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Chapter One: A Day in the Life of a Freedom Fighter

A breeze wafted past two figures walking in between a clump of trees. The smaller figure, a young two-tailed fox, stuck his nose in the air to sniff the breeze as it blew gently by. Taking a moment to sort through the various scents that his sensitive nose was picking up, he found one in particular that tickled his nostrils. He wrinkled his nose in irritation before it got the better of him. He gave a huge sneeze that almost knocked him off balance. He gave a sheepish grin before turning his apologetic gaze to his companion, a blue hedgehog. "Sorry Sonic, but his weird perfume always makes me sneeze!"

Sonic gave Tails a pat on the shoulder. "Don't worry about, big guy. It just makes him easier to find, right?"

The young two-tailed fox eagerly nodded in agreement. "Yeah!"

"Well, so where's it coming from?" Sonic questioned the aspiring young Freedom Fighter.

Tails carefully turned on the spot, nose in the air the entire time. Catching a whiff of the powerful scent, he pointed in a seemingly random direction. "I smell it coming from over there," he stated proudly.

"No sense standing 'round here then. Lead the way, Tails!"

Giving a happy nod, Tails jogged away. Every few seconds, he'd sniff the air; just to make sure he was still on the right track. After a few minutes of the sedate pace, the hedgehog and the fox came across a river.

"'Elp, oh, 'elp!" cried a French-accented voice.

Sonic and Tails raced out of the relative safety of the tree line towards the panicked cry. They turned a bend and came across a strange sight, which, in Sonic's opinion, was not all that surprising.

Antoine was clinging to half-dead branch, suspended part-way over the water. He was hanging upside-down by all fours; his back just barely touching the river. He was whimpering and cringing against the branch as much as his precarious position would allow. The branch shifted a couple of centimetres down and the coyote yelped in fright, all dignity thrown to the winds.

It only took Sonic one glance to take all of this in. "Hang in there, Ant!"

Tails sidled up to Sonic's side. "What do we do? I'd fly him back to the riverbank but…I think he'd be too heavy for me," he said, looking worried and ashamed.

"Do you think you could hold him up for a few seconds?"

Tails quickly pondered this. "Yeah, if I was hovering in the one spot," he stated.

Sonic grinned. "Great, that's all I needed to hear! You fly out there and hold him in the air for as long as you can, okay? I'll race out and grab him before the branch breaks," he explained in a rush, checking to make sure the young fox nodded to show his understanding.

Tails curled his namesakes around themselves and spun them quickly, taking to the air. He angled himself until he was directly above the cowering coyote. "Ant, grab my hands, quick!"

Antoine cautiously released one hand from its death-grip. As soon as the weight on the branch shifted, it slid down another few centimetres. With all of his back now submersed, Antoine screamed again. "Ah, I cannot be letting go!" he yelled.

"Blasted coward!" Sonic muttered to himself angrily. He raised his voice so Antoine would hear him. "Ant, you gotta let go! Tails won't let you fall, but you gotta hurry before the branch does!"

The coyote gave another whimper, but reached up once more.

Tails quickly lowered his altitude and firmly grasped Antoine's hand with both of his. He rotated his tails faster to ascend but found he couldn't. "You gotta let go completely!" he huffed, just starting to feel a slight strain. Antoine reluctantly complied. The young fox gave a small grunt as his arms took on the burden of supporting all of the coyote's weight.

Sonic, seeing what he had been waiting for, revved his legs and sped out onto the branch. He wrapped his arms around Antoine's middle and, turning on a dime, sped back over the ominously creaking branch. He skidded to a halt on the ground, his shoes screeching slightly in protest to the rough treatment. The branch finally gave way behind him, detaching from the bank and hitting the water with a splash. It slowly floated downstream with the flow.

Tails landed beside the blue hedgehog, puffing slightly from the effort. Normally such a thing would be easy for him, but the young kit had been walking for a couple of hours through the woods and was rather tired. He sat down, deciding to give his poor feet a break.

Sonic, meanwhile, looked at the bedraggled form he was still holding in his arms. Knowing that his fellow Freedom Fighter was trembling but unharmed, he unceremoniously dropped Antoine, the coyote hitting the hard ground with a dull thud.

"Oof!" the former squire exclaimed as the breath was knocked out of him by the short fall. He quickly sat up and shook his head to clear it of the slight ringing. "While I am thanking you for your 'elp, I 'ad everything under control," Antoine said, somewhat snootily, as he turned his head to the side to avoid facing his rescuer.

