Thou Shalt Not

A/N…When any story deals with victims, ordeals, and survival--even a fantasy touches reality. Unlike my grandparents, many, many of my relatives never escaped Poland. So I suppose this very unworthy effort becomes connected to a larger human issue--how do we survive the unthinkable, move forward, and reclaim ourselves.

As always, the SVM Characters are not mine. I only take them out to play. Although this story is dark, it is still dedicated to Meads who is all sweetness and light!


Felipe de Castro sat at the head of the huge mahogany table, listening to yet another builder present proposals for the addition to his casino and renovation of the executive suites on the top two floors intended for his Vampire guests . Her laptop opened in front of her, Sookie Stackhouse sat to his left, her beautiful, blue eyes fixed attentively upon the speaker. She had twisted her long. thick blond hair into a chignon which rested elegantly at the base of her neck. His eyes swept over her briefly. The Versace sheath dress set off her magnificent body without revealing too much. But what it revealed was mouth watering. Her fingers fluttered over the keys and his eyes darted to the screen in a movement too fast for the contractor's human eye to discern, "Check his backer—mafia involvement!" before she quickly erased what she had written.

This evening and every evening for the past week, she had been invaluable, catching even a nuance of deception. He had studied her very carefully, had been aloof and charming, had made sure that she could call her man as often as she desired as he waited to spring his trap. Felipe inhaled her unique fragrance. He had ordered Eric to attend trade meetings in New Orleans this week. The Viking controlled his large territory well and was an excellent businessman and leader. But he had defied de Castro in the matter of this woman and Felipe de Castro neither forgot nor forgave defiance.

In the old days minions were flogged with cat o nine tails tipped with silver. De Castro watched the beauty next to him nod and smile at some closing pleasantry and thought that the flogging Northman was about to receive would be much, much worse. He rose from his chair and Sookie and his second Sandy rose a fraction of a second later. The human bowed awkwardly having been advised that this was the protocol.

Felipe smiled and allowed a bit of glamour to extend to the human "Well Mr. Marino. We appreciate your time and the thorough nature of your proposal. We'll look at the figures carefully and my assistant Sandy will get back to you by the end of the week."

It was almost midnight. If one wanted to meet with Felipe de Castro one had to keep late hours but this was the last of the night's business transactions.

After the contractor left, de Castro gave Sandy a nod and she bid them both good night. Sookie saved any undeleted information, closed her laptop, and placed it in the slim leather briefcase Eric had bought for her. When de Castro had requested her services for the week she had been alarmed and Eric had been visibly tense.

She could still hear Victor's jovial voice, "Come now old chap!" He turned eyes the color of worn dollar bills toward Sookie, "I'm sure that Miss Stackhouse wouldn't object to a paid vacation in one of America's premier resorts!" Victor was a hit man who sounded like a Travel Chanel host even when his intent was lethal. Besides, there was no getting around the fact that the King's request seemed legitimate. Sookie allowed her bonded and pledged to negotiate the terms. It wasn't until the day after she'd arrived that they both learned that Eric had been called to New Orleans. But ,again, the meetings had been suitably official and all of the other Louisiana Sheriffs were in attendance.

Before she'd left, Eric gave her a second cell phone with a different company and an alias. It was red, of course. They'd just gotten dressed after making love and showering.

Eric had taken her into his arms, and she had nestled into him taking in his scent and enjoying the cool brush of his lips.

"I've survived this long because my eyes are always open, my lover. I have watched Felipe very closely. He is ruthless , but he likes to play with his food before he strikes. Put this in the hidden briefcase compartment I showed you. It would be best to use it outside of the building. Use the other cell to call me on a regular basis where others can see and hear. Be sure to call me by two AM." His eyes became hard blue marbles, "If I don't hear from you, I'll take the next flight out!"

Despite their apprehensions, the week had gone well for both of them and Sookie had relaxed into the monotonous rhythm of negotiations from twilight until midnight, a break to socialize with the VIPs and then off to bed. Felipe had arranged for a very upbeat and knowledgeable guide named Debbie, to make sure that she saw all of the sights. Sookie knew that Debbie was probably her minder and that she reported their activities back to the king, but as the week progressed without incident she relaxed her guard. Although she wasn't a gambler, she'd enjoyed having VIP access to the casino during the day, and had especially enjoyed the shows, and the chance to luxuriate in the sun by one of the many pools.

When Felipe invited her into the reception area of his immense suite, she didn't give it a thought. After all, Felipe had entertained humans, vamps, and supes in there all week. There were always lots of people as well as the bartender and servers. She didn't trust Felipe, but she also had no reason to be ungracious. Felipe gave a little nod and extended his arm, "Miss Stackhouse?" She couldn't read his mind but as Felipe's whole demeanor generated affable goodwill, she smiled and took his arm, "Your Majesty."

