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Chapter One: Sorry, Sonny, Honey

Sonny's Point of View

I seriously doubt anyone has ever said this before, but I am about to. Ready? I hate choices. Yep, it's true. I never used to. But now, I think I have pretty good reason to. Let me explain. But to do that, we have to go back to a little while ago.

You see, just a short time ago, it came out that Portlyn and Angela actually gave my friends at So Random a letter saying I was using them the whole time I was on the show, and after I chose Chad over them, it "confirmed" things for them. And once I told them that that was all a big lie everything was all hunky-dory for us all as friends, and they actually wanted me to come back to So Random. Great, right? Wrong.

Because at that point, I was already fitting in just fine as Mackenzie Falls' newest regular cast member. I was making new friends, Chad and I were always together, everything was going swell. The problem in this: I missed making people laugh.

The problem in working with So Random: I never felt like I fit in there, and then when I was starting to, they kicked me off.

Bigger problem: I had two shows and two sets of friends both fighting for me to pick them. Plus, my annoyingly understanding boyfriend who says he's not taking sides, even though it's obvious whose side he's fighting for the most. So now I have a question for you. How in the heck would you decide because my brain is like, dying from all of the hours I've spent agonizing over this situation. And it's only been one night. Oh boy…

I was walking through the halls of the studio, ready to go home for the day, at last. Yesterday had been the day when all my "choice problems" started, and now I just wanted to go home and get my mind off of it all.

I cringed slightly when I saw my friends from So Random walking down the hall towards me. Maybe they hadn't-

"Hey, Sonny!" Grady called out.

Too late; they'd seen me. It wasn't that I didn't love them, it was just that, I had an awful feeling one of the first topics up for discussion would be about whether or not I was coming back to So Random.

I smiled warmly at all of them and waved with the hand that wasn't holding my bottle of water. "Hey, guys… What's up?"

"Oh, nothing…" Grady looked around the hallway innocently in a way that confirmed my fears of the next subject.

"So…" Tawni shifted her bright pink purse around on her left shoulder. "Are you coming back to So Random? Or are you staying at… 'the Falls'?"

I flexed my fingers nervously around my water bottle. "Well, to be honest I still haven't made my decision yet. But I will eventually…" I trailed off, looking at their expressions. They all seemed pretty calm about it all. So far, so great, I guess. (Some people say "so far, so good," but I prefer saying "great" because it's so much more positive)

"But how can you not want to come right back to So Random?" Zora asked, her pink, blue, and green tinged braids swinging with her violent head movements.

"Zora!" Tawni snapped.

"Well, I know it's hard to believe, but the people over at Mackenzie Falls are actually really, really nice once you get to know them." I frowned slightly. "Well except for Portlyn… But other than her, everyone's super nice, and they're all my friends too." I grinned again for emphasis and raised my eyebrows expectantly.

"Do you like them better than us?" Nico asked bluntly.

"Because we're really sorry about kicking you off in the first place," Tawni said, somewhat pleadingly. Pretty unusual behavior for her… Maybe I'd finally cracked her shell.

I smiled softly. "I know, and I forgive you-all of you. And of course I don't like them more than my good buddies at So Random." My brown eyes fell to the floor for a second before refocusing on the faces of my old friends. "That's what's so hard about choosing whether or not to rejoin you guys. I hope you understand."

"Of course we do. Don't we guys?" Tawni turned to look at the other three.


"Sure do."


"Good. Well, I've uh, got to get home." I pointed my thumb to my right towards the exit that led into the main parking lot.

"Leaving so soon?" Nico questioned.

"Uh, yeah… Chris, our director, let us off early for the day." I shrugged my shoulders and smiled awkwardly. Afterwards, I tugged on the bottom of my green t-shirt. It had the outline of a cow on the front in white. Underneath that was something Lucy, a couple of my other friends, and I used to say a lot. It said: "It's not over until the cows come home." We seriously would say that all the time and start cracking up. Don't ask.

As much as I loved it though, I'd been wearing a black hoodie over it all day just in case the people at Mackenzie Falls didn't get it. The only people who really understood my sense of humor were my mom, my friends at So Random, and my whole extended family on both of my parent's sides. Chad sort of did… Or at least, he tried to.