"It sure looked that way from where I was standing," Sonic instantly replied. "How'd you end up hangin' off a branch over a river anyway? You were supposed to stick to the woods!"

Cowed, but not willing to show it, Antoine tried to think of an adequate response. "Well, you see…I was thinking zat maybe ze tracking would be 'arder to do if I was to be crossing ze river. Water hides sense; zis is true is it not?"

"That's scents not sense!" the hedgehog said, now thoroughly annoyed.

"Zat is what I said!" Antoine huffed, pouting like a little kid.

"No, you - oh forget it!" Sonic said, giving it up as a lost cause. "C'mon, let's just head back to Knothole."

"Okay, but do we have to walk all the way back?" Tails whined.

'Kid's feet must hurt,' he thought. 'I'd carry him in my backpack, but it's still got our food in it. I won't feel too bad if I run while dragging Ant behind me, but I don't wanna haul Tails around by the arm if I don't have to. Well, we'll get rid of the food then. It's lunchtime, anyway!' he happily thought, glancing at the position of the sun. "We'll take a break and have lunch first," he announced.

They walked a short way into the forest, stopping at a small glade that was far enough away from the river so that the sound of running water could no longer be heard.

Sonic and Tails plonked their behinds straight on the ground, the hedgehog already digging through his pack for their supplies. Antoine sniffed in apparent disdain and - in a way some might describe as 'daintily' - seated himself on a fairly smooth, flat rock that was jutting out of the earth. "What is for lunch?" he asked, his French accent twisting some of the pronunciation.

"Well, me an' Tails here are gonna be munchin' on chilidogs. I know you're not exactly fond of 'em, but that's really all I got," Sonic answered, ignoring Antoine's disbelieving look at his reply.

"Are you sure?" the coyote half-pleaded.

Sonic stuck one of his hands back into his pack, fingers searching every nook and cranny. Feeling the material of his glove brush against something, he latched onto it and held it out to see what it was.

It was a simple sandwich wrapped in a special type of leaf that did a fairly good job of keeping out heat, thereby making the sandwich stay fresh longer. It was hard to tell what type of sandwich it was, but Antoine pounced on it like it was a lifeline.

The 'Blue Blur' swiftly retracted his hand in case Antoine tried to take a bite out of it. He watched in horrified awe as Antoine, usually so dignified with such things, stuffed the sandwich down his face like the speedster ate chilidogs. It was quite an eerie sight to behold.

Tails, too, was feeling a little unnerved by the display. 'I can't wait until we get back to Knothole. I just hope Ant starts acting like himself again when we get there!' the kit thought anxiously. He didn't like it when someone acted differently than normal. He still remembered the robot that Robotnik had disguised as his Aunt Sally. He never wanted to repeat such a horrible experience again.

Antoine Depardieu sat, waiting as patiently as he could, as his companions finished their meals. The two had made short work of the five chilidogs Sonic had packed. Seeing that they had finished, he spoke up. "We go now, yes?"

"Yeah, yeah Ant, we're ready. Are your feet sore, big guy?"

"Just a little…" Tails mumbled. "But I can make it back!" he said hastily, fearing that his hero would think he was weak.

"Never said you couldn't. I just thought you'd like to ride with me seeing as how my backpack's empty now and all…" he trailed off dramatically, knowing his 'little brother' would take the bait.

"Wow, you really mean that?" Tails asked excitedly.

Sonic nodded and grinned. "'Course I do!"

Tails appeared to ponder his options for a moment. It was just theatrical though, as he'd made up his mind the instant he had heard the proposition. He still made a show of playing it up. "Well…if you're absolutely sure…"

Resisting the urge to roll his eyes, Sonic simply turned around, presenting Tails with the empty backpack. The little fox dived in obligingly. "What about you, Ant? You gonna walk or hitch a ride with me?"

"Moi, ride with the likes of you?" he said in a mildly disgusted tone. "What has possessed you to be thinking such an outrageous thing of someone such as - EEEEYAAH!"

The azure-coloured hedgehog looked at the quivering lump that had suddenly attached itself to him like a limpet. Looking down in curiosity, Sonic saw a small black spider quickly scampering away from the shrill noise. "Jeez, Ant…it was just a spider! It was tiny, too!" Shaking his head in resignation, he added, "and since you're here, I'll just carry your sorry butt back to Knothole. Ready back there, Tails?"


