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~A Romantic Comedy By Akai Ku

"You think you're all done; That you've reached the End. Well, whenever you think you've finished something, a little bit of it lives on. Then you get a new Beginning for something else. When you boil right down to it, everything is just Endless. Hatashenai."
~Byakko no Miko

Empty. That's what it felt like: ****n' empty. "People are such damned jerks," Genrou grumbled to himself. "Gettin' yerself either killed 'r reincarnated..." He then thought of a certain quartet of Suzaku no Seishi. "Or BOTH!" He paused. "An' where th' hell is that damned monk?! Just runs off an'..." Genrou lost himself in a quiet sea of mutterings and curses. Once better known as Tasuki, Genrou had returned to his position as the leader of the Mount Reikakuzan Bandits. It'd been two years since their little "Memory Stone Escapade", two years since he'd seen Taka, Miaka, or even Chichiri. It was getting rather lonely, being Genrou again. (Not that he'd admit it, of course)But as he'd said years before, the boys came first.

"Knock-Knock!" The Phantom Wolf groaned. 'Not this shit again...'

"Yeah, who is it?" The voice outside continued. "It's me, Kouji! Yeah, so whaddya' want? I wanted t' talk t' ya about a new recruit! Then git yer ass in here! Come on in!" The door swung open, revealing Genrou's best friend and right-hand-man, and also a big idiot, Kouji.


"So, what's this crap about a new recruit?" Genrou asked, sounding only half-interested as he chewed on a chicken leg. Or a something leg. One could never tell.

Kouji grinned. "I've never met such a ****n' good blade-thrower, Genrou!! So frikkin' good it's damn-right SCARY! That 'un looks like one helluva fighter. She's amazin'!"

Genrou spat the UFM (Unidentified Flying Meat) across the room. "_SHE_?!!!!!!"

Kouji groaned. 'Not this shit again...'

Kouji adopted an ultra-pleasant look on his face. "Allow me: 'Kouji, I don't ****n' like girls!! I've told you that a million Suzaku-damned times!!' 'What about the Suzaku no Miko, eh? EH?!' 'Shut the **** up!! That's different!!' 'Not all peoples of the female gender are bad, Genrou.' 'Feh. Prove it.' 'Why don't you ****n' DISprove it!!' 'Grrr...' 'Put the tessen down, Genrou. Just give the chick a shot.' 'Gra... Fine!' 'Arigatou!!'"

Kouji grabbed The-Bandit-Foremerly-Known-As-Tasuki and hauled him forcibly toward the door.

"Dammit Kouji, can't you just keep that crazy shit to the Suzaku-damned dooooooooooor?!!"


In the main hall of the Mount Reikakuzan Bandits' hideout, there was quite a commotion. Drinks were being poured, the jingling and rattling of ryou echoed, and the sound of men laughing rowdily filled the hall.

"Shh! It's the Boss!!"

Having regained his composure, Genrou stepped calmly into the room. He was dressed in his great black aqua-collared cloak, kept around his white blouse by a brown leather belt at the waist, and a gold clasp around his torso, his diamond tessen thrust in its back. He wore gray slacks, barely visible beneath his cloak, and knee-high black leather boots. His trademark jewelry, the two necklaces and earrings, shimmered. "Funny how he can wear those things and not look like a total pansy-ass," Kouji had often remarked wryly. His unruly flaming orange hair was dashed atop his head, as if added there quickly as an afterthought to the bandit-lord's appearance.

Genrou The Phantom Wolf grinned, revealing his two wolf-like fangs. "OK, what's this I hear about a new recruit?"

Immediately a chorus of unintelligible words, sprinkled with the occasional "Boss," seemed to attack Genrou. He listened until he got fed up with it, which took him about 3.2 seconds.



Genrou blew a wisp of orange hair that had strayed over his eye away nonchalantly before continuing. "Good. Now, I don't wanna' hear none o' yer crap. Lemmee hear the crap straight from th' horse's mouth!"

The mob of bandits parted like the waters of the Red Sea to reveal a figure roughly five and a half feet tall standing alone. She was wearing a faded red tunic, ragged in a few places, and rough brown slacks. Like Genrou, she wore boots instead of the traditional Chinese velvet shoes, though hers were just a bit higher than the ankle and brown. Her hair was a messy dirty-blond, cut very short and held out of her face by a red strip of cloth that looked as is it had been torn from her tunic. Slung around her torso and waist were belts stuffed with all kinds of knives, too many to count or describe.

But her face was the most intriguing aspect about her. Her eyes were a hazel hue that looked green one moment, blue the next, or green again. One could get lost in them. They were very distinct eyes -Genrou had never seen a pair like that in his entire life. Below the left was a thin scar that ran diagonally down her face and across the bridge of her nose, stopping just under her right eye. It wasn't a very bad one, as it was so thin, but Genrou was the type of person who noticed everything.

The scar, the short hair, the weaponry, the outfit (Not to mention, as a certain bandit present would mention, a bit of a lack of "bustiness"), and the general look of ruthlessness about her combined made it necessary for Genrou to blink a few times before realizing THIS was the alleged female bandit.

"This is the new recruit, eh?" He asked, his voice casual and laid-back. "So what're you in thi- HEY!!"

The female bandit had apparently grown bored very quickly, and was absentmindedly toying with two of her knives, both long, slender, and steel, tossing them in the air, twirling them, etc, while looking in a completely different direction.

'Whoa...' *sweatdrop*

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said, flashing a quick grin. "What did you say? I wasn't listening." She didn't give him a quirky wink like most girls would've. But the smile was almost half as bad.

*pop* *pop* *pop* Went the veins on Tasuki's forehead. "Grr... Why do want to join my boys?!"

She shrugged. "Money... Fun. I'm a bored person. This might cure my boredom..."



She shrugged. "Yeah. Oh yeah, and th' money."

"Grrrr..." The thunderclouds above Genrou's head were clearly visible. "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, ANYWAY!?!!"

The woman brushed a strand of hair behind her ear. She flipped the blade-up daggers into the air, caugh them by their hilts, and thrust them into her belt in one fluid motion.

"Me? I'm called Rasukonza The Tigress. Known for my blade-throwin'. Oh, an pilfering o' course."

Genrou grinned wolfishly, exposing his two infamous fangs. He undid both belts, then slowly slid his cloak off over his shoulders, eyes never leaving Rasukonza. His shedded gear dropped to the ground, tessen and all, with a soft thud, leaving him standing in the loose shirt and slacks. He rolled his right sleave down, displaying his Constellation Symbol.

"Me? My name's Genrou, Th' Phantom Wolf. Though for awhile, I was known as Tasuki of the Suzaku no Seishi. I don't like fightin' girls... Hell, I don't like girls much at all. But yew... Yew don' leave me much o' a choice now, do ya?" His grin broadened. "So, lezzee how well a tigress..." He assumed a battle-stance. "CAN DEFEND HERSELF AGAINST A WOLF!!"