"Great…" Grady contributed to the now-uncomfortable conversation.

"So, I'll just… go…" I took a tiny sidestep to the door.

"Okay, bye." Tawni waved a little.

"Bye," the rest of them said.

I walked to the door and pulled on the handle, but the door stuck in place. My eyes drifted to the "push" sign hanging right next to the door. Whoops. This time I pushed against the door and had more success, actually opening the door and getting out into the parking lot.

As I walked to my old truck parked near the back by a cluster of planted trees and grass, I finally noticed the stranglehold I had on my water bottle and eased it up a bit. My fingers were numb from the cold the bottle was radiating. I shifted it to my other hand right as I reached my truck.

Oh, what a day. No revelation had come to me during the day to help point me in the right direction to make me make the right choice. Absolutely nothing… Zippo, zilch, nada, zero, nil, naught… I was stuck between a rock and a hard place…

Later when I finally got home…

"Hey, mom!" I called out, closing the door behind me with my foot.

"Hi, sweetie! You're home a little early, aren't you?" my mother, Connie Munroe, asked from the direction of our living room.

Walking down the short hallway and into the living room, I discovered my mom playing this arcade style game on the computer called, "Super Granny 3." Trust me when I say everyone in my family is just a big kid.

"Yeah, Chris let us go early." I sank into the couch a few feet away from the computer desk. "Mom…?"

"Yes?" Her tone made it obvious she was only half here, but I decided to ask for help anyway.

"What am I supposed to do about choosing between So Random and Mackenzie Falls? I mean, it's like choosing between two sets of friends. Not to mention the fact that the decision I make could drastically affect the rest of my acting career." I groaned and looked at the ceiling. "What do I do?"

"Well honey, you know I can't choose for you. But you know that I'll support you no matter what your decision is." She very clearly stopped herself from cussing out loud when granny got mauled by the onscreen pink poodle.

"Mom, that's not helpful. Why can't you ever be the overly-controlling parent and tell me what to do all the time? Like now would be a great time to start. So go ahead. Tell me which show I'm choosing whether I like it or not, because you're the adult and I'm the teenager," I used my deeper voice for the last part when I spoke.

"But what kind of a mother would I be if made all of the important decisions for you?" she asked absentmindedly.

"A nice one," I said, point blank.

"Sorry, Sonny, honey. This one's up to you." My mom finally turned around in the swivel chair as soon as the words "game over" flashed across the screen.

"But I don't know what to do…" I moaned.

"You're smart, you'll figure it out. But just remember to choose what makes you happy, and what's best for you, and not just what makes everyone else happy," she reminded me in her motherly voice. My mom swiveled back around and eagerly started all over again with her game.

I sighed, my lips twisting into a distorted frown and pout combo. "Thanks mom…" I think we both know though that it's just a smidgeon more complicated than that, mom, I huffily thought before heaving myself off the couch and shutting myself up in my room. My mom didn't even look up from the computer.

I flopped down onto my bed and buried my face in my pillow. I was exhausted from next-to-no sleep the night before. I started drifting in and out of consciousness before I finally fell asleep.

During my catch-up sleep, I began having a dream.

I was in a giant grassy field with my friends from So Random and Mackenzie Falls with me. Except that my friends from So Random were on my right side, and my other friends from Mackenzie Falls were on my left side, with me as the divider between them.

Everything was fine until both groups started each tugging on an arm like I was a practically indestructible chew toy.

"Hey stop it! Just stop fighting!" I protested, still being shuffled back and forth. "I love you all, just stop it! I'm not going to choose if you keep pulling on me! Ouch!"

They all kept pulling on my arms and yelling at each other, pretty much ignoring me.

Then Lucy, my old friend from Wisconsin, appeared out of nowhere and miraculously, my arms were suddenly free from tugging hands and mean friends. Lucy took my hand with a smile and led me away from the field to my home.

I woke up to the sound of Dr. Phil's theme song blasting from the TV in the living room (my mom's doing) before dream-me could figure out where "home" was.

I lifted my head from the pillow and pushed my rumpled bangs back from my forehead. Great… Now even my dreams were going to be complicated…

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