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"Bella! Oh, dear, we missed you!" Esme enveloped me in a hug almost immediately. "Where have you been? We have been so worried!"

"Hey, mom. I was just taking some time away. I'm all good now," I said with tears in my eyes.

"I'm glad you're back," Carlisle joined the hug.

"I'm so sorry I worried you. I just needed some time."

"Hey," Rosalie and Alice said.

"I missed you so much," I told them. They all looked shocked at this, and then I realized that I've never told them how much I love them, or how much they mean to me. Maybe I realized more in Volterra than I thought. "I love you," I told them.

I was greeted with smiles that told me I was forgiven, there would be no more questions asked, and I would always be loved.

21. Forks High: Volturi Invasion

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Ugh. I had gotten so used to being woken up by vampires staring at me that an alarm clock was not so bad anymore. What was upsetting was the thought of going back to school. Esme and Carlisle had not asked any questions about my whereabouts these past weeks, and I was thankful, but I could tell that they suspected something was up.

They advised that I go back to school today.

I had time to think about what I would tell everyone today: I was off visiting. What or who I was visiting, I wouldn't tell a soul, but they did not need to know I was with a group of very interesting vampires from Italy, did they?

I wondered how long I could keep that fact from Esme and Carlisle.

It took little time at all to get ready. While I was in Italy I held back some of my abilities. They knew I was fast, but they did not know I was the fastest of my family here in Forks. They did not know that I could go two weeks without feeding.

I had only fed once while I was in Italy.

I set my alarm clock a few hours early so that I could go and hunt before school. It would not be good, even with my control, to be around humans after so long with my own half-kind. The thought made me snort.

I put on some boy shorts and a short tank, my favorite hunting attire. I had a tendency to be a bit messy when I hunted. In Forks, people would think I was crazy if they saw what I was wearing, because of the cold, but my temperature is so hot- like that of a werewolf- that the cold does not bother me.

But where I lack in grace, I make up for in speed and witty personality.

Really, it's all just a freaking show for those who are watching me, but inside I feel hollow and empty. I won't let myself admit that I miss Emmett and Jasper, Alec and Rein.

Even Edward.

But it will be better this way, I thought. It is better that I am here and no longer trapped there with those psycho vampires.

I broke off at a fast run, after all, I had missed running with such intensity while I was around the Volturi. There was a lot I had to keep from them that I would be free to do here in Forks. Running, hunting, just being myself. I let out a burst of laughter as I jumped up onto a branch and looked across the small pond in the woods. Two male bucks. Perfect for breakfast.

Vampires tend to be a bit feline, especially when they hunt. Alice told me I look like a mountain lion when I hunt because I sprint like a cat. I took that as a compliment because she looked like a gazelle when she hunted. Mountain lion = way cooler than a gazelle; just saying.

I moved silently down the branch and down to some bushes across the pond from the bucks. They had no chance against me. I sniffed in their scent. This will be fun, I thought. I crouched down and bared my teeth, poised for attack. Here goes, I thought, and I sprinted into the air, did a flip, and grabbed both bucks by the neck. I pinned one of them with my feet while I drank the other. Then, I threw the carcass and finished off the second.

Still, I was hungry. I ran a little further into the woods and spotted a small doe. I passed it by. A bit later, I saw a wounded deer.

Edward POV

None of the others knew where I went to, but I came across Bella, hunting. I had to admit she was good at it. She reminded me of a lion sprinting about. Watching was glorious.

I did not consider this spying, but she had not a clue I was watching her from the shadows.

She was… spectacular.

Bella POV

After I finished with the deer, it was time to head back home and get changed.

I put on what Alice had chosen for me to wear to school: faded low-ride jeans, a dark blue v-neck that almost did not cover my belly, and 3 inch blue heels, as well. Obviously she was getting back at me for being gone so long by making me kill myself today by trying to walk in these things. Vampires are very graceful, but I am only half and the grace has skipped me big time. Another thing, this outfit would make me feel like a hooker all day.

Alice would know if I did not wear it, though. In the interest of my safety, I put it on. Actually, it was kind of comfortable.