When they arrived at the penthouse suite only two guests were waiting, a vampire who went by the improbable name of Armand Le Febre who had invested heavily in deCastro's Las Vegas enterprises, and his human girlfriend, Leslie. After greeting the vampire, Sookie and Leslie ,who made sure Sookie knew that she was a former ballerina with the Houston Ballet Company, went out on the spacious balcony. The panoramic view of the lights of Las Vegas and the darkness of the desert that framed it was spectacular. Leslie, a pretty brunette, in her mid twenties gushed about how wonderful Armand was. Sookie smiled and made polite noises, while wondering whether Armand's real name was Bruce or Dennis. He was a strapping fellow and had obviously been turned sometime in the last century on this continent'

"Teeth, too straight, nutrition too good, accent mid-west…probably read Anne Rice…"

A server brought her a gin and tonic while Leslie had her forth wine spritzer and gushed like a fountain about the wonders of Armand until he ,blessedly, called her in and they said their good nights. Sookie leaned against the balcony, gin and tonic in hand, enjoying the view and the solitude. Playing hostess had not been part of her her job description and if Felipe didn't require her, she was quite happy to stay where she was. She spent a good fifteen minutes enjoying how the lights seemed to sparkle after her second G & T, when she felt a cool hand trail across the base of her neck and onto her shoulder.

Felipe's lips brushed the nape of her neck as he pulled her back against him,

"Querida," He whispered "At last we are alone."

He loved the supple feel of her against him as the fear took her—his greatest prize. These were the moments that made existence rich! He would never tire of this absolute thrill; the thrill of of that poignant moment when the prey knows ,without question, that it is in the grip of a predator it did not even know was stalking it. He felt her pulse quicken, nuzzled the throbbing evidence of her fear at the base of her neck. She was like the finest Arabian mare. All of the strongest stallions wanted her! Quinn, Eric, Alcide the Pack leader, even Bill so cool and loyal had fallen under her spell. She was beautiful, and other, brave and intelligent. Quinn had fought for her, Eric and his minion Bill would kill and die for her and now he knew that she had noble blood; sweet, rich Brigant blood flowed in those delectable veins. His fangs ran out in anticipation of all the pleasure that was to come. By the end of this night both she and Eric would understand the consequences of toying with their king.

Although she knew that it was futile, Sookie fought like a wildcat struggling and scratching. But Felipe's arms were bands of steel. He gripped her arms with his left hand, as she would have held a furious child's and very slowly unzipped her dress and unhooked her bra, sloughing them off in a motion so fast she couldn't apprehend it. Felipe continued to hold her fast from the back as he snapped the string of her lace panties and ran his hands over her buttocks and thighs. He growled as he brushed his hand over her mound, unfastened her hair so that it tumbled down her back and tuned her to face him.

Her fury inflamed him and he pressed against her making her feel his hardness as he placed her hand upon his cock.

With amazing strength Sookie freed her hand and raked his face with her nails , Felipe snarled and trapped her wrists again.

"Fight me again! It only inflames me more. You are sweet! Like no other woman I have tasted. What other treats will you give me tonight?"

Sookie could taste her own tears, could taste the bitter bile of her rage and fear and she knew that what she felt so powerfully Eric felt as well—as she was tortured so was he. Felipe held her at arm's length drinking her in like water in a desert.

Her voice was choked with rage, "You swore to protect me." She could barely spit it out, "I saved your life! I should have left you to die!"

Felipe's beautiful full lips curved into a smile. His gleaming fangs still showed traces of her blood as his beautiful dark eyes captured hers. "And I will protect you. You may be pledged to the Viking, but you will yield to me if you want Northman to live. He is s good sheriff but he is expendable and my retainers only wait for my signal to render him definitely dead!"

She could feel his will pressing against her attempting to probe her mind. And for an awful moment she thought that he might succeed. In that moment, she had a flash of Felipe's inner self . There was greed for all that he didn't possess but desired, lust for her, and a cold, remorseless will that was intent upon obtaining its goals by whatever means necessary. She shuddered knowing that Felipe would have her no matter how she struggled; he would bend his own pledge to make it so.

Her mouth tightened and her blue eyes blazed. "No! You can't rape me!"

Felipe chuckled and pulled her towards him. he captured her lower lip between his. He moaned as his fangs pricked her and shuddered as he sucked and licked her blood.

When he'd had his fill, he whispered , "Is it rape, when you soften beneath my tongue? Will it be rape when you gasp beneath me? When you grab my hand and thrust my fingers into you to find completion and cry out for more, will it be rape?'

"You are a goddess querida. " He brushed his thumb across her lips , dropped his hand and cupped her breast , squeezing her nipple, " What man could resist this…" His left hand held her wrists fast and his right hand dipped between her legs, found her clit and gently massaged.

Felipe lifted her as if she were a doll and carried her to his bedroom,

She survived Lochlan and Nieve but had emerged a darker more cynical soul, and she had let her guard down again only to be sucked to the mouth of Hell. The fighter inside of her knew that she must survive this night, but did she want to live after this…could she face Eric after this night…would he even want her…

Sookie knew that it was futile to fight de Castro. If she survived this night somehow Eric would be with her by tomorrow night and he would avenge her even if it took them to Hell's mouth again.'

Felipe carried her into his inner sanctum and pinned her beneath him

Rage made her voice as harsh as a raven's, "Eric will kill you for this! "

As he parted her thighs to enter her Felipe's voice was as cold and smooth as silk, "Oh, I fervently hope that he tries!"