I've been writing this for a bit.

I love Castiel.

Who doesn't?

He's hot, commanding, sexy, intriguing, beautiful, prolly exceptionally amazing naked--anyways…my point is I decided to post this.

It's a little controversial—Cas is after all in the body of a married man with a daughter.

But you'll see how that controversy fits in later.



This story is dedicated to three of my favorite people: Kalli, Kate and Jimi.



Try not to move. The voice instructed.

She lay there—still—not able to move even if she wanted to. She was in a lot of pain, and wasn't quite sure who was speaking to her. Last thing that she knew, a knife had been carving into her flesh. She hadn't done anything too much to deserve that, she was almost sure of it. Now she was in a state of deep consciousness, and had no idea what to do.

Have faith. The voice whispered. All questions will be answered.

She would have nodded had she been able to move her body, but she was still paralyzed. Where was she? Was she even still alive? Supernatural things had happened to her before, but never like this. She needed to figure out who was talking to her, and she needed to figure out what was going on.

This will just take a moment. The voice told her.

It had been his job to find her, and he had. He was amazed that he hadn't had to fight off Lilith, but it seemed Lilith was done with this body and he didn't know why. She was breathing, her brown hair damp, beads of sweat on her brow. He needed her to help him with the coming war, so he needed to heal the wounds that had been dealt t her while Lilith possessed her.

Suddenly she felt firm, warm hands run up and down her legs. It shouldn't have been a pleasing feeling, but it was. It was warm—fuzzy even—and pleasant. After a moment, she found herself no longer feeling pain, and she opened her eyes to see what was going on around her, and to whom she was speaking to, and the figure leaned in a little to assess his success and looked at her with a blank stare on his face.

At first her vision was hazy, at best, but soon the image of the face leaning over her was finally clear. The man had electric blue eyes, hard and yet caring, and brown hair that rested on his troubled brow. It was apparent that this man had been through God knows how much, and now he was helping her. Why? And better yet…why didn't she remember what had happened to her?

"All in good time." He told her, his face solemn and steady as he read her facial expressions—he noticed that she was full of them.

"How did you speak to me in my mind?" She asked him softly.

Realizing that she was well enough to ask questions, he started to walk away from her so she sat up quickly, holding her head as the room began to spin. Come to think of it, she wasn't really in a room, room—she was in some sort of cement room. There were symbols drawn everywhere, and looking down she saw a Devil's Trap…that had to do with demons she knew, but she scrunched up her face in dismay as no memories came flooding back to her about why she was there.

"They will come back on their own, all in due time." He explained to her.

She nodded. "So…you can read my mind, then? What exactly are you?"

He turned to look at her. "I am Castiel…I am an angel of the lord."


"Are all of the angels as hot as you?" She asked him as she sat down to drink some coffee that two boys had brewed.

"There are supposed to be two of you." Castiel said without acknowledging her question. "I have to find the other one before the demons do."

With that, he was gone, and the shorter of the two came over and sat next to the girl, checking her out cautiously. She was a brunette, her hair shiny and soft, and a lot prettier than most of the women he and his brother came into contact with. He smiled at her to make her feel a little bit more at home, the taller one running his fingers through his hair, and she studied them too—hunters. She remembered that much. She actually remembered quite a lot about her life—it was the last few months actually that were hazy—a flash here and there.

"How long have I been possessed?" She asked them point blank. "It's the only logical explanation for the black out that I can think of—then add in waking up over a Devil's Trap and by George I think we got it."

"8 months." The taller of the two informed her. "Do you remember anything at all about what happened to you?"

She shook my head. "No…I mean there's a flash here and that, but no—mostly I just don't remember anything that's happened since…well before I was possessed."

The taller one didn't like the way she had said what she had said, but if Castiel was trusting her enough to help her, then he had to trust her. Castiel had never led them astray, and with his practically screwing her with his eyes, he knew that she was going to become their charge.

The one sitting next to her nodded at her. "I'm Dean…and that's my brother Sam."

Sam looked at her from his stance by the door and tried to smile. "We have reason to believe that you were possessed by Lilith, and that somewhere in your head are memories of her plan that we need."

"Lilith? Seriously? So how the Hell did you plan on extracting these memories that may or may not be there?" She asked them.

"That's the problem…we can't even begin to imagine how we'll do that." Sam told her, walking over to the table and leaning his hands on it. "I don't even think that it's possible."

She nodded slowly as it sank in. "All right then—I'm going to go now."

"You can't just leave." Dean said. "Not yet."

"Am I a prisoner then?" She asked.

"Well…no—" Dean replied.

"—good." She nodded, cutting him off. "Then you guys can hunt me down or something, but I'm leaving now."

Dean sighed. "Do you remember my face?"

Mae turned to look at him. "No."

"I remember yours." Dean said.

Sam took a deep breath and I knew that the situation was uncomfortable for him. I looked Dean over hard, and then right when I realized what was going on, Castiel reappeared. He came towards me and looked me in the eye, obviously not understanding the concept of personal space. Lucky for him he smelled terrific, and I kind of wanted to grab his face and rub my face up against his stubble—maybe sneak a kiss from his lips.

"I found her." Castiel told her, grabbing her hand as he suddenly appeared in the room out of nowhere as he always seemed to do nowadays. "We have to convince her to come back with us."