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Mae wasn't very certain how she was going to deal with everything now. She had gotten so used to being with Sam and Dean and she didn't want to leave them, but she knew that she didn't want to hunt anymore. After everything she had been through, and everything she had been used for, she knew that if she was now given a chance for a normal life, she was going to take it.

"So…you think there's still a warrant out for you?" Sam asked Mae, sitting next to her on the couch and wrapping his arm around her.

Mae snuggled up against him, resting her head on his shoulder. "I think I'm safe. I mean I protected the world from Lilith—and of course you and Dean were a huge part of that…and Cas."

"He's coming back, you know." Sam told her, kissing the top of her head.

"Wow…you're not going to come out and tell me that Cas isn't coming back? Meeting back up with Sara really has you in a good mood." Mae told Sam, looking up at him and smiling as his chocolate brown eyes peered back into hers.

Sam smiled at her. "I can't say that meeting up with her yesterday wasn't a perk…besides, you need your best friend right now and I'm going to be there for you."

Mae kissed his cheek and nodded, snuggling up against him and beaming when Dean came in with a grin plastered on his face. It had been one whole week with no word from Castiel, and the three still hadn't discussed new living arrangements. Maybe it would stay like this forever…maybe. The three of them were used to each other, and the cheeky grin on Dean's face wasn't fooling anyone.

"So how was she?" Mae asked Dean, Sam rolling his eyes.

Dean chuckled. "She was amazing—really knew her stuff."

"Does she have a name?" Sam asked his brother.

"Of course she has a name!" Dean protested and sat close to Mae to be part of the cuddling.

Mae laughed. "All right, of course she does…but do you know it?"

Mae and Sam high-fived and Dean gave them both a look, even though he had to admit that they had every right to tease. At the same time, Dean was feeling pretty happy about his latest encounter and had set up…a date. It completely wasn't like him, but like Sam and Mae, he was used to being settled and he'd helped stop the apocalypse—he kind of wanted to be settled and that felt strange for him.

"Her name is Tara and before you ask I don't know her last name." Dean said, sighing and then smiling when Mae rested her hand on Dean's knee.

Mae smiled at him. "Well that's new for you, but I'm glad. So…you gonna see her again, or was she a bang and run?"

"We have a date set up for tomorrow night actually." Dean told her and nodded. "Yeah, you hear correctly: Dean Winchester is going on a date."

"It's about time, Dean. God news is I have a date with Sara tomorrow night too. So…what are you going to do, Mae?"

Mae took a deep breath. "It's called TV."


Even though he had gotten away, Zachariah was pretty certain that there was nothing else left for him anymore. He had wanted so desperately for Lucifer to rise and then for him to be defeated, and for paradise on Earth—now, he was simply exiled from Heaven and he had nothing. All he could do now was wander around with no aims and no goals…all he could do was wait to be human again.

"Sucks, doesn't it?" A familiar voice asked him.

Zachariah sighed loudly. "Vetis, what the Hell do you want?"

"I was just seeing how the mighty have fallen." She replied with a small shrug. "I mean you couldn't even get Lucifer to rise."

"You couldn't either, Vetis." Zachariah told her and gave her a look. "I can still destroy you—divine powers or not."

Vetis smiled at him. "I'm not here to fight you, Zachy-Poo—I'm here because I need to know that if I try something, you won't be after me."

"Do I look like a hunter to you, Vetis?" Zachariah asked her and then he took a deep breath. "Ex-Angel or not…I won't hunt you down."

Vetis gave a small nod and then she took a deep breath—she wanted to be with Maion, but he was an angel, and he wasn't going to give his wings up for a demon. He especially wasn't going to give them up when Castiel had such a choice to make. If Castiel decided to be human, Maion was then given his duties, and if Castiel stayed an angel…Maion still wouldn't fall from grace.

"Good to know." Vetis told him and took a breath. "So…what do we do now?"

Zachariah gave her a look. "I don't know what you're going to do, but I'm leaving now. Do yourself a favor—drop the angel. He won't support you if you're going to thwart the human race."