"Then let's juice!"

"Are they back yet?"

Bunnie let her normal hand fall to rest on Sally's shoulder.

"Ah don't see what you're so worried about, Sally-girl. Well, ah know Sugah-hog can take care of himself and Tails. That li'l fox is a smart lad, he knows to avoid danger," she reassured, her Southern accent plain to the ear.

"Yes, I know…but I can't help but worry. I know they won't leave the Great Forest, but what if a 'bot's roaming around?"

Bunnie was about to answer when three figures shot out of the tunnel they were standing next to. As three heads popped up from the straw pile, the rabbit saw that it was Sonic, Tails and Antoine.

Sally had seen them as well. "Sonic Hedgehog! Would you mind explaining what took you so long?"

The angry-sounding feminine voice assaulted his ears as he jumped free of the straw at the base of the secret entrance. His ears quickly flicked down before springing back, the only sign of his trepidation. "Hey, Sal!" he cheerfully replied.

Princess Sally placed her hands on her hips and her brows were drawn into a frown; a clear indicator that she was not happy or amused.

"Hi, Aunt Sally! You should've seen the brave and daring rescue we pulled off!" Tails piped up, eager to tell his 'aunt' of the little adventure near the river.

Sally raised a questioning eyebrow at Sonic before turning all of her attention to the young fox. "A rescue, you say? Well, since I didn't get to see it, why don't you tell me all about it?" she kindly asked Tails.

He readily agreed, launching into his tale. Sally nodded at the start, happy that they were following protocol. She frowned as Antoine's predicament was described; shooting a quick glance at the coyote to make sure he was fine. As the kit got to the point where he held Antoine up, Sally smiled and gave him a quick hug as praise for his good work. She flashed a grateful smile to Sonic when Tails concluded his recount, his namesakes swishing through the air behind him due to his excitement.

"A brave and daring rescue indeed. Great job!" Sally said, giving the young fox a soft kiss on his nose. She was rewarded with a wide grin. After shooing him away to play, Sally's own smile faded a bit as she turned to the other two males. "Is what he said true?"

"My princess, I -"

"Yeah, it's true," Sonic said, cutting off the coyote. "Ant thought he'd make it harder for Tails by crossing the river to help cover his scent."

Antoine gave Sally a sad look. "It would 'ave worked if ze branch was not rotting!"

Sally simply nodded, ignoring his puppy-eyes expression. "Yes, that was a good idea to use the water. But Antoine, you would have had to actually go in the water for your scent to be erased. Next time you try it just make sure you can swim or wade across safely, preferably near some kind of bridge that won't fall, okay?"

"Oui, my princess."

"Good. Well, none of you were hurt and that's the main thing. You two should go and rest for a bit," She said, staring at them in a no-nonsense way; arms crossed and a hard look in her eyes that refused to be argued with.

Which, of course, Sonic ignored. "But, Sal -"

"No 'buts', Sonic Hedgehog."

"Yeah, but!"

"No, Sonic. I know you're full of energy and you're probably not tired in the least, but please? I'll feel a whole lot better if I know you're resting your feet and relaxing for a while," Sally wheedled, knowing how hard it was for Sonic to refuse a simple request from her.

"Oh, alright… I'll see ya later then," he sighed. He walked off towards his hut, the picture of mock dejection as his ears drooped. Even his quills seemed to droop as he shuffled off in an exaggerated manner.

Sally had to work to keep an amused grin from appearing as she watched him trudge away.

Antoine gave her a bow and marched to his own hut in a more dignified manner.

Bunnie gave the princess a sidelong glance while smiling. "See, what'd ah tell ya?"

"I know, Bunnie, I know. I just can't help it," Sally replied, not looking at her friend.

'You've fallen for that li'l Sugah-hog harder than any ol' bot could ever knock you down!' The rabbit thought, turning away from the princess with a knowing smile. Bunnie wisely kept that thought to herself, however, as Sally was a little too frazzled to take such a comment calmly.

Sonic had stretched out on his couch when he had gotten home. After he woke up and saw the time, he realised that he must have dozed off.

