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Chapter 1: Brawl Invitation! Pit's new journey!

A blinding light shone from above. Pit's hand moved to shield his eyes.

"Ugh… What happened?"

Pit sat up and looked around. It was for sure not the underworld. Pit was about to do his 20th teabag on Medusa once again defeated.

Pit got onto his feet. (Umm… how to describe him… Hey, wait a minute! Why bother why they have google to find pictures of Pit in his NES days.) Pit was groggily looking around again. It wasn't the underworld for sure, if medusa had learned to cast illusions or something. No, it was… something, a space really. But Pit was getting creeped out. All around him was white. Pure white. The white stretched out beyond him, towards the far reaches of the room.

Pit was gathering his head in his hand. He was muttering "Oh help me now Palutena."

It was during this moment that Pit heard a footfall. Relieved to know he was not alone, Pit turned around and stared at a man in a suit shirt and jeans. He also had Asian features and Pit knew who he was.

"Sakurai?" Pit's mouth had said. Sakurai smiled "Pit!" and opened his arms to welcome him. Pit also ran towards him, tears leaking through. Sakurai was thinking Pit was so overjoyed to see his… his… yeah.

Then the cruel reality set in that when Pit's should collided with Sakurai's stomach did Sakurai realize that Pit was crying tears of fury. Both of them fell to the floor. But pit was faster into getting Sakurai in a headlock and punching him. All the while, he was now screaming. "This is for pent-up emotion! This is for making Palutena such a wuss! This is for making me so bored now I teabag Medusa!"

Then when Pit finally stopped and felt Sakurai a couple of bruises, he took out his bow, nocked an arrow, put his foot on Sakurai's chest, and aimed at Sakurai's forehead. Now in his most inhumane voice he can muster, he said coldly "You have 3 seconds to convince me why I shouldn't put an arrow through your head!"

Sakurai looked up at Pit and, blinking back the reflex tears, said, "I have a offer you cannot refuse." Pit looked at him and spat "Money? You have one more chance, Sakurai." Sakurai wasn't even listening, suddenly snapping back as if he had an epiphany. "Sorry, I should rephrase that. I mean, I have an offer you would be a brain-dead idiot to refuse."

Those words perked Pit's attention. Pit lifted his foot, put away his bow and held out his hand to help Sakurai up. Sakurai took and with a grunt, got to his feet. Then brushing away the dust, he turned to Pit "Take a seat." Suddenly two chairs appeared out of nowhere, and Pit nearly fell down.

Sakurai was on the chair, one leg on the left knee and putting his two arms on the armrests. He mentioned to Pit, but Pit waved him down. Sakurai blew and after much thought, spoke "So, Pit, how have you been?" Pit looked at Sakurai and only cracked his knuckles. Sakurai took this as an answer and said, "Well, Pit, you want to know why I'm here?"

Pit gestured to Sakurai to continue. Sakurai smiled and said with an air that sounded like he controlled Pit's fate "Pit, you know Super Smash Bros Brawl?" Pit looked at him with a face of mild interest "You mean that fighting game where all of your famous mascots battle?" Sakurai was a bit taken back, but regained his composure. "Yes, Pit, that game. Well, to tell you the truth, we are running out of ideas to improve the roster, and clones are already out of the question. So we got even outdated characters, like R.O.B., but I couldn't shake the feeling there was something missing. That's when I remembered you."

Pit looked and pointed at himself with a quizzical look. "Yes, you, Pit. You know, it was our idea to include you in the original, but *ahem* technical difficulties kept you from the first and second. I'm here to invite you to Brawl." Sakurai looked at Pit, waiting for that joy on his face, which by then Sakurai would destroy with a catch. But Pit stood impassive and said "Lemme guess: the problem now is not technical difficulties but popularity." Sakurai nodded.

The angel collapsed into the chair into a slump. He then looked at Sakurai who was stirring uncomfortably. "Sakurai, this is my first game appearance in 16th years. Not as a cameo, but as a playable character. Come on, Sakurai, there has got to be a loophole." Pit pleaded. Sakurai was ready with an answer "Pit, you know there is something," Pit looked up, "The original twelve from the first one were seen as the most recognizable characters in Nintendo."

With a quizzical look on his face, Pit was confused "Why are you referring to them?" Sakurai blew away a tuft of hair. "Pit, E3 2006 is coming up in 12 days. If you want a spot on Brawl, then defeat the original twelve by that time. It should give you somewhat of a fanbase." Pit looked at Sakurai with a sneer, "So you letting R.O.B. a free trip, but me to defeat 12 icons of this company." Sakurai shrugged and said "Sure."

Pit moved away and with a mean glint in his eye, cracked his knuckles. "I'm going pwning." Pit started to walk away, but Sakurai caught his shoulder. "Wait, Pit. You will not stand a chance both physically and socially in your present form." Pit looked at himself and answered back "So?" Sakurai stifled a snicker and said as he got a huge needle "Time to get an update."

Pit looked panicked and tried to run, but Sakurai snapped and suddenly Pit was face flat on a surgical table, restrained and sweating. Sakurai started to move towards him. Pit was now screaming at the top of his lungs "Help me Palutena, help me Allah, help me Buddha, help me Hindu gods, *whimper* OH HELP ME, CHUCK NORRIS!!!" Then Sakurai plunged his needle into Pit's spine. Pit was overpowered by darkness.

"Help me… Help me… Somebody get me mango pudding!" shouted Pit. Pit just sat on the surgical table, completely unaware of things. Sakurai was sitting at his chair, reading the newspaper. "Are you finished?" Sakurai asked. Pit simply stared. Sakurai shook his head and snapped. A mirror appeared in front of Pit. Pit was simply amazed.

Pit was surveying his new body, new clothes, and new weapon. Pit whistled and shouted, "Man, I'm look SEXY!" Sakurai looked at Pit with a disgusted look on his face. Pit snickered, "You're just jealous." Pit stood a while at the mirror flexing and commenting on himself. "Hmm…" Pit said as he rubbed his chin, "I could use some beard." Sakurai put down his paper and stood at the side of Pit. "I trust you haven't forgotten." Pit smirked and turned to face Sakurai. "Never." Sakurai smiled and said, "Okay then. Good luck." Sakurai then snapped his fingers. Suddenly a hole opened up from under Pit. Pit looked at Sakurai then fell. Sakurai could hear Pit shouting, "Curse you, Sakurai!"

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