The Pain We Suffer

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Chapter 1

Loud metal music permeates the forensic science lab at the NCIS building. Abby, the forensic scientist, is running DNA samples while listening to one of her favorite bands. With the music loud, she's unable to hear anyone enter the lab. Plus, she's concentrating so hard.

One of her computer screens blinks the word 'MATCH' to a finger print. The next computer indicates the exact match to the DNA sample taken from the crime scene and the sample extracted from a female solider that was found without a head or fingers. So they know whomever the killer is, he didn't want her identified.

Abby goes to call Gibbs as she turns down her music. But before she gets through to Gibbs, a hand with a cloth comes over her mouth. Within seconds, Abby's unconscious.

Gibbs, the lead agent and her boss, goes to answer the phone, but is met with a dial tone. Gibbs grabs the Caf-Pow drink cup and heads down to see what Abby has so far. He's a little shocked to find her music playing and she's no where to be seen. That wasn't Abby. But his Abby was anything but what was considered normal. He decides to call her cell phone. While he listens to the phone ring on his end, he turns off her music. When there is complete silence, he hears Abby's cell phone ringing. He follows the ringing and finds it on the floor under one of her carts.

Gibbs disconnects the call, dials his senior agent, Tony DiNozzo. While he waits for Tony to answer the phone, Gibbs gets a plastic evidence bag and bags Abby's cell phone without touching it. Gibbs' worried about Abby.

"DiNozzo." Tony answers.

"Tony, get the team to Abby's lab. We have a problem. Make sure McGee is with you." Gibbs hangs up and starts to look for clues to what happened. The next thing Gibbs notices that's out of place is Abby's prized babies. Two of the system computers were turned off. And another one was missing a cable that ran it. There was another thing missing, but didn't know what it was or what it's function was. But as soon as McGee got there, they would know.


Abby wakes up in a small dark room. It was cold, which indicated to Abby that it was concrete. The floor, walls and ceiling all dark and cold. Abby had no idea what time of what day it was. No windows or clocks, so no way to find anything. It was just her and four walls. No light and nothing to sleep on. All Abby had was fear. And maybe hope that Gibbs would find her, fast. She has no clue as to why someone would take her.


Three days go by and the team are no closer to figuring out where and why Abby was taken. Each day that goes by, Gibbs gets more angry. He refuses to sleep until Abby's back safe and sound. Every member of the team seems effected in their own way. McGee is working in silence and is somewhat taking after Gibbs about not sleeping until Abby's back.

Ziva's acting more like stone then ever. She doesn't show her worry. Same as she did when Gibbs was injured in the boat explosion. Deep down she's devastated. Tony even is more quiet usual. It's like the team didn't want to say anything or it would make this whole event real. The only words spoken were angry ones from Gibbs when a possible lead was marked as a dead end.

Ducky and Palmer were the only ones to talk to each other about Abby and the whole event.

"Dr. mallard, what was it like when you first met Abby?" Palmer asks, hoping to see a smile at Ducky's memories of that moment.

"Abigail was so young. Just a mere baby if you will, in forensic field. She just graduated and had gotten the job. She had previously worked for a local police department near school. On paper she was exquisite. Then we met her in person. I sure thought Jethro was going to stroke out at the mere sight of Abigail in her dog collar and black make-up. Jethro thought she was crazy. At the sight of her only. But he quickly fell in like for her. You know how Abby is when you meet her. You can't help but be drawn in by her sweet charm. Oh dear, sweet Abigail. I do hope you are safe wherever you may be." Ducky says. At last part of the words, he looks heaven word as if speaking to God. Palmer can't recall a time when Ducky attempted to really speak to God. He could tell Ducky was really hurting.


"Gibbs! I think I might have something. Whatever Abby was working on before she was taken, was giving a positive identity on some DNA. But the info card has been taken too. Before it could be saved to the hard drive. I have an indication that she found the ID she was looking for and it looks as if that might be the motive to be taken. Or at least A motive why she was taken." McGee says, going as fast as he could.

"Great! Now FIND Abby!" Gibbs yells and walks out of Abby's lab. Gibbs goes to the men's room and starts to beat the crap out of the wall to the first stall. He punches with all his fury and rage. He didn't recall the amount of rage since Shannon and Kelly's deaths. He knew this meant that his feelings for Abby were deeper then he originally thought.

Ducky walks into the men's room. He was originally looking for Gibbs to try to get him to take a nap. Ducky even was willing to trick Gibbs into taking a mild sedative to sleep. He wasn't helping anyone not sleeping.

