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Chapter 4

At the moment I am trying really hard not to throw my newly made jar of disinfectant cream at his head. I had already tried that once and it hadn't worked very well, actually, I don't think he'd even felt the damn thing.

I sighed in resignation, focused on preparing the ingredients for the next batch, and spoke to him for the first time in two days. "You know, for being a superhero you are incredibly annoying."

In truth, it wasn't even his presence that was so exasperating because really, there was no denying that he was very pleasant to look upon. Even with his geeky glasses and perfectly pressed suit he was still a very striking man if you took the time to look past his unassuming façade.

It was the never-ending questions and chatter.

It had already been three weeks and he'd come to bug the living daylights out of me every single day, every chance he got. I'm just grateful that he has something to keep him busy most of the time, otherwise I would have cursed him into the Bog of Eternal Stench the very first day he came to torture me with his blabber and that cute butt of his.

So, like all my previous attempts to aggravate him enough to leave me alone, Clark completely ignored my rude comment and continued on: "-so really, I just don't see why we can't be friends. You are not evil incarnate, I'm not that bad once you get to know me, and-"

"All right already! I'll have lunch with you; just shut up before you make my ears bleed!!"

Clark took off his geeky glasses and just looked at me, finally silent for once…not that I expect it to stay that way for long. I really really want Clueless Morgan back right about now.

"If you had accepted my invitation to begin with I wouldn't have resorted to such childish behavior you know. We both have secrets, we are both alone, and we are both forced to hide who we truly are. Is it really so hard for you to understand what meeting you means to me?"

I really couldn't ignore his earnest expression and in all honesty I do understand. We are fellow freaks in a world that could never understand us. If anyone ever found out about Clark being Superman or my magical abilities, we would never have a moment's peace. We would be a freak show at best or in my case, regarded as a threat to national security at the very least.

A big part of me didn't want to form emotional attachments again. To care was to hurt and I've had enough of hurting and being hurt… But he did deserve an answer so I looked him in the eye before responding in a temperate tone for a change.

"I get you all right: perhaps more than you know….Just-" I stopped, not sure if I was making the right decision about this whole thing.

Clark is a good guy from what I can tell and, with all his blabbering about home and wanting a true friend he seemed to be just as sad and lonely for companionship as I was. He seemed a bit depressed already about someone named Lois Lane; which was a bit of a let down since it told me it was unlikely he would want anything more than friendship. But then again I suppose it was for the best. Homosexual relationships are not well looked upon in this country and if my little gang of 'worshipers' ever found out, they would be sure to crucify me in an attempt to save me from myself or something.

But then again, I just wouldn't be Harry Potter if I didn't jump into trouble with both feet now would I? It's at time like this that I wonder if I should have let that stupid hat place me in Slytherin like it wanted to…

"Hey, I know how hard it is to conceal what you are from others and to not have anyone by your side when you don't want to be alone. I just want us to get to know each other: no lies, no tricks, and no more hiding — just call off the bodyguards-"

I chocked on a laugh. "They're not my bodyguards; they're just trying to look out for me. They have it in their heads that I'm an angel of healing or something. Not to mention that they don't take kindly to a suit tromping around their territory...Anyway, have you really thought this through? You have already caused a small riot-"

"That was because your people knew that you didn't want me here. If you tell them we're going to be friends now, it will be okay. And I don't mind dealing with the remaining overzealous devotees, including Jimmy." He responded with a self-mocking smile and I couldn't help smiling in return. Jimmy really had made it his goal in life to run him off, using everything from urine filled balloons to setting wild dogs on him after dumping a small bucket of canned dog food on his head.

The most amusing thing of all this is that Superman can only react as Clark, so most times he can't evade without looking suspicious and his responses are always ridiculously entertaining. I don't think I've laughed as much in the past year as I have these past few weeks.

"So we agree then? You'll give us a chance and I'll give you some breathing room from now on?" I nodded with a small groan and he didn't' even wait for me to say anything before blinding me with a smile and getting on his feet "Good! Meet me on the rooftop of the tallest building on 8th street. I'll pick you up there at noon tomorrow."

And he was gone before I could get a word in, much less blink. Sneaky bastard.