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The Arrival

332 yrs ago

"So you've finally decided to stop running, Michael?"He asked, his amethyst eyes watchful and determined; but also sad. This wasn't Michael's fault and it wasn't fair that he had to pay for the sins of his creator.

"Dark – san … I know why you're here, I just" The brunette man paused, and then slumped, defeated. "I just want you to know that I never meant to- to hurt anyone. I was just trying to find-"

"Michael, I understand, really I do. More than you know." Dark shifted uncomfortably and then looked out to sea as the wind picked up again. Another storm was brewing, another disaster coming to claim more lives. He had to end this, and he had to do it now. "If it was up to me I'd let you go; but, it's too dangerous. I'm sorry…I have to seal you."

Michael sighed and nodded, already accepting his fate. He'd known this was coming, but at least he'd been able to protect them before the end. "I know, I'm ready."

"No!" A voice yelled carrying over the rising tempest, and both men cringed. "Stop!"

"Kei." Dark ground out as he tried his best to control his temper. This sanctimonious wanna-be god of an artist was the last person he wanted to see right now. He was the reason all of this was happening, he was sinner poor Michael was taking the punishment for. Dark wanted to ring his neck, would have, had his host not held him back; reminding him that they didn't have the time to get into a sorcerers fight with a Haikri.

Kei glanced at the menacing form of Dark with something like disdain before look back at the other man. His eyes hardened and his voice became commanding, magic echoing in every syllable "Did you find it? Did you complete you're mission?"

Michael seemed momentarily stunned as the force of the magic hit him, then he relaxed and there was something in his eyes. It set Dark's teeth on edge though he couldn't figure out way. What mission had Michael been tasked with? What goal did Kei wanted him to achieve? "No, I'm sorry creator"

Dark eye the other man speculatively. With the amount of magic thrown at him, it should be impossible for him to lie. So why did it feel like he had? Dark wasn't sure, but Michael's answer seemed to satisfy Kei and the older man sighed before turning away. Leaving his creation to the fate he'd been cursed to at his birth, "It's not your fault Michael, I never should have attempted to play god. It's not my place."

Present Day

"So, has she changed much since I last saw her?"

"The last time you saw her was over four years ago when we were thirteen. Yes Risa, she's changed."

"Wow, has it really been that long?"

"Yes, Risa it's really been four years."

"OH! I just can't wait to see her again, can you believe she's already graduated from college!" Risa bounced in her seat completely oblivious to, or uncaring about, her twin's lack of enthusiasm in the conversation. "She always was a genius but still, to graduate from college at eighteen. That's just so impressive!"

"Having a photographic memory does tend to help you know," Riku muttered as she lazily scanned the room with her eyes trying to keep herself awake.

"Somebody sounds jealous," Risa's sing song voice taunted and Riku cringed as the pitch hit a nerve. "I don't blame you though, I'm a little jealous too. I mean I don't even know if I can get into college with my grades."

Riku snorted before giving her sister a flat look, "Well if you didn't spend all your time stalking a pervert who doesn't even like you-"

"Mr. Dark loves me!" The younger girl snapped back quickly cutting Riku off with something closer to a growl than actual talking. Riku raised an eyebrow at the aggressive display, then choked down a laugh when Risa pulled herself together and threw her nose in the air like she was above it all. "And he's not a pervert. You're just jealous anyway."

Sighing the sixteen year old, shoulder length haired brunette, rolled her eyes then dropped her head in her hands. Her, jealous? Of what? The non-existent relationship between a psychotic fan girl and her perverted stalkie? Hardly. Oh, and yes, she had zero qualms at this point about saying that her beloved younger sister had entered the world of the deranged stalker fan-girl. No, what she was at the moment was tired. After having been up late studying for a math test two nights ago, and then up late again last night making sure her sister didn't get kidnapped during one of her 'Dark stalking expeditions', on top of sports training, homework, and a broken heart. Well, Riku Harada was in a word, beat. The fact that it was six thirty in the morning, on a Saturday, and she was sitting in an airport, without having had coffee, didn't help her state of mind much either.

"Riku are you even listening to a word I say?" Risa huffed from her position in the row of chairs opposite, watching her drowsy sister. If Riku had been more awake the fact that Risa was tapping her toe with her arms crossed would have been a warning to her.

"I listen to everything you say Risa," Riku answered with very little feeling in her voice as she forced herself to focus. It wasn't her fault she was tired and that her sister could talk forever about things she could barely stand to follow when she had full cognitive ability.