Ducky's shocked at the banged up wall and the blood on Gibbs' hand. There was a little blood left on the stall wall, but not as much as on his hand.

"Jethro! My goodness! What are you doing?" Ducky wait's a few seconds for an answer. Gibbs stands there and looks at the damage. "Do you feel better now, Jethro?" Ducky asks.

"No." Ducky walks over and grabs Gibbs' hand to access the damage.

"Come with me Jethro. We'll get this fixed up in no time." Ducky and Gibbs go to the morgue.


A few more days pass. McGee works the computer twenty-two hours a day. After a while McGee falls onto the info they'd been looking for. He writes the name and address down of what they believe is the man responsible for killing a young female petty officer. McGee goes and tell the team that he thinks he's found out where Abby is and has the name of the man who took her. Everyone realizes this mans life is going to end very soon if he hurt their Abby.

They head to the address in a quick hustle. It was an abandon old warehouse. They used to make teddy bears there. They all cover an exist with guns drawn. Everyone's hearts race as they hope to find an alive Abby. They search room after room. Until Ziva opens a door and spots a limp and unmoving Abby on the floor. It was dark in there, but Ziva had a flash light.

"I have her!" Ziva yells as she rushes to Abby to see if she's alive. The guys rush to the room and see an unconscious Abby. Gibbs rushes to her side.

"Abby? Sweetie, wake up for me! I'm here and I have you. You're safe now!" Gibbs says, brushing her jet black hair out of her face and stroking her cheek. After a few minutes of this, Abby starts to come around. McGee was calling 911.

"Gibbs?" Abby spoke softly.

"Yes sweetie. Are you ok? Are you hurt?" Gibbs looks at her. But with the darkness doesn't see the few cuts and bruises on her face. She had more in other areas.

"Yes. And yes. I'm in some pain. I think he broke my arm. I also feel sick to my stomach. How many hours have I been gone?" Abby asks clueless.

"Abby, you've been gone for a week. We never stopped looking for you. Can you walk?" Gibbs asks, trying to help her up. He noticed she was wearing the same cloths she was wearing when taken. Abby slowly stands, her legs weak under her. Gibbs holds her up in support. They leave the room and shut the door in hopes that the evidence would still be safe to collect after Abby was safely taken to the hospital. Gibbs wanted this asshole and wanted him fast.


Once outside, Abby shields her eyes as her eye adjust to the light after a week of none. They set her down in the back seat of the car. Abby was still in shock and confusion.

"Abby, can you tell us who this guy is? Or what he looks like? Anything about him that we can use?" Gibbs asks, running a soothing touch over her leg. This had an opposite effect then it was meant to have.

"STOP!" Abby pushes Gibbs' hand away and backs into the back seat.

"Abby, what's wrong?" Gibbs asks gently, but a little hurt.

"I can't think when you touch me! I don't remember anything about his looks. It was dark and I never saw him. But he was taller then me. Short hair. Shorter than yours. He was muscular. He smelt of Stetson. He had a cross necklace on. Big cross. Short nails. Soft hands, no calluses. His breath smelt of cinnamon. He never once had stubble. He always wore jeans and a t-shirt. No rips or wholes. His voice, I'll never forget his voice." Abby started shaking. She couldn't continue to talk.

"Abby, that's very good. Can you tell me what happened?" Gibbs asks, but doesn't touch her.

"My babies. They found a match. I was calling you. Then everything went blank. I woke up here. He talked to me and slapped me around." Abby went quiet.

"What did he say to you, Abby?" Gibbs asks.

"That I was too smart for my own good. That I couldn't know who she was. If I would have left it alone, then this would have never happened. That he would LET you find me when he was set with his plans. Then he said he would come back to get me. No one could protect me. He's better at computers than me or McGee. He had a bit of a stutter." Abby's mind is going in a bunch of different directions.

"Abby, what makes you think he's better at computers then you or McGee?" Gibbs asks calmly.

"Because, he sent you the address and fake name when he was ready to leave. He was able to disable my babies enough so you couldn't get the DNA and identity of the female petty officer. I don't know the reason he's keeping it to himself. Where's the ambulance? I don't know how much longer I can stay awake." Abby says, yawning and obviously in pain.

"Lay down and we'll watch over you. Just relax, we're here." Gibbs says and gets out of the car to let her rest. Abby couldn't stop shaking. Not from cold, but from shock and pain. Abby's mind wouldn't let her forget all that he'd done to her. She wasn't going to tell anyone, EVERY thing he did. She was angry and ashamed she couldn't fight him off. She would never forget. Would she ever be the Abby she was before?


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