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All I can say is: Completely random, OOC, Yukimura adds -chan to all of their names for the hell of it



Yuya had strayed a little ways from camp - but not so far that she couldn't hear Benitora's loud voice - and saw a clump of flowers.

"What a pretty yellow flower," she muttered to herself.

"That's orange."

Yuya 'eeked' in surprise. "Yukimura, what are you doing here?"

"Making sure you don't get taken as a hostage again. (heart)"

"That was uncalled for. And this flower is yellow."

"It's orange."



"It's yellow!"

"It's orange!"

Yukimura saw Akira out of the corner of his eye. "Aki-chan! (heart)"

Akira twitched, not liking being called that but unable to do anything about it. Evidently Kyo was the only one allowed to kill Yukimura. "What is it Yukimura?"

"What color is this flower? I say it's orange, but Yuya-chan says it's yellow."

"It's red."

Yuya and Yukimura gave a synchronized "Oh."

"Thanks Akira-san!" Yuya said.

After making four flower crowns - one for Yukimura, Yuya, Sasuke, and Kyo (somebody's going to die) - Yuya and Yukimura walked back to camp.

"Sasu-chan! (heart)"


"Look at the pretty flower crowns we made you!" Yukimura and Yuya said at the same time - again.

Kyo glared at his so hard that it skipped the 'bursting into flames' part and went straight to crumbling into ashes. Yuya stared at her ash-stained hands. "Aw. They were such pretty flowers, too."

"You look so cute, Sasu-chan! (heart) Red is so your color," Yukimura said as he looked at a glaring Sasuke with the red flower crown on his head.

Everyone sweat-dropped. "Ah, Yukimura?" a voice asked, concerned about the sanity of one of the best samurai.

"Yes, Tora-chan?"

"They're pink."


"The flowers. They're not red, they're pink."

"But Aki-chan said---"

"Akira's blind, idiots," Sasuke said.


Anybody who hasn't read the manga will probably be confused about the (heart) thing. Like, half of Yukimura's speech bubbles end with a drawing of a heart.