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This Cannot Be Happening

she's got a smile that would make the most senile
annoying old man bite his tongue
(i'm not done)

she's got eyes comparable to sunrise

and it doesn't stop there (man, i swear)

she's got porcelain skin
(of course she's a ten)

- gym class heroes, cupid's chokehold


"Experiment with her?"

This could not fucking be happening.


But apparently, it was.

"Experiment with her how?"

Let me set the scene for you.

Characters: Me, Edward, Bells, Doctor Vamp, Momma Vamp, Blondie, Monkey Man, the little pixie, and her mate the undead version of Prozac.

Backdrop: the living room of the big house where this whole mess started.

Scenario: Werewolf has just been told that his best friend, imprint, love of his life is soon to be under attack from an army of vampires who want to kidnap and . . . experiment with her.

Ready, set, scene.

"We're still a little fuzzy on the details." Dr. Vamp was talking this time. Edward looked like his jaw had been wired shut. "We don't know much."

"Well, why don't you tell me what you know, Doc," I spat. I heard the bones in my knuckles crack. "'Cause apparently we're on a pretty short schedule and I need to be caught up."

"Calm down, Jacob."

Yeah, he actually had the nerve to say that to me. Calm down, Jacob. No need to get upset, Jacob. It's just your reason for life, your ray of happiness in the world that an army of undead are plotting to come steal away, Jacob. No big deal. Stop being so overdramatic.

"How about I calm down after you tell me what the hell is going on?"

"They want to see if she's fertile." Edward this time. He had apparently unlocked his jaw. "If she can reproduce. They've got Nahuel but can't find his sisters. And now they want Renesmee."

I was pretty sure I was going to puke.

"And – " I had to stop to swallow the dry lump forming in my throat. "And how exactly are they planning on finding this out?"

"The old fashioned way!" Bella burst out, surprising the hell out everybody. I was no Undead Prozac, but I could feel the hate coming off of her. "How else, Jacob?"

Yeah, I was going to puke.

My Nessie. Disgusting, ice-cold, life-leeching bloodsuckers doing . . . that to my Nessie. There was no way in hell that was even coming close to happening.

"Well, what're we gonna do about it?"

We had to do something. We couldn't just . . . sit and wait for them to come and get her. We had to be prepared. How was everyone standing there so calm – why weren't we running, building, making, doing something. Why were we just standing here and talking?

"Alice is trying to see that as we speak," the Doc informed, reaching out to place a cautious hand on my shoulder. I wanted to shove it off – rip it off really, but that could only be counter-productive. I knew he only meant well, but I wasn't feeling very up to dealing with it right now. "We're looking at all our options. Don't worry, Jacob, we're going to make sure Renesmee is safe."

Renesmee. Nessie.

"Where is she?" I asked suddenly, though I already knew the answer since I had just dropped her off. "Is she okay? She – she shouldn't be alone!"

"She's fine for now, Jacob," Esme assured me, taking a hesitant step forward. I still wasn't sure how she managed to look all soft and warm when she was the complete opposite. "You, of course, can go be with her if you want to, or you can stay and plan with us. If you'd rather go be with Renesmee, we can fill you in later."

I was torn. I needed to be fully aware, to know everything there was to know in order to protect. But I also needed Nessie. I needed her. Bad. Like, right now. I needed to see her and touch her and hold her and – damn it.

Nessie won out, every time. I would talk to the vamp clan later.

Edward caught my thought and nodded. At least he got it.

"I'll be back in a couple of hours," I said, more for the benefit of the room than for any real reason since Eddie boy could hear it all. "Just, let me know what all is going on then. I'll do whatever it takes – I'll talk to Sam tonight, but I'm gonna go see Nessie now."

I didn't phase, since I was pretty sure Quil was doing some patrols now and I didn't want to deal with any of that until I was ready. Until I understood it better myself. I jogged a little though, trying to pull my anger back so I would be okay to see Nessie. I pushed away all the sick thoughts of leeches with their hands on her so I wouldn't scream or phase or . . . well, break a tree.

A wave of calm washed over me when I finally jogged up into the small clearing of Edward and Bells' house and I could hear her level heartbeat inside, a little fast like it always was. I didn't really have to, but I could use the extra seconds to get myself together, so I knocked on the door.

"Jake?" Her sweet voice called. She always knew me. A second later the door came open, and there she was. "Did you forget something?"

