Ha---through this whole thing, I felt like I was just taking dictation while poor John hung from his fingers, talking out loud. Let me know what you think.


Okay, this was stupid. I mean, I realize this now while I'm hanging like some spider on the outside of the lab tower, trying not to look down and get sick, so it doesn't really help. See, I wasn't exactly thinking of that when I climbed out the window and started up. Would you? We'd been locked in that room, just Teyla and me, for hours without any contact from outside, and I'm telling you, it drove me nuts. I mean, you can't just go bashing through walls with a pregnant lady right there. And not just any pregnant lady---

Crap! Crap, crap. My fingers just slipped. Man, I can't fall. The wind is having a fun enough time trying to knock me off here---I'm not gonna give it any help. That would leave Teyla alone in that room down there. And she knows better than to try to climb up this wall.

I hope.

Okay, okay…we're good. Well, not good exactly---I think I pulled something in my shoulder. I have to hurry up, though. I have to be at least fifty stories in the air…

Oh, guh. Shouldn't have looked down. Don't they always tell you that? Oh, man…I am not throwing up. I'd never told anybody that huge heights freak me out. Who needs to know? Normally I just kinda…stop breathing and my head gets fuzzy. But that look right there seriously made me sick. Okay, so let's think of something else…

Like the way that baby felt. Yeah, that's better. It was amazing, actually, now that I think about it. I mean, I don't make a habit of touching Teyla. Not anymore. It sorta feels like…I'm not allowed. It hasn't really been cool between us since…well, since I figured out I'd been replaced by this Kanaan guy.

Wait a sec---did I say replaced? I didn't mean that. The guy just gets on my nerves. And if he was so important, why the heck didn't he come around sometimes? You know, say hi, hang out, get to know Teyla's team? He could at least have the decency to come to me and say "Gee, sorry I got your best team member pregnant," right? What was wrong with him, anyway? Was he scared I would beat him up or something? Why would I beat him up? Really, why? I'd restrain myself. No, I would. If Teyla thinks he's all that, then I'd put up with---

But he isn't all that, he's a jerk! Where was this guy, anyway? Through her whole pregnancy he's been a no-show. And no, being captured by the Wraith is no excuse. I don't care. If Teyla was having my baby, a billion Wraith with machine guns wouldn't---

Ouch! Oh, ow. Get a grip, John. You need your fingers. Preferably still attached to your hands. Okay, not thinking of heights…happy place…

The baby. Yeah. She'd made him come over there where she was sitting on a stool. And she grabbed my hand. And she pushed my hand down on her tummy. She kept her hand there, over mine. I don't know how, but Teyla's got the softest hands…

And the kid kicked. And she smiled. I'd never felt warmer than that, right there. Time just stopped. And I knew---I knew I had to get her---them---outta there. So I jumped out the window.

Okay, John---now this is stupid. It's just the wind making your eyes water. Okay, I'm clearing my throat and getting to the top, here.

Yep, it was all stupid. But that's Teyla down there. And I've always done stupid stuff to keep her safe. I always will. That, at least, isn't going to change anytime soon. Even if that moron Kanaan shows up.