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Also is my first story so don't tell me how bad it is or anything and if you have problems with the couples, bite me, I'm not changing it for anyone for stupid reason's such as "IT does it work" or "she's suppose to get with this guy and he suppose to be with her." I have read great stories that have been ruined by such people so don't bother with it.

It is a Naruto/Masane story and I don't plan to harem or anything like that.

I also want to save Shiori if anyone has an idea on how.


Witchblade's host and Excalibur's Birth

"You ready Naruto," an elder frog sitting atop another frog with a chair on its back, "We'll be heading out now."

"Yeah lets go," a blond in a orange jacket and black shorts with three whiskers on each cheek as he starts to head out before stopping, "Um which way to Mount Myoboku?" Sighing the frog pulls out a giant scroll with several names on it explaining how to get their as the blond thinks, 'Yeah, yeah I know about signing the scroll and stuff.'" Naruto tries to ask

As this is happening several figures hidden in the shadows finish their hand seals as their leader wearing a white mask and white cloak smirks under his mask as he turns to them, "Lets report to Danzo," he orders as they jump away.

In a puff of smoke a blond teen appears atop a destroyed building slowly forcing himself up, "Ahhh… my head," the blond teen mutters looking around to see a flooded portion of a large city that he looks around further, "Who am I?" he question before grasping his head and cringing

"Do your best Naruto," a pink haired girl next to a pineapple haired teen.

"Is that my name," the blond question looking at his hand, "Naruto?" He then looks around to see flooded buildings below him, "Where the heck am I?"

"AHHHH!!!!" a women's voice cries out from not far away.

"Huh," the teen mutters looking around as another scream is heard causing him to look towards a first floor above the water of a nearby building, "Over their," he says jumping from the building without hesitation and landing on the water running towards the building.

Inside the building

"Hello," Naruto shouts entering the building and look around hearing muffled cries as he looks around seeing nothing but rubble till he rounds the corner, "What the…" he mutters coming eye to eye with a women being wrapped up in crimson tentacles from a strange silver gauntlet with a red eye looking out it, "Hey hold on," he shouts running over pulling a kunai and grabbing one of the tentacles to cut through it just to have a random tentacle cut through the kunai. "Err damn it," he cries as he starts to pull the tentacles away himself with his bare hands, "Hold on."

"Thank you Thank you," the girl tells him as he removes the tentacles from her mouth but sees something out the corner of her eyes, "Look o…muph" she tries to warn as a tentacle covers her mouth as Naruto looks up at her his azure blue meeting the women's brown.

"What…ahhh," he cries as one tentacle pierces his right wrist and starts to wrap around him, "Damn it all," he cries cringing as he grabs hold of it tightly as he tries to pull it out just as another wraps around his waist.

Unknown to the two the red eye of the quanlet has split into one red eye and one yellow eye and looks at the two entrapped in their tentacles as both struggle to get free, just a baby starts crying.

Hokage's office

"What do you mean he didn't make it?" a busty blond with two pigtails in a green haori with the kanji for gamble on the back.

"When I arrived he wasn't their," the elder toad answered calmly, "but we can confirm the reverse summoning was preformed right on our end so someone had to interfere on this side."

"But who would do that," a pink haired girl question worried, "I mean how many knew when the reverse summoning was going to take place?"

"Who knows," the elder frog answers sadly as he looks out the window, "But I can confirm Naruto is alive somewhere, somehow, but we can't do anything till he summons a toad to his location."

"Now the Kyuubi brat is gone, I can begin my plans," thinks a crippled old man hidden from view.

Eight years later

A six year old girl looks out of the railing of the ship a short haired brunet in an orange jacket and denim jeans behind her with a blond man in a crimson long coat orange shirt and lose fitting black khakis stare towards the island in front of them.

"So this is Tokyo," the girl ask happily eyes the near by city.

"That's right Riko," the women replies leaning down wrapping the girl in a tight hug, "That's where we are going to begin are new life, right Honey?" she ask addressing the blond who leans down giving a large fox like grin.

"That's right Masane," the blond replies happily ruffling the little girls hair as his eyes reflect pure joy, "and the first thing we'll do is find yourself a church, synagogue, or whatever as long as they have a person that can make it official." He tells them pulling a necklace from around his neck before tying it around Masane's neck, "Because we want are family to remain together forever don't we."

"Yeah," Riko yells jumping up and down as Masane looks at the necklace.

"Naruto you sure you want this to be…" Masane tries to ask as the blond man smiles leaning over kissing her deeply as Riko just stares with a happy smile on her face.

"You two are all I need to be happy Masane," Naruto answers giving her a small grin, "So consider that my ring to you," he tells her happily, "the one link to my past and my second most prized possession."

"What's your first," Riko ask curiously as Naruto turns to her with an evil like grin.

" I think that would be easy to figure out little fox," he tells her leaning down and picking her up spinning around with a wide grin, "That would be you and your mom that are my most precise of people."

"Ahhh," Riko shouts as she flies around happily as Masane watches her fingers running along the necklace given to her.

'Thank you Naruto,' Masane thinks as she zones out, 'I couldn't ask for a better father for Riko.' Suddenly she feels a pinching to her cheeks as she comes back to reality for find Naruto pinching her left cheek and Riko pinching her right. "Hey stop that you two," she scolds as Naruto and Riko laugh, before Masane starts laughing with them.

The captain just watches from the wheel house with a smile on his face thinking "Welcome to Tokyo Amaha's."