She left the door open and walked back inside, knowing I would follow. I fell a step or two behind so my eyes could rake over her. She was wearing sweatpants and ratty t-shirt that I'm pretty sure used to belong to Bella, pre-vamp days. She had changed since I dropped her off half an hour ago. Her hair was haphazardly pulled back, curls escaping every now and then in random places. Nothing had ever been more gorgeous.

"Jake?" She asked again, settling back down onto the couch. I took in the books all around her and gathered that she'd been studying. "Are you all right?"

"Sure, sure," I said, maybe a little too quickly, trying to brush it off. I threw myself down next to her, intentionally jostling her books because I knew it bothered her. "Just missed you."

"Missed irritating me," she muttered, tucking a pencil behind her ear and I wanted to kiss her. I had to stop with that. "It's only been half an hour."

"Yeah, well, I got Seth to take over my shift." Shit. Actually, I needed to do that. "I'm going to, anyway. Can I use your phone?"

She nodded to tiny black thing on the coffee table in front of her, and I blessed my long arms when I didn't have to get up to reach it. I started to punch the number, but then realized I didn't know it. I groaned and pushed the end button to erase my mistake.

"Seth's number is in there," she said absently, making a mark on her paper and shuffling it away into another book. "Your shift'll be over by the time you remember it."

I didn't like that. I knew I was being stupid and it was the jealousy of the imprint talking, but I didn't like that she had Seth's number in her phone. What did she need it for? Were they such good buddies that she needed to call him up for a chat every now and then?

Still, I was a little grateful as I scrolled down the S's and saw the number was there. Seth could go run while I sat with Nessie. I pressed call.

See, that was the problem with the imprint. The past year, my feelings for Nessie began changing. I felt like such a pervert at first, since she had the body of a fourteen year old and well, that was illegal in all fifty states. But surprisingly, Edward was the one who made me feel better about it.

"She's physically maturing," he'd said, when my thoughts had erred too far one day last year, lingered on the curve of her neck for a little too long. "So of course you'll notice. But notice too much, dog, and I'll break your neck."

But it's only got worse since then. I didn't dare linger on it anywhere near Edward, but shortly after that conversation, everything burst into full force. I couldn't help it – I mean, just look at her. She was perfection in half-human form – what was I supposed to do with that?

"Jake?" Seth's hesitant voice answered. Satisfaction flooded me at the thought that he automatically assumed it would be me, that he had no reason for Nessie to be calling him. That she had no reason.

"Yeah, man," I said, trying to sound as casual as possible. "Listen, cover my shift for me, all right?"

"Sure. Everything okay?"

"I'll – uh, talk to you tonight."

One thing I liked about Seth, he caught on quick.

"Okay, okay," he said, and I could almost see his head bobbing up and down. "Lemme know if you need anything. Bye."


I hung up the phone to see Nessie watching me casually.

"Ditching work to hang out with me?" She made a faux-stern face and pointed a finger at me. "What a bad Alpha."

"Whatever," I told her, rolling my eyes. I sat up and hung over her shoulder. "What're you doing? Show me."

It was some really complicated math shit that I could care less about and understood even less about, if that was even possible, but I listened for a few minutes anyway.

"Okay, I'm done," I said a few problems later when the most interesting thing I'd seen so far was how she reached up to brush her hair back in between problems. "You're such a nerd, Ness."

"You won't be calling me a nerd when I discover the cure for cancer," she miffed, sticking her nose up in the air a little.

"No, when you discover the cure for cancer, I'll marry you and then kill you so I can inherit the millions you'll undoubtedly make."

She grinned at me and rolled her eyes but my stomach was still a little tight. I think Nessie's cheeks were maybe a little pink too. I can't believe I just said married.

"Are you hungry?"

I nodded, even though for once, I wasn't really. Pictures of red-eyed leeches burst into the front of my mind, their greedy white hands reaching out for my Ness, and I shot them down.

"We have ice cream and chips and I don't know what else," Nessie told me, nodding towards the kitchen. "Hit it up."

The thing is, I really liked to watch Nessie cook. It was right above reading on the list. I think it was a guy thing – but the thought that she was making food for me just really – I just really liked it. I prepared myself to give my best eyelash flutter. Nessie groaned when I delivered it, sagging back against the couch and throwing the humongous book off her lap.