"But what about…love?" Vetis asked out loud and sighed when Zachariah had already taken off.

Zachariah had to figure out where he belonged in the world now…and so did Vetis.


Mae sighed and got into her bed, snuggling into the covers and turning onto her side, wishing she had kept herself a little busier. Sam and Dean had gone off on their dates and from the looks on their faces, Mae knew that it was the first date of many, but that only Sam would actually make it to proposals and marriage. She was cut off from thinking about it though, when she heard her door open.

She propped herself up on her elbows and smiled a little, excited to see Castiel and so she lifted up her covers and motioned for him to join her. He smiled back and took off his tie, then his jacket, and once he was stripped down to a t-shirt and boxers, he got into bed with Mae and wrapped his arms around her. She turned so she was facing him and captured his lips with hers, glad that he was with her, and hoping this wasn't their last night together, though the kiss was suggesting that it was.

At first she wasn't sure what Castiel was doing, but he traced random shapes along her stomach, his fingers under her shirt, and she smiled a little when she felt his fingers pushing under her pajama pants' waistband. She knew what was coming next, and though a little surprised that Castiel didn't want to talk, the whole idea of talking flew right out of the window when she felt his fingers push inside of her. Mae bit her lip and rocked herself against his hand a little, moaning a little when he hooked his finger.

As she rocked against him softly she pulled her tank off, Castiel slipping out his fingers and getting out of his clothes as Mae got out of hers, crashing her lips into his when they were both free from restrictions. Mae wasn't sure exactly why he was initiating the act, but she was pretty sure that if she asked him about it, all of the hot, pleasant feelings would go away. If they talked about what might possibly be bothering him, then they wouldn't continue and they were both in their birthday suits…she couldn't stop this now if she wanted to—and she definitely didn't.

"I love you." Castiel breathed out to her, pressing his body to hers, moving against her, their sexes rubbing together.

Mae moaned softly. "I love you too."

Mae gasped a little as Castiel's flesh pushed inside of hers, and tilted her head back into her pillow as he rocked his body against hers, both of them incredibly pleased. He pulled out, kissing her lovingly, and then pushed back into her as she looked deep into his eyes. She opened her mouth to let out another small gasp, kissing him passionately, her release slamming into her after a while, Castiel reaching his breaking point soon after and releasing inside of her, kissing her.

Mae smiled at Castiel as he pulled her body close to his, kissing her damp temple and trying to figure out how to have this conversation with her without making her upset. He knew that all he could do was come clean about his decision, but at the same time either decision he had made would make her upset for one reason or another. So, all he could do was suck it up and tell her how he felt about her…and hope she was going to be all right with what was happening to them.

"You look a little upset." Mae told him, running her fingers along his damp pecks.

Castiel swallowed. "I was given a choice, Mae."

"A choice about what?" Mae asked him, biting her lip and dreading the answer he could potentially have for her.

"I…Camael gave me the choice of staying an angel or…or becoming human and staying with you." Castiel explained slowly.

Mae sat up suddenly and she swallowed—the tone in his voice did not suggest that he had chosen to stay human with her. She wasn't so sure what she even wanted. Obviously she wanted to be with him until she couldn't be with him anymore, but he was Castiel—he was her angel. Hadn't she spent some of her time trying to tell Vetis off about angels? Telling Vetis she wouldn't want Castiel any other way?

"It doesn't sound like you chose to be human." Mae told him, wishing she hadn't sounded so hurt when she hadn't even thought she would be that hurt if he had chosen to stay an angel…chosen to leave her eventually.

Castiel nodded slowly. "That is because I chose to stay an angel."

"Of course you did, and why wouldn't you? That's who you are. I mean, I'm fine with that." Mae said and bit her lip because she felt like she was lying—how could he do this to her?!

This whole time, she had hoped that she would get to be with him and he had made it so und like he loved her, but if he had loved her, wouldn't he have chosen her? She knew deep down that she was being selfish because Castiel in fact was an angel, and it was in his nature to want to help people—it was who he was. How could she be so upset that she wouldn't let him be who he was? She had fallen in love with who he was, so why was she so hurt?