I drove Alice's yellow Porsche to school because she and Rosalie were going shopping again, and they were going by plane. Apparently there was a big sale at Macy's in Chicago. They invited me to go, but you can guess what my answer was.

"Bella, where have you been? We missed you," Angela said when I parked my car in the school lot.

"I've been visiting-"

"Hey, Bella, you're back!" Eric Yorkie yelled. He was not as annoying as Mike, but he did the same job of annoying me to no end. Speaking of annoying…

"Oh boy, Bella, how ya been? Where ya been?" Tyler Crowley beamed.

"Gosh, boys, give her a break," Jessica said. Jessica Stanley was someone that Rose, Ali, and I did not get along with. Yes, I pretended to be all into her business and care where her handbag came from, but she was annoying and did not care the least bit about me as much as I did not care the least bit about her.

Alice said Jessica was jealous of me, for whatever reason. If anything, I would be jealous of her. She was gorgeous, on the outside at least.

I got out of the car and gave Angela a hug. She was the only true friend I knew I had in this school. "I missed you, Ang," I said. She looked shocked, and she should be. I don't often express my feelings to people. For some reason, that was becoming an easier thing to do.

Stupid vampires.

"Oh, Bella, guess what I heard? Listen, we have, like, two new teachers and they are H.O.T. I am not even kidding, Bella. I haven't seen them, yet. But I have heard. And another thing, there are, like, six new guy students, too! And they are-"

"Let me guess," I began.

"They are H.O.T.," Angela finished for me. She was not as blunt about her dislikes as I was, but she was just as annoyed by Jessica as I was.

"Exactly," Jessica yelled. I guess her day was made. "Five of the guys are from another country! And the other one is from-"


"Well, hey, how did you know that?" she pouted.

"I met the one from Texas last night. His name is Brice," I confided to Angela. Jessica was almost comical with the anger she was feeling. She did not like being told gossip; she liked to be the one to spread it, and to know that I knew more than her ticked her off. Not that I cared. "He told me I could call him Bri," I prided.

"That's nice," and she walked away. Ang and I just laughed.

"Alice dressed you, didn't she?"

"Oh, was it the hooker jeans or the hooker top?"

"Definitely the hooker heels," she laughed. "You are going to fall so many times today," she frowned. "Why would Alice do that to you?" She thought about it a minute while I looked at her, and we just laughed. Alice would do anything when it came to fashion.

Angela did not know what I was, or that even if I fell, it would not hurt a bit.

First hour went by with Alice and me texting each other because she was bored. The mall was packed, apparently, and they could not move anywhere.

Brice was in my second hour. We sat across together because I did not want to sit by Mike or Jessica, who glared at the two of us all hour long. This amused Bri to no end and I enjoyed the friendship between us.

I did not give any thought about the new kids until lunch, when I saw them. Five of them, sitting at a table across the cafeteria from my table.


They weren't just vampires. I knew their names. In order. Alec, Felix, Emmett, Jasper, and Edward Volturi.

Oh shit. They followed me? They followed me!

"I told you the new guys were hot," Jessica whispered. I knew they could all hear from across the room. I was proven right when Emmett's booming laughter filled the room and the others snickered to themselves.

"They are not hot," I said. This shut them up and I earned some glares.

"Are you blind, Bella? They most definitely are smoking sexy. You must be gay," she whispered.

"I sat with Bri in first hour," I said, nonchalant.

She gasped. "Really? Doesn't he have just the cutest southern drawl? Couldn't you just eat him up?" If only she knew how funny that was. Jasper, having a southern drawl himself, grinned from the corner of my eye.

"Those guys are from Italy," I told her. She just glared at me when I turned to look at them again.

"How do you know that? Oh well. Look at the one on the end. I think his name is Edmund or something-"

"It's Edward," I told her.

"Whatever. Isn't he the most delicious one? Look at that body. I like muscle, but the big guy is too much. I could just run my hand through Edward's hair all day. I could do things," she trailed off. I saw Edward grimace, and I laughed out loud.

"I'm sure he would enjoy that," I told her.

"I think I might ask him out."

"I wouldn't advise that," I said.

She just looked at me and raised a brow. "Why? Do you have the hots for him?" I saw every head at that table turn towards me.