"What do you want?"

I thought about it. I didn't care really. I just wanted to see her move around a little. I was really messed up.

"Macaroni and cheese?"

"Well, that's easy enough," she said, standing up and brushing herself off even though there was nothing to brush. I kept my eyes firmly on her face, since they were fighting me to linger down to where her hands were sweeping her thighs. "I'll see if we've got any. Come on, you're not sitting in here getting comfortable while I'm slaving away in the kitchen for you."

I don't think boiling macaroni and pouring cheese on it actually counted as slaving but I wasn't about to complain. I was coming anyway. The thought that Nessie wanted me with her, for any reason, literally made my day.

I made myself comfortable on one of the barstools against the other side of the kitchen counter while Nessie went to work. She paused to redo her hair, taking it down and gathering it back up and securing it and I watched with more interest than was necessary. I wanted to touch her so bad.

I sat back quietly while Nessie padded around the kitchen, pulling out two family size boxes of mac and cheese and setting a huge pot to boil. There was nothing to do then but wait, so she came and leaned against the counter across from me.

"Are you thirsty?"

"What do you have?"

"Um . . . not much. I made iced tea this morning."

"I'll tell you if it's any good."

She smirked at me and went to the refrigerator and pulled the nearly-full gallon out, then went and pulled my cup from the cabinet. I call it my cup because it was the biggest one they had in the house and was only ever used when I came. She poured me a glass and offered it out.

I already knew it would be good, but the first swallow was always best. I'm sure I was a little biased and the reason it tasted so good to me was because Nessie made it but Nessie, she liked the sugar. The tea was nothing if not sweet.

It was good, but I made myself wince. "Could you put a little tea in with your sugar next time?"

And then, as I knew she would, she returned, "If you don't like it, don't drink it. Stay thirsty."

"I'm just messing with you, Ness." I reached out and nudged her arm, mostly for an excuse to touch her. Her skin was so smooth and closest thing to warm I ever felt nowadays. "What're you doing for the rest of the day?"

"Well, you had patrol, so I was planning on studying some and then cleaning a little," she told me, popping up onto her tiptoes to check the water that was steadfastly not-boiling a few feet away. She was so short. "Mom's gonna get me if my room's not clean by the time she gets back, but that won't take long. But now that you're here I guess the day will be measurably more interesting."

"Aw, Ness," I said, acting like I was putting on but I wasn't. I really was that happy she wanted me around. "I make your life interesting."

"You, the stupid things you do, etcetera," Nessie said, but she grinned. "Also, the fact you can reach the really high stuff helps."

"Good to know I'm useful for something."

Just then the water began to boil and Nessie rushed over and tore the two boxes of macaroni open and poured them in. When she came back, she gave me a slow sort of smile that made my knees go weak.

"You want some?" I asked her, holding out my huge glass and she nodded. It annoyed the hell out of Blondie when Ness drank after me, but that was only one of the perks. I just loved how she didn't care – not that it was a big deal, but you didn't just drink after anybody. Girls didn't, at least.

She took the glass from me, in both hands since hers were so small, and brought it to her lips. I tried not to watch how her lips pressed against the glass, how her throat moved as she swallowed, but I did anyway from the corner of my eye. She pushed the glass back across to me when she was done.

"What do you want to do?"

I just want to make sure you're okay from psycho vamps, I wanted to say. I just want to protect you from everything. I just want to press you up against the kitchen counter and kiss you until you can't breathe. I just want to marry you and spend the rest of my life taking care of you.

"I don't care," I told her instead, shrugging. "I just wanted to hang out. Do whatever you were planning on. I can help you clean your room if you want."

"Like you know how to clean," she snorted, but was making her way back to her bedroom anyway. "Come sit with me and watch, at least."

I did, bringing my glass with me and drinking from it as we went. I wanted to twist the glass around and drink from the same place Nessie had, but I forced myself not to. That was just a little too old-guy-watching-young-neighbor-through-the-window-and-going-through-her-trash for my taste.

I set it down on her dresser and threw myself onto Nessie's bed, which was bigger than mine despite the fact that she was half my size. Her room wasn't really what I consider messy, but Billy said what I considered clean would be reason enough for some people to call child welfare services so maybe I wasn't a good judge.