Sally had arranged a meeting for the Freedom Fighters near the Power Ring pool later that day. Checking his watch he sighed with relief when he noticed that he hadn't missed it. Though, he might if he hung around his hut much longer. 'I got about six minutes. Quick inventory check; watch? Yep, definitely. Backpack? Uh, do I need it for a meeting? Nah. Gloves and shoes? Of course, I never took 'em off,' he thought with a chuckle. "All set then." Deciding to kill some of his spare time by walking there, he closed his door behind him and set off.

The temperature in Knothole at this time of year was beautiful. It was mid-Spring and it was the perfect time to take in the scenery. The lush green grass was peppered with colourful flowers, the area just begging you to lay there and admire nature.

Sonic deeply appreciated all of it. One day, he and the others hoped to recapture Robotropolis and restore it back to the way it was. Mobotropolis had been a beautiful city; a wonderful blend of buildings and nature. None of the Mobians knew why the Overlanders seemed to dislike plant life. Sonic had only ever encountered two of them - Robotnik and Snively - so he was unsure if any other Overlanders held the same contempt for nature.

Once Robotnik was overthrown, as Sonic knew he would be one day, it would take a long time for the city to become what it once was. It would take even longer for the pain and memories to fade. The emotional scars from this war would linger long afterwards though many say that time heals all eventually.

Shaking his head, Sonic tried to stop the direction his thoughts were wandering. Ducking under a hanging tree branch, he emerged into the clearing in front of the pool. Sally and Bunnie were already there, sitting on a small, fallen tree that had been converted into a seat, and absorbed in conversation. Sonic walked over to them and sat down on a rock not far from the tree. "Hey girls," he greeted.

"Hey, Sugah-hog!"

"Hello, Sonic. Did you get some rest?"

"Yes, I ended up taking a nap. Happy?" he said, rolling his eyes in mock exasperation.

Sally didn't take the bait. "Yes, I'm very happy. Good to hear that you listened to me for once," she calmly retorted.

"I listen!" he said indignantly.

"Sure you do, Sonic."

Sonic sent her an innocently injured expression. "Cold, Sal, real cold."

Sally smirked at him but was distracted by Rotor's arrival. She and the others greeted him and resumed waiting. They couldn't officially start the meeting until everyone was present. Sonic had just started tapping his foot in impatience when Antoine burst into the clearing.

Antoine, who had tripped on a protruding tree root, dusted off his attire. "Forgiving me for my rude entrance, Princess," he said in a formal tone. She inclined her head and the coyote took it as his cue to sit down.

"Right, now that we're all here I can tell you some important news I received from Charles," Sally began, all light-hearted bantering gone.

"Is it good or bad?" Rotor asked.

Sally sighed. "I'm afraid it's bad, Rotor. I received the bird carrying the message right before Sonic, Antoine and Tails left on their tracking exercise."

"Oh, so that's why you raced up to us and said there was gonna be a meeting?" Sonic inquired, recalling the whole thing.

"Yes. According to Charles, Robotnik has started construction of a new SWATbot factory. From what he's overheard, Robotnik plans to amass enough of them to have an army!"

Bunnie gasped, "Oh mah stars!"

"An ARMY!?" Antoine squeaked out in alarm. "Sacre bleu!"

Rotor had a very worried look on his face while Sonic frowned. "So how bad are we talkin' if Lard Butt gets this thing up an' running?" Sonic asked, the frown not leaving his face as he looked at Sally for an answer.

"How bad?" Sally repeated incredulously. "Let's just say that with SWATbot production doubled, possibly more, he can easily have enough to obliterate the Great Forest inside of a month or two. That's how Charles has worked it out. He even factored in the average amount of SWATbots you trash every time you go to Robotropolis," Sally finished grimly, staring Sonic straight in the eyes.

Sonic's eyes widened for a second before the seriousness of the news took over. "So what's the plan, Sal?"

"I only have a rough outline so far. I called this meeting so that we could iron out the details. I'm going to need all of us to bring this factory down. Charles says it isn't complete yet, so now is the perfect time to strike. NICOLE, pull up new factory schematics," she said, holding out her handheld computer.

"Yes, Sally," the robotic female voice responded. A few seconds later, a holographic display of the unfinished building was projected into the air.

"Charles managed to download this for us. It shows how much of the work is complete and the entire mainframe of the structure. Bunnie, you'll be with me. I'll be searching for weak points in the framework and I'll need you to take them down. Antoine, Rotor, you two will be heading here," she said, indicating a spot on the display with a slender finger. "It won't do us much good if we simply take down the building. He can easily rebuild anything we destroy. Charles said we need to hack into the factory's network and delete any information it holds. He says that the new factory's network is separate from everything else to help prevent any malfunctions. Rotor, you will do the hacking and Antoine will be your lookout. Everybody with me so far?"

