Chapter Five: I've Made My Decision


"Hi, Lucy."

"Sonny! I'm so happy you called! So what's up? What's going on at the Falls? You haven't called me for forever." I could hear the smile in Lucy's voice through the phone. Same old Lucy.

"Yeah, I know. Sorry, Luce. Things have just been pretty… crazy…" That was putting it lightly.

"Ooh, tell all. What's the drama? Is this about Chad again?" she asked curiously.

"No, this problem is way bigger."


"So Random wants me to come back to the show," I said with desperation leaking into my tone.

There was a loud thud, an "ouch," and close to hysterical laughter to be heard from the other end of the phone.

"Lucy? What happened?" I asked worriedly.

"Oh, nothing, I just fell off my chair. But seriously, that is… wow. I can't believe they would just turn around and want you back like that," Lucy said, awed.

"I know. And now I have to-"

"Sonny, could you hold that thought for a minute?" she asked me sweetly.


"Thanks. Ryan, stop laughing! It wasn't that funny! I'm on the phone, knucklehead!" Lucy yelled in a far away voice at her brother. "Sorry, Ryan's being a pain," she said in her normal, sweet voice.

"Ah, yes, how is Ryan? Has he changed any?" I fell backwards onto my bed and stared up at the ceiling. Huh. It could use a paint job.

"Not really. He's still as annoying as ever. He'd like to think that he's a 'girl magnet' now, though, since he got his braces off and finally ditched those monstrous glasses he used to call 'cool.' But enough about Ryan. Continue with all the drama talk."

"Well, now I have to decide between staying on Mackenzie Falls and going back to So Random. And I only have three weeks left to choose!" Rolling over onto my stomach, I kicked off my shoes and let them thump onto the red carpet below.

"Yikes. That's rough. Which show are you leaning towards?" Lucy asked thoughtfully. I could tell by her voice she was probably doing something else, like painting her nails while we were talking. She was a big multi-tasker. She just wasn't a very good one.

"I don't know. I love them both, and I love both sets of friends equally. Ugh… Help me?"

"Hmm… Well, if I were you, I'd pick So Random," Lucy stated matter-of-factly. "Hey what's a ten-letter word for 'misery'?" she inquired thoughtfully.

"Depression," I said hurriedly. "So, you'd really pick So Random? Seriously? How come?" My body was suddenly upright in bed, my feet swinging impatiently for her answer.

"Ooh, you're good at that!" Lucy said appreciatively. "How about a six-letter word for happy." The sound of a pen tapping against paper filled my ear.

"Luce, could we focus here? I'm desperate for an answer to my solution! And the word is 'joyful,'" I added at the last minute.

"Thought so…" There was five seconds of silence while she scribbled down the answer onto her crossword. Finally she sighed contentedly. "Alright, so here's why. You dreamed about So Random for so long. We used to do a web show with some of the funniest gags on the internet that will never die. One night, we got more hits than iCarly."

"Oh, yeah, I remember that night. That was also the night Maxine and I decided to handcuff you to Ryan as a prank on the show." I laughed at the memory so hard I snorted a couple times. "And then… and then we lost the key to your dog, Piggy, and had to wait until the key… reappeared the next morning…" I said, gasping for air after my laughing fit.

"Yeah, hysterical," Lucy said sarcastically.

The purpose for my reminiscent sigh was to tease Lucy more. "No one else can claim to have had a slumber party quite like that."

"Okay, enough of that topic. My point was that you love doing comedy, right?"


"Well then you belong on So Random!" Lucy exclaimed. "And furthermore… What?"

The sudden sound of her shouting in my ear made me jump a little. "I didn't say anything," I said, giving the phone pressed against my ear a weird look as though Lucy could see me.

"Oh no, I wasn't talking to you. Ryan is bugging me again. Go away!" she shouted.

I held my phone away from my ear a little for fear of bursting an eardrum.

"Just let me talk to her!" Ryan shouted back loudly enough for me to hear him through the phone.

"She is not your best friend, she's mine! Sonny, be glad you're an only child," Lucy said, exasperated.

"She may not be my best friend, but I still want to talk to her! Stop being a control freak!"

I held the phone even farther away from my ear as I could hear the telltale sounds of them wrestling for the phone. Lucy and Ryan had only one thing in common, and that was their birthday. Other than that, they fought worse than any twins I'd ever met. And I'd met more pairs of twins than you'd think.

"Ha! In your face, sucker! Hey, Sonny, how's Hollywood?" Ryan asked smoothly.

Raising an eyebrow in surprise, I had to fight back a laugh. "It's going okay." Inspiration hit me and I smiled. "But hey, I need your opinion. Do you think I should act in So Random or Mackenzie Falls?"

"But I thought you were on So Random," Ryan said thoughtfully.

In the background I could hear an incessant pounding and then Lucy's voice yelling faintly: "Ryan, come out of the bathroom right now! She's my friend!"

Both of us ignored Lucy's complaints and continued talking.

"Well, I was until they kicked me off for reasons that take way too long to explain. So then my boyfriend offered me a job on Mackenzie Falls and that's what I've been working on, but now they want me back, so now I need you…" I trailed off when I saw something sticking out from under my bed. Leaning over, I plucked it off the ground and wrinkled my eyebrows. Hmm, that's weird. I thought I returned Chad's shirt from when I borrowed it that one time. Guess not. Whoops.

"You need me?"