"I have never done anything but be an angel, Mae." Castiel explained to her, well aware that she was upset with him.

Mae nodded and couldn't stop the words that spilled out. "So this was just some last lay, huh? You come in, you get me all horny and then you sleep with me just so you can tell me that it's about time I won't ever see you again?! For an angel, you're an asshole!"

"Mae, I'm staying with you!" Castiel told her as she got more and more visibly hurt. "Mae, I am staying with you…I'm mortal now."

"But…but…okay…maybe I should let you actually finish the story…" Mae said, blushing and trailing off.

Castiel nodded at her, smiling a little. "Maybe you should."

Mae mouthed that she was sorry and then laid back down and looked at him as he gazed at her and stroked her hair. He had to explain everything to her and he knew that she was going to be upset he hadn't chosen her at first, but she had to know. Castiel wanted to be with Mae and he hoped that her knowing that would help their relationship.

"I love you, Mae—I really do." Castiel explained to her, kissing her softly. "When Camael asked me to make my decision I told her that they needed me and so I had to stay an angel—but that I didn't want to be without you. Obviously, Angel/Human relations are greatly frowned upon, so I was given a different perspective on it all: live forever without you…I can't do that, Mae."

Mae smiled at him and kissed him tenderly, crawling on top of him. "Baby, I love you too."

"I'm not sure where to go from here." Castiel told her sincerely, trying to figure out how their futures were going to pan out.

"We'll figure it out, Cas…together." Mae replied, and leaned down, kissing him lovingly and smiling as he kissed her back with the same intensity.



"Coffee's ready!" Mae called up the stairs as she took a bite of pancake.

Mae looked at Castiel lovingly as he came down the stairs dressed in a dress shirt and a tie and she shook her head—he was a doctor, but he didn't need to wear a tie. Being formally dressed never really left Castiel even when he became mortal. She'd asked once about Jimmy, and found out that Jimmy was given a choice too—Jimmy chose to move on because his family was in a better place, and he didn't want to put them in any danger, which could still happen since he was still a vessel. It was bittersweet, but he was happy, his family was happy, and Mae had her man.

In fact, Mae and Castiel had been married for three years, and they were both surprised that Dean was in love, with Tara who definitely wore the pants in the relationship, and that Sam and Sara were on their honeymoon. Sam had taken a while to propose to Sara, and then they'd been engaged a whole year before the wedding took place. Mae and Castiel? He'd convinced her to marry him three months into his mortality.

"Baby, loosen the tie a little bit." Mae told him with a laugh, going up to him and loosening it a little. "You're a doctor, Baby—you're going to be fine."

Castiel gave her a look. "I look professional and that is the most important part, Mae. What are you going to do today while I'm gone?"

"I was thinking of inviting Tara shopping. I was going to invite Sara along too, but she and Sammy don't get back for another few days—the three of us can shop later." Mae explained and Castiel noted the look in her eyes.

He smiled at her and reached out to stroke her hair, looking deep in her eyes and then smiling more when she smiled back. He had some of his old Castiel in him, that was for sure, but he was definitely mortal too and had picked up on being a human male as well. Castiel was no longer as awkward as he used to be…well not as awkward anyway.

"So what's really on your mind, Mae?" Castiel asked her, kissing her softly.

Mae smiled at him. "Well…I have some big news for you, actually."

"All right." Castiel nodded, looking her in the eye so that she knew she had his full attention.

"I love you very much, you know that, right?" Mae asked him, nodding when he nodded to her. "Okay, so…you're all mortal, and we've got a great marriage—even if we argue sometimes—and I, uh…oh, I'll just come right out and tell you." Mae said, laughing a little and then taking a deep breath. "We're having a baby!"

Castiel had to do a double-take, but then when it settled in, he knew that there was only one reaction…and he grinned from ear to ear…he was going to be a father.

The End

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