A chorus of affirmative answers sounded throughout the clearing. Sonic opened his mouth to ask what his role was, but Sally beat him to it.

"Sonic, you'll have the most important job. You'll be our guard. We'll be taking our communicators, but they are to be used only in the strictest of emergencies. They'll be set to a specific frequency that only Sonic's will pick up," she explained, emphasising her point with a warning look at Antoine. Everyone present knew that the coyote had a habit of panicking and calling for help at the slightest provocation. "Sonic, it'll be your job to keep your eyes and ears peeled for any trouble. With your speed, you'll be able to reach any of us quickly if we need help."

"Right, leave it to me!" the hedgehog said. "I'll be there for ya in a sonic second!"

"Good to know. The next Power Ring isn't due for about another half-hour. I want you all to take that time to prepare, as we're going in after we have the ring. We need to take down that factory ASAP, so we don't have time to spare. Grab only the supplies you'll need and meet back here as soon as you're ready. I'll be waiting here keeping an eye out for the ring," she finished.

Interpreting her silence as their dismissal, the others hurried off to gather the appropriate supplies. Most of them only needed to grab their personal communicators. The grave news and upcoming mission had them all a little on edge and they went about their tasks in relative silence.

Sonic was the first one to return to the clearing a couple of minutes later. He had his communicator strapped to his left wrist, as his watch was on his right, and he was wearing his backpack. The azure hedgehog reclaimed his seat and kept half of his attention on the body of water close by.

Rotor came next quickly followed by Antoine. Bunnie arrived a minute later. Sally gestured for them to hold out their communicators. Once they did, Rotor took them and recalibrated the frequencies to match what Sally wanted. The walrus would have to change them back when this mission was done, but he didn't mind. His task done, he handed the little devices back, making sure to return them to their proper owners. They huddled closer as Sal began hashing out a route for them to enter the city by. They spent the next half-hour going over details. The group was only interrupted when the Power Ring arose from the water. Sonic swiftly snatched it and stashed it in his backpack.

"Okay, are you guys absolutely sure you're all ready?" Sally asked, her eyes darting from one to another as she waited for answers. Everyone did one last check and gave affirmative replies. Satisfied, Sally gestured for them to move out. Following her lead, they exited Knothole discreetly and made their way through the Great Forest.

They used all available cover when crossing the meadow that separated the forest from the metal city. They ducked behind bushes, crawling as low to the ground as they could, and darted into whatever shadows afforded them a temporary hiding place. Antoine, Sonic knew from personal experience, hated filth in any form. He hated it around and especially on him. All the crawling was leaving dirt smeared down the front of his uniform and the others could just make out his low, but vehement, grumblings.

The grass eventually came to an end. Where it ended, the pollution began. The ground was overcast by a thick layer of smog that, during the day, blocked out most of the sun's light. It was almost impossible to see anything in Robotropolis at night. Regardless of this fact, the small band of Freedom Fighters continued deeper into the metallic maze. Sally had not permitted them to bring flashlights, as the ray of light could easily give them away. Instead, they moved slowly, examining the ground before putting a foot forward to avoid stepping on - or bumping into - something.

Sonic's eyes, a little sharper than the others, and his knowledge and experience concerning the grungy city made him the best guide available. He led them partway through the streets until they were forced to separate. Rotor and Antoine went left, walking carefully down an alleyway that would take them very close to the terminal they needed to access. It was a little ways away from the actual factory. Charles had theorised that it was like that for safety reasons. The two girls went the opposite direction; down a fork that headed right. Sonic continued ahead, walking as straight as the buildings allowed. He was to stay directly in the middle of the two parties, as it afforded him the best vantage point should one party be attacked.

The walrus and the coyote reached their destination first. It looked like a slightly-larger-than-normal access keypad. It was set higher up the wall than most and Rotor had to stand on the very tips of his toes to reach the bottom set of buttons. He frowned as he realised that he was too short. 'He probably set it so high into the wall to stop us from reaching it. It wouldn't bother him, or one of his SWATbots, but it certainly bothers us Mobians,' the purple walrus thought in dismay. He quickly swept his eyes over the area for anything that would be sturdy enough for him to stand on. His search yielded no results. Getting desperate, Rotor motioned Antoine over to him. "Sorry, Antoine, but I need you to give me a boost," he whispered.

