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Falling to Pieces

Chapter One

The emerald green eyes teen off the bus to his new school. He just move there from Europe, both of his parents pass away and so he was force to stay at his step-uncle place. He really didn't mind but he had to move quickly and to a new country as well. His mom was Japanese and his dad was European. So he know the language, writing, but he still miss his parents and his friends that he left behind. Even though he have a lot going he just put on a smile.

The school was big, and there were lot of students. "Wow, I didn't except this much students." He went into the main office. He saw a student working at the main table. "Um sorry but," the blond student look up and stop what she was doing.

"Yes, what do you want?"

" I new here, and I suppose to meet the principle." The blond look at him for a moment.

" You the student from Europe?"

"Yeah, my name is Johan, Johan Anderson,"

"Nice to met you, my name is Asuka Tenjoin. I work here in the office before and after school." Johan and Asuka shook hands, "I sorry to say this but the principle is out this whole week." the blond look at the clock, "beside classes are about to start, so" she went back to the computer and started to type. Johan wonder what she is doing, then he heard the printer turn on. Asuka got up and grab her bag and the piece of paper that the printer printed. "Lets go," Johan fallow her out of the room, "here your schedules and your looker combination." Johan look at the papers. "Homeroom is just about to start but after that you can put you stuff in your looker. Don't worry homeroom is only like five minutes long. It just to make sure the students can get here before first period. Too bad for you we don't have the same homeroom but we do share the same last two periods." Asuka stop at a class room. "Okay here your homeroom." She turn around and smile. "I see you at lunch?"

Johan look at her, "Um sure, thank you so much for everything."

"Don't worry, beside you have the same homeroom as one of my friend. So he would help you." Asuka wave goodbye and headed down the hallway.

Johan took a deep breath and open the door. The class was all doing there own thing while the teacher took attendances. Johan when to the teacher and show him schedule. Johan look at the class but he felt like someone was looking at him. "Okay, class I have something so say," the class stop and turn their attention at the teacher, "we have a new student today." The class started to talk to one another expect for one. The emerald eyes teen notice a burnet teen looking at him. His hair was brown, and he had the most lovely shad of yellowish that Johan have every seen. "His name is," the teacher continue to speak, "is Johan Anderson, so treat him with more respect then me." The bell rang and the class left.

Johan got outside the class and started to look around, "Great which way is the lockers."

"This way," before Johan could say anything the yellowish eyes teen grab Johan by the writs and ran off. "Um…er where are… you taking… me?" Johan mange to say, trying not to trip on his own feet. The burnet didn't reply, inside he started to pick up the pace.

Johan sigh and started to think how did this all happen to him.

Suddenly with out warning the brunet stop. The unprepared European trip and landed on the other teen. "Sorry about that, I …." Johan stop as his face was to close to the other teen face. "You kind of cute," said the burnet. "What?" thought Johan as he back away. "Sorry about grabbing you so suddenly, but I got a text message from Asuka, and she told me that you were new and didn't have a clue where every was." Laugh the brunet, Johan got up. "By the way my name is Judai Yuki." smile Judai as he got up. "So Johan, here your locker." Johan open his locker and put his stuff in.

"Did Asuka also told my schedule to you too." said Johan and some what hoping she did.

"Yup," smile Judai, "I so happy to, we have all the same classes."

"That great."

"So you are ready then let go." Before Johan could reply Judai grab Johan again and ran to the next class.

End of Chapter One.

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