"Really?" Risa replied, voice full of the indignation and disbelief, "then what did I just ask you?"

"Umm, you asked me if I was excited about the fact that Shizuka's moving back here," Riku guessed while giving the other girl a weak smile. Then she noticed the coats beside the younger girl, and got distracted all over again as she wondered if they could pass for a pillow and the airports row of chairs as a bed.

"No," she said her voice annoyed like Riku was the most exasperating person on the planet to her. "I asked you if you wanted some coffee, honestly you never pay attention to me, or the things I say."

'Well maybe if you talked about something besides clothes, Dark, hair, Dark, boys, Dark, yourself, and oh yea Dark. Then I would listen on occasion,' Riku thought to herself, but wisely said nothing out loud. "Sure Risa, coffee would be great; I could really use the boost."

"Alright then, but I seriously don't understand how you're so tired. I mean I was the one out late last night not you," said the long haired twin as she popped up from her seat, and bounced over to the café. Riku's shoulders sagged even more as she rubbed her temples trying to dispel the headache she could feel forming; Risa could be so oblivious and hyperactive sometimes. Riku could honestly say she had no idea where that girl got her energy from; she must have a stash of caffeine pills, or she had her own internal sugar making ability. But then that would make her a plant, and she clearly wasn't one so… Shaking her head and groaning Riku grabbed her coat, and resigning herself to a sore back later. She was going to black out soon if she didn't lie down. To reiterate, four hours of sleep or less a night, school, sports and a stalker ex just did not mix well.

…ok…maybe the stalker part was a little over the top given the circumstance.

Flight 254 Direct from New York will be arriving in 20 minutes.

I repeat Flight 254 Direct from New York will be arriving in 20 minutes.

"Thank the gods" Riku mumbled to herself. Twenty minutes for the flight to get here, fifteen tops to get the bags, fifteen to drive home without traffic twenty with. In all she only had to survive another hour to an hour and a half of this. Then she could go to her room and sleep the rest of the day, screw messing up her internal clock.

"Riku! Riku did you hear that, did you?!" chirped an overly enthusiastic, overly energetic, overly perky sister; who's neck she wanted to ring. Only, she'd returned form her adventure with the life giving coffee so Riku couldn't find it in her to be too angry.

"Yes," one word answers were a wonderful invention; they answered a question with little to no brain power.

20 minutes later

"Oh look! There she is," Risa exclaimed as she bounced on the balls of her feet, "Shizuka! Shizuka over here, over here!"

Looking up from her cell phone the medium length dark brown haired, green eyed, eighteen year old Shizuka Harada peered into the crowed; quickly spotting the voice that had yelled her name. With a beaming smile on her face she walked over to the vastly different identical twin cousins she hadn't seen months, in Riku's case, or years, in Risa's.

"Hey, what's up you two. I wasn't expecting you to be here already."

"We've been here since six silly! You know, just in case your flight was early," Risa replied as she gave her older cousin a hug, almost vibrating with her excitement. Looking over Risa's shoulder Shizuka gave Riku a questioning look. Riku's only response was shrug and a tired 'what, you expected me to argue with her' look.

"So tell me how long are you going to be stay at our place, or do you already have an apartment and this is just an overnight," Risa asked pouting and sounding thoroughly depressed at the very idea that she might not be staying with them for an extended period of time.

"I have an apartment, but I'm not going to be able to move into it for a week or two," she reassured her distressed cousin. "I still have to get furniture and stuff."

"Yea!" squeaked the girl before giving her cousin another big hug, "That means shopping trips and color picking! Oh my god! Let's go get your bags and get started!"

After watching the long haired girl run off Shizuka, distressed and not a little bit frightened, turned to the clearly exhausted sister. "You've been here since six?! My flight wasn't due to land until six – forty at the earliest.

"She wanted to make sure you had a ride," muttered Riku as she started off in her sister's direction; rubbing her face to keep herself awake.

"I could have called a cab you know…" Grabbing the younger girls arm she turned her around and looked at her with concern. "Why are you so tired, you're usually the morning person not her."

Riku made an annoyed sound in the back of her throat, "I haven't been sleeping well recently that's all."

"Is there any particular reason?" She asked the baby cousin she thought of as more a baby sister.

"Yea there is, but I'm too tired to get into it right now." Shizuka let it go after that, but the look she gave her told Riku the conversation was far from over. A hectic half an hour later found Riku crashing into her bed and passing out; without even getting under the covers or changing.

Sleep really was a wonderful thing.

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