"A boost?" Antoine parroted.

"Yeah. I can't reach the terminal and there's nothing here to stand on. Except you," Rotor explained, grinning at the coyote helplessly.

"WHAT?" Antoine screeched in outrage. "You want to stand on moi?" he continued, not bothering to lower his voice.

Rotor pounced on him and clamped his mouth shut. "Are you trying to get us captured?" he hissed in Antoine's furry ear. The coyote gave a muffled whimper. Backing off, Rotor glared at him. "Come on, we're wasting time."

Antoine gave in and walked over to the wall. He hesitantly got on his hands and knees, cringing at the filth on the ground. As Rotor stepped onto his back, he let loose a silent grunt from the strain. He mumbled in a continuous stream of words while his companion worked. "Oh, this is so humiliating! What would my Princess say? I cannot face her covered in such muck! How will I clean it off before she is seeing me?"

Sally had no such qualms about grime. She had made her way to the new SWATbot factory and was currently hiding behind a corner of the closest building next to it. Whipping out NICOLE, she instructed the handheld computer to bring up a schematic of the factory. Sally scrutinised the hologram carefully, but could see nothing in the way of what she was looking for. "NICOLE, highlight appropriate areas on display when you locate enough weak points in the structure's mainframe to destroy it," the ground-squirrel commanded.

"Yes, Sally," responded the device. NICOLE hummed quietly, her scanners searching the uncompleted factory. It wasn't long before a tiny red dot showed up on the holographic display. "One weak point found," she said monotonously. "Continuing search."

Sally turned to Bunnie. "Once we've found enough weak points to bring the building down, we'll move in. I'll find the exact spots as quickly as I can. As soon as I find one, you'll have to punch it as hard as you can. After that, we need to find the others quickly and repeat the process before something comes to investigate the noise," she whispered.

"Gotcha, Sally-girl!" Bunnie whispered back brightly, despite the serious nature of the mission.

Sally Acorn smiled; glad to have a friend like the southern belle before her. The two switched their gazes back to the display, anxiously awaiting the appearance of another dot of red light.

Sonic whistled as loudly as he dared in the echoing confines of another alley. 'I feel so useless just standing around here. I'm supposed to be their guard, but I won't know if anything's wrong until they call me for help!' he thought with no small amount of frustration. 'Maybe there is another way I can help out! If I run a fair distance away and cause a distraction, all the 'bots in the area should come after me. I am "Priority One: Hedgehog" after all. They're bound to come hounding my tail. That'll mean that there'll be less 'bots around the others. It's perfect!' Sonic chuckled in satisfaction at his own brilliance. "Time to go to work," he whispered happily.

At the far end of the alley, he poked his head around the corner to check for enemies. The coast was clear. Darting out, he weaved through the city until he was a good half a mile away from both teams. Grinning widely, he grabbed a rusted pipe that was lying on the ground and began clattering around, trying to make as much noise as he could to attract attention. He pretended to be attempting to smash down the nearest door so that whoever spotted him wouldn't become suspicious at his sudden raucous behaviour.

Barely a minute later, one of Robotnik's floating security cameras drifted around the corner. Its lens instantly focused on the blue object in its sights. It hovered there, transmitting its video feed to a monitor in Robotnik's main control room.

In that very room, Robotnik sat, his back turned to the screens. Snively saw the feed stream through. He was instantly alert. "Hedgehog sighted in sector six, sir!" he announced in his usual nasally voice.

"The hedgehog?" Robotnik repeated, swivelling his chair around to see for himself.

"Yes, sir. He seems to be breaking into one of the old warehouses," Snively reported.

"What could that miserable rodent possibly want in one of the old warehouses?" the beefy dictator pondered aloud. "Must be after some obscure thing for the princess, I suppose. I want the patrols nearest the hedgehog to go after him. I want that wretched vermin captured!" he snarled, glaring at his unfortunate nephew.

"Right away, sir!" Snively squeaked. He hastily spun around and flicked on the SWATbot communication link. "All patrols near sector six converge on target; Priority One: Hedgehog!" There was no reply, but it didn't faze the two Overlanders. A few of the other monitors showed that the order had been received as the SWATbots suddenly switched direction and marched toward Sonic's location.

"Excellent," Robotnik breathed out.

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