"Huh? Oh no, I meant that I need you to tell me which show you think I should choose," I corrected absentmindedly.

"Oh." My brain must have been playing tricks on me because he actually sounded disappointed. "Well, I guess you should choose Mackenzie Falls," Ryan offered reluctantly.

"Reason," I stated.

"Well… you said your boyfriend is on that show, and if I were him, I'd want you to be on the same show as me."

That got my attention. "Really?"

"Yep, but that's just me. Besides, surely it must be little more fun wearing something other than teapots and fat suits every week to work," Ryan said.

"Ryan don't you dare tell her to join Mackenzie Falls! Ryan! Mom!" Lucy yelled.

"So that's really what you think?" I checked. I didn't know how long it would be before I could get another unbiased guy to give me advice from… well, a guy's perspective.


"Ryan!" It sounded like Mrs. Lindsey decided to step in after all.

"Gotta go! Talk to you later, Sonny." Ryan hurriedly hung up the phone leaving me to ponder the advice I'd just been given. Once again, I was torn between a best friend's expert opinion, and an actual guy's expert opinion.

I smashed a pillow onto my face and screamed, kicking my legs in frustration. Life didn't like me during that time period. Unless of course that was all just payback for forgetting to feed my goldfish when I was ten…

The next day…

I woke up in a bad mood. My sleep had not been dreamless… unfortunately.

In my dream, I'd been in this big room with practically everyone I knew and was friends with surrounding me, all asking me who I chose. Then I'd actually opened my mouth and said: "Okay, I've made my decision. I choose…" And then I woke up. When a person can't even be happy in their dreams, then you know it's bad.

But my day just kept on getting worse from there when I got to work.

"Sonny, Sonny, Sonny, Sonny!" Joanna yelled, scuttling across the set in high heels.

I looked up from my script in time to move out of the way from becoming road kill under Joanna's shoes. "Whoa, what is it, Joanna?"

"Go… to… the… computer…!" Joanna gasped out, pointing to my laptop sitting nearby.

"Why, what's wrong?" I asked, concernedly.

"Channy…" was all she muttered before she shoved me across the floor to my computer. She typed in the web address for Sharona's site and stepped out of the way so I could read the article that was featured on the home page. Uh oh…

My stomach twisted in knots when I saw the picture of Chad and I posing together at an awards show. Oh boy.

The article read:

Dear readers,

Listen hard and listen well because your favorite Sharona has got the all important deets on the hottest new couple. Or, then again, a maybe not so hot couple.

Recently, three unknown mystery sources with squeaky little voices gave Sharona the exclusive on two hot celebrities whose relationship has been under wraps for who knows how long without their fans knowing.

Just remember, kiddies, you heard it here practically first (My assistant Monkey is so fired!). Bad boy Chad Dylan Cooper from our favorite drama show, Mackenzie Falls, and sweetheart Sonny Munroe from the hysterical sketch comedy, So Random, are dating! They're an item, a couple, a thing, no longer on the market. Catchin' my drift?

But as cute as they clearly are together just based off of a picture snapped of the two when they weren't together (as far as Sharona knows) at an awards show, not everyone is particularly pleased with Hollywood's newest couple of the moment.

Whassup? online gave you the first-first scoop on the two cuties and here are a few of the comments some of 'yall left them:

ChortlynFOREVER writes: "NO!!!!!1!!!!! This can't be happening!!! Sunny's not good enough for Chad!!1! Plaese say it ain't so!! Chad and Portlyn are ment to be! Not him and that wannabe actress from the internet!

Aubrey writes: "Shut it ChortlynFOREVER! They're normal people with normal lives and they can date whoever they want! CHANNY forever!"

Lisa_hearts_Twilight writes: "Sharona, stop writing about these two and write about more interesting celebs like Taylor, Robert, and Kristen."

FutureMissusCooper writes: "Sunny Monroe, I've got six words for you. STAY AWAY FROM MY MAN!"

YouraverageallAmericanGirl writes: "Holy crow! Sonny and Chad! Ich! Sonny is wa-ay too nice for a jerk-throb like the 'Center for Disease Control.' Sonny, if you ever read this, DUMP HIM and STOP SELLING OUT!"

Tater tots writes: "Geez guys. Chill out. They're adorable together."

Hopelessly Confused 4ever writes: "Uh, FutureMissusCooper, isn't that five words? Chad and Sonny = True Luv. :)"

Well there are some mixed reactions if I've ever seen them. And those were just a few of the comments some of the guys and gals left about them. I left out the harsher ones for pretty obvious reasons. Sharona writes for the whole family.

Now I will give you my opinion on the Channy (Chad and Sonny. Keep up peeps!) issue. Sharona gives the lovebirds the stamp of UNAPPROVAL. Sorry guys, but that's the direction the cookie is crumbling in Sharona's eyes.

Not to go all creepy psychic on you all but I do not see them lasting long at all. Trust me; opposites will not stay attracted in these two stars' cases. I give them another month, tops.

That's all the star news for now. Leave Sharona a comment at the bottom of this post and tell me what you think about the used-to-be-rivals' new relationship.


After having to have Joanna push my mouth shut again, all I could utter were the words: "'another month, tops'?"

Thanks for reading! More soon! :)

--UPDATE - April 29, 2010--
I'm so sorry, but this is now on permanent hiatus.
If you want to know what she finally chooses and why, PM me and I'll tell you.
Thank you for reading. :-)