An F again hmmm? You're stupid. You're a stupid worthless pile of trash.

The voice was back.

Zack stared angrily at the failed test that had just been placed in front of him. It was the third test he had failed that week and it was really starting to get him down.

I bet you're brothers done better than you. He always does, but then again... so does a mouse.

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!!

I'm only speaking the truth

For two weeks now the voice had been following him, haunting his dreams. Every time it spoke to him in that snide, weasily little voice, Zack felt like screaming. It was always there, never leaving, always taunting him.

"Hey Zack! What didja get?" Cody asked a little too enthusiastically, only to be greeted by Zack's death glare.

"Ouch. That bad?"

Zack looked glumly at the floor.

"Don't tell me you got another F?! Zack that's the third one this week!! Moms gonna freak!"

Third? You're dumber than i thought


"Honestly though Zack, how did you fail? The test was multiple choice!"

"Enough! So i failed ok? I don't care! Just leave me alone you annoying loser!"

"Loser?" Cody said. Forgetting to keep the hurt tone out of his voice. A wave of guilt swept over Zack, but he quickly brushed it away.

"I may be a 'loser' Zack, but at least when i grow up I'm gonna be the twin who has a good job, the twin who will have a family and friends. But what are you gonna have? You're going to bethe twin who doesn't have a job, you'll go from girlfriend to girlfriend and they'll all break up with you because you'll be the loser. You'll drink, you'll smoke and you'll possibly even do drugs! So go ahead Zack. Call me a loser, but in the future it will be you."

Ha! Couldn't off put it better my self


Zack stormed through the streets. Angrily fighting away tears.

Cody doesn't really think that does he?

I wouldn't blame him if he does, he's got you pegged

No... he couldn't mean it....he... i mean...

You mean he's right, you are the loser twin

I'm not!

Then how come you're so useless?

Absentmindingly he walked into Hugo's convenience store, flicking through random sports magazines.

I'm not useless. I was the all-star on my school basketball team

Exactly. Was, as in no longer

How many times do i have to say shut up before you get the bloody message??!!

Just a few more times. I like hearing you get frustrated.

Four guys in large black hoodys entered the store, together they strode up to the counter. "Give us the money." The middle one stated.

"I...I'm sorry?" the cashier said.

"Give. Up. The. Money." He pulled out a gun. "Now."

"Ummmm, uh... o...ok..." He stuttered. Pulling out wads of dollar bills.

"Now, close your eyes." He did as he was told. The man pushed the gun to his head, and then pulled the trigger.

"What the-"Zack shouted, shocked to see the body of cashier falling to the floor. Suddenly the men in the black hoodys turned, noticing Zack for the first time. The leader face turned into a twisted, sinister smile.

Slowly, he picked up a match, and burned the place down.


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