"Get up so I can make the bed," Nessie instructed and I groaned melodramatically. She always did that. Waited until I laid down on the bed and then told me to get up. I told her as much. "I enjoy watching you suffer. Now get up."

I, of course, obeyed her. And in her defense, she made the bed quickly. She patted the light green and purple comforter when she was done. "You can come lay down now, Jakey."

I threw myself harder onto the bed than before, since I knew the frame could handle it, intentionally messing up the covers. I would straighten them when I got up. Nessie shot me a look.

She began bustling around the room, gathering dirty clothes and throwing them in a wicker basket in the corner of the room. I noticed she made a bit of an effort to conceal something in the clothes and my stomach kind of clenched when I realized it was probably underwear. As a rule, I generally tried not to think of Nessie's underwear, since it led to me thinking about Nessie in her underwear, and then Nessie out of her underwear and – well, that was just wrong.

I mean, her literal age aside, she was physically only about sixteen. I knew she wasn't going to grow anymore, so that excuse really didn't make much sense, but it still felt wrong in my head. And yet so right.

Damn it.

I never made a conscious decision not to tell her about imprinting, but it never came up and then it wasn't the right time and then it was just easier not to and now here we were. And now, I actually had a valid excuse when I didn't want one.

She needed to choose. I knew Nessie loved me – I was her best friend – but if I told her now, she would probably feel . . . pressured. That's the last thing I would ever want, for her to feel like she had to be with me. That would be almost worst than not having her at all.

I guess my mistake had been in always assuming she'd fall for me eventually. I know it sounded cocky, but it wasn't like that. There had just never been a case of it . . . not happening. You imprinted, you lived happily ever after.

And I tried not to think about it much, but now that Nessie's rapid growth has stopped, she'll be able to go out more often and make more lasting friendships with people not of the supernatural variety. What if . . . fuck, what if she met some guy and wanted him? I can't stand in the way of anything she wants, but it would literally kill me to have to watch her with somebody else.

Besides, how do you even say something like that?

Hey, Nessie? You know how I just kind of randomly started hanging out with you from birth even though you were an infant and I was a seventeen year old boy? Yeah, and now we're best friends and tell each other everything, right? Except I kind of forgot one thing: it was because I did this freak werewolf thing on you called imprinting and now I can't live without you. Oh, and also, now that you've hit puberty I can barely control my insane wolf hormones around you and I want to marry you and live the rest of forever happily ever after with you. Is that cool? How about them Mets, huh?

I mean, come on.

"You're being suspiciously quiet," Nessie said, shaking me out of my thoughts. She was putting books back on her huge bookshelf now. "What's everybody doing up at the big house? You stopped by there, right?"

Oh, shit. Psycho vamps. I'd almost forgot.

"Just doing regular vampy stuff, I guess," I lied, avoiding her eyes since I knew she'd be able to tell if she looked. "Bella and Edward were being gross on the loveseat."

That sounded normal, right?


"G-rated grossness, but still."

"Glad you dropped me off first then," Nessie said back, and she had to stretch to place a book a little higher on the shelf. I tried not to look, but I did anyway. And then, "Glad you came back too, even if you had to ditch work."

We always said stuff like this, but for the past year whenever Nessie mentioned something like this, any expression of loving me or spending time with me, my desire to claim her only intensified. The other guys had it so easy compared with this – it wasn't fair. But then again, none of them had a girl as awesome as my Nessie.

"Yeah, well, who else was going to make sure you cleaned your room right?"

"I appreciate your concern," she deadpanned. "Does it meet your standards now?"

I pretended to examine the room. "Well . . . after you vacuum."

She shook her head at me pityingly. "What does your room look like, Jake?"

"Spotless." My grin was wide enough that she knew I was lying. "Much better than this."

"Whatever," Nessie said, rolling her eyes at me again. "I'm gonna vacuum, then go check your macaroni and cheese. Then I'm sitting down because there's a documentary coming on the Discovery Channel that I really want to see."

"Don't tell me," I said, sitting up and taking another long drink of tea. "Something fascinating about bees and their chemical make-up."

Nessie's cheeks went a little pink and I took a second to enjoy the sight.


"What, then?" I asked as she pulled the vacuum from her closet and plugged it in. "Killer whale mating calls?"

"No," she said again, avoiding my eyes. Then just before she switched the vacuum on, drowning out everything else, "It's about wolves."

Damn, Nessie. What am I gonna do with you?

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