like you're going to get a heart attack. Relax! Our daughter isn't coming out yet…" Smiling that angelic smile of hers, she melted away most of his anxiety.

"Bo, how do you know it's a girl? We decided to not find out, remember?" They continued using their nicknames for each other. She just shook her head, smiling, "I don't know. I guess I just know… A mother's instinct, maybe?"

During the course of her pregnancy, there wasn't any need for them to get baby supplies. President Lory, together with Father, soon to be grandfather, probably bought out an entire store for them. Not to mention their friends and fans. Even the Darumaya couple pitched in with Okami-san coming in every weekend to prepare nutritious food, which was partially prepared by her husband, for them. They needed a new house soon if more items continue coming. Yashiro was especially excited, ever since they told him he would be the child's godfather. Kanae, though she appeared indifferent as usual, was in fact secretly looking forward to the birth of her godchild as well.

The day she was due, she was resting in the hospital, when she felt a sharp pain. Close to getting a heart attack, he went to find the doctor. "It's normal. When the contractions start getting closer, she'll be ready to give birth." After reassuring the father, who was even more nervous than the one who is going to give birth, he left with a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry"

"Don't worry"

How could the doctor say that so easily?

How could he have reassured us like that only to destroy my life?

His heart clenched painfully at his loss. His tears couldn't stop.

"Corn, have you thought of a name?" Smiling and wincing at the same time as the contractions started getting closer, she looked at him.

"No, not really… Do you have anything in mind?" Worried, but using all his skills of a professional actor to hide it, he grabbed her hand close to him.

"Ow… Well, I was thinking of 'Hikari'. Hizuri Hikari. I always liked that name. It means 'light' you know, rather meaningful."

"I know what it means. Are you so sure it's a girl? Have you got a back-up name if it's a boy?"

"I just know it's a girl. If I'm wrong, then you decide the name... Ow!" A particularly painful contraction came, and her knuckles went white as she gripped his hand tight.

"Kyouko!" His heart stopped for a moment, all pretences gone. "I'm calling for the doctor."

"Worrywart! you're going to get white hair before your time…" She tried to reassure him even when she was in obvious pain.

The doctor came and decided that she was about ready to give birth and called for the nurses to wheel her towards the operating theatre.

"Corn" She smiled, panting between contractions. "As long as our baby grows up healthy and happy, it doesn't matter if it's a girl or boy. I don't want our child to have a childhood like mine…"

Or mine. He knew what she meant. He gave her a kiss on her forehead, causing the nurses wheeling her to swoon. "Don't worry… Our child would definitely be healthy and happy."

"Ok, Kyouko-san, now I want you to push hard, ok? 1,2,3… Push! Very good, once more ok? …1,2,3, Push! OK… nearly out, once more… Push!"

"AAH!" she screamed in pain as sweat from exertion covered her face. Every scream she made, he felt a stabbing pain in his heart. He hated seeing her in so much pain.

"Waah! Waah!" the baby was out.

Relief. He clenched her hand tight, "We're officially parents now, okaa-san."

Smiling happily, though tired, she looked to him. "Hai, otou-san" Was her weak reply. She reached out her hands to carry her newborn. Looking at her child with so much love, it was hard to believe she once thought she could never love again. She gave a gentle peck on the child's cheek and gave the baby to him, smiling.

Then everything happened in a second.

She leaned back, exhausted and closed her eyes. The monitors started beeping wildly and the doctor shouted something incoherent to the nurses. The room was spinning. And he found himself outside.

Friend and family who were waiting anxiously outside crowded him, Father, Mother, President Lory, Maria-chan, Yashiro, the Darumaya couple, Sawara-san, even Kanae let her usual mask of indifference be replaced with excitement.

"How is it?"

"How is she?"

"Boy or girl?"

Nothing. He heard nothing, saw nothing.

His heart beating wildly, he slumped onto the floor.

"Ren? Ren? What's wrong?"

He couldn't answer. He needed answers himself.

After an eternity, the doctor came out, his hands and gown splattered with blood. Her blood. He only caught snatches of what the doctor said. He was staring at the blood. How can someone lose so much blood and still- He felt a sour taste in his mouth. He needed to puke.

"Sorry", "Unexpected", "Haemorrhage", "Too late", "Sorry" were all he heard.

He broke. He got up, and pinned the doctor against the wall. "'Don't worry!' That's what you said! You told us not to worry! You- YOU!"

He wanted to continue ranting, he wanted to beat someone, something. Someone held him back and led him away. He didn't hear the sobbing. He didn't hear anything.

Stab. His heart pounded painfully. Was his heart still beating? How could it? Didn't it stop when hers did? Stab. That stabbing pain again.

The tears had stopped. He felt empty now, hollow. Like he did not exist. His existence was because of hers. How could he exist without her? Her bright smile, lighting up his dark existence. His beacon of light. His Kyouko.

Why hasn't he turned to dust? He felt like he had been sitting there for an eternity. But the clock liked to prove him wrong, showing it has only been half an hour. President Lory, Yashiro, Father and even Kanae had come to talk, console and even scold him.

But he didn't hear anything. He didn't want to see the child.

Mother didn't come, she was crying too hard. She liked her so much, like her own daughter.

"Tsuruga?" He heard a deep voice and saw the Darumaya's boss. He sat beside the broken man.

"I'm disappointed in you." Ren felt nothing. It was going to take more than that to awaken his feelings again.

The guy continued, "Kyouko was so happy when she met you, so alive. There isn't any other word for it. She was alive. My wife was extremely glad as well, she loved that girl like her own. And though I didn't show it, I did too. Unknowingly Kyouko became a daughter to us, to me. You're not the only one who lost someone precious, all of us did. Especially me. Somehow, unwittingly, I became her father."

Stab. He felt the stabbing pain again when reminded of his loss.

"Please. Go and take a look at your child. Don't make me regret giving Kyouko to you, a man whom I thought was capable enough to take care of her."

He felt tears pricking at his eyes again. Then he heard sniffling, like someone trying to hold back his tears. He turned and saw the man crying.

The serious guy who had never showed any emotion, whom Kyouko had once suspected, jokingly, was an alien form, had tears running down his face. He was right. He was not the only one who lost something.

Kanae lost her best friend, Maria-chan lost her sister, the Darumaya couple lost their daughter, the fans lost an idol, and showbiz lost an acting legend.

And for him, he lost his best friend, his confidante, his lover, his wife, his Kyouko.

And their child lost a mother.

He couldn't let the child lose a father as well. He promised her. That their child would be healthy and happy.

He saw a movement at the corner of his eye, and turned. He saw Okami-san, eyes swollen from crying, carrying a bundle, holding it carefully and preciously.

His hands and legs moved on their own and gently took the precious bundle from her.

He looked at his child.

His Hikari.

His 'Light' now.

The light of his world.

She gave a gentle peck on the child's cheek and gave the baby to him, smiling.

"See? I was right… Look at our baby girl. Our Hikari. Our 'Light' "

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