"Then you won't mind my asking him to a movie in Port Angeles."


She looked skeptical of me, but she let it go. I thought she would not have the guts to ask him.

Wait. The vamps' eyes were not red. Contacts maybe? They certainly had not changed their diet. No freaking way. They would never in a hundred years do that, literally. It was shown through their diet for that long.

As soon as I got up to dump my tray, so did they. Jessica did not notice, but Mike did. I saw him watching the guys get up and walk out the door as I started towards it. From the side, I saw him punch Tyler and Eric so that they all watched me. I was aware that my shirt was riding up, but what was the point in pulling it up if it would just fall down again?

I walked down the hallway and did not see them. They were playing with me.

"Well don't you look fine today," Felix said. I spun around, suddenly conscious that my belly button was showing. I pulled my shirt below it, but skin still showed.


They were all leaning against the wall with their arms crossed. Male models, I thought.

"Nice eyes," I said.

"Thanks, Bella," Alec said. "We got contacts." I smiled.

"Just couldn't stay away, huh?"

"We missed you, sis. How could you just leave like that? Without a goodbye?" Emmy was hurt.

"Look, I needed to get away."

They just looked at me up and down. Stupid guys. The Three B's rule them. Boobs, Butts, and Bellies. Vampires are just as bad about it, if not worse.

"What are you wearing?" Jasper asked.

"My sister is a fashionista. She likes to dress me," I said.

"I don't like you dressing like that," Emmett commented. "A guy with blond hair was trying to catch a peak. The freak show. I almost ripped his head off."

"Hell, I don't mind one bit. I like the show," Felix said, staring at me openly.

"I didn't have a choice. You think I wanna dress like a hooker?"

"That color is nice," Edward spoke for the first time. "It looks nice with your skin," he added. I gaped.

"Thanks," I mumbled.

"Now, what are you kids doing in the hallway?"

"Phil? Oh, no. Tell me you are not one of the new teachers. Oh, say it aint so," I whined.

"Aint is not a correct term, Miss Cullen," he laughed. "Hmmm, that outfit is definitely not dress code, Miss Cullen. I'm going to have to ask you to come to my room for a moment," he added.

"Very mature, Phillip," I turned to see Rein.

"Oh my gosh. You guys are just taking over my high school, aren't you?"

"I like that color on you, Bella," Rein said. "But the shirt could be longer," he added. Even Rein was staring!

"Bella, is everything okay?"

Mike Newton. Of course, exactly what I needed in this situation. "It's fine, Mike."

"Who are these guys?"

"They plan to date-rape me, Mike. Now, go away so they can finish me off." I got a burst of laughs from this one. They obviously noted my dislike of Mike Newton. I could see that Edward was glaring at him. I wondered why.

"Rape," Mike gasped.

"Not while we are here," Tyler yelled.

"Gosh, go away," I said.

It would require much embarrassment for me, but I knew how to get rid of them. Vampires can dazzle easily, but I can dazzle better than they can. I have had to use it several times on these guys throughout the year. Guess it was time again. I took a step towards them, and saw that Eric had joined.

"Hey… guys," I smiled widely, "I got it from here." They just smiled stupidly.

"You sure…"

"I'm positive. Go on; I will see you guys later. Kay?"

They looked so dazed that I fought off trying to laugh. I openly guffawed as they walked back into the cafeteria.

"They like you," Rein commented.

"Unfortunately," I laughed.

"Bella has a fan club," Emmett sang out.

"They don't know me. If they knew what I was, what I do, they would run," I said.

"You're wonderful," Alec said.

"I'm the school nurse," Rein said.

"All of you are insane. You can't just come to school here and expect to fit in. People are already suspicious of you because you are different. And some of you look too young and too old to be in these positions. You're gonna get caught," I said.

"I told them coming after you was stupid," Edward said.

"And yet you came," I accused.

"I was bored."

"You missed me," I said.

"I did," Rein cut in.

"You wanted to see me again," I told Edward.

"I wanted to see you again, Bella," Rein said.

"I did not want to see you," Edward told me.

I rolled my eyes.

He rolled his.

"Then why did you come here?"

"Because I missed you," Rein said.

"Why did you save me?" Edward said.


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