Chapter 79

An angel is taught three things from birth. The first is that we are meant to be patient. The second is that we are meant to be obedient. The third is that we are meant to love. While I sat in the center of that circle of fire, I heartily cursed all three things that had been ingrained since birth. I glared at the flames that were burning around me and sighed heavily. I felt an odd vibration in my pocket and reached for it. It was my phone and I wondered how it worked where I was but shrugged.

"Hello," I answered.

"Kelsey!" Bobby's voice boomed in my ear. "Where in the Hell are you?"

"Uh," I glanced around at my surroundings. "I'm not in Hell."

"What?" Bobby growled.

"I'm not in Hell," I replied. "I'm in Heaven."

"How are you getting phone reception up there?" Bobby sounded doubtful.

"I don't know," I answered. "I'll ask when they come to feed me. Oh wait, they don't feed prisoners up here."

"Prisoner?" Bobby's voice went up a notch. "You're a prisoner?"

"Yep," I told him.

"What the hell are you doing being a prisoner?" he demanded. "Wait a second, how can you be imprisoned? You're an angel."

"There are ways to imprison us," I sighed. "Unfortunately other angels know how to do it."

"Lucifer is still an angel isn't he?" Bobby asked.

"You really shouldn't ask questions you already know the answer to Bobby," I said quietly.

"Damn it!" he snarled. "Maybe you can stage a jail break and save those two idiots."

"Which two would those be?" I asked.

"Sam and Dean," Bobby muttered.

"What happened?" I pressed.

"Somehow Sam got out and met back up with Ruby," Bobby explained. "The long and short of it is that Dean tracked down Sam and they got into a huge fight which left Dean bloody on the floor and Sam out the door with Ruby."

I swore at that.

"Kelsey," Bobby chuckled. "Where did you learn those words?"

"From you," I hissed. "Continue."
"Well, after I tried to knock some sense into Dean and get him to go after his brother, he vanished."

I pulled the phone away from my ear and stared at it.

"Kelsey?" Bobby's voice sounded louder.

"Uh, Bobby," I felt my brow knit into a frown. "I'm going to have to get back to you."

"Kelsey there's only one seal left to break," he said quietly.

I closed my eyes for a moment and counted. "Lay low Bobby," I told him. "Just stay out of the way."

"I'm packing up as we speak," Bobby agreed. "But the thing that disturbs me is how Sam got out."

"I have a fair idea," I sighed. "Keep safe Bobby."

I snapped the phone shut and glared at the fire again. I frowned as I sensed him behind me. I turned and glared at him.

"I am not amused," I said.

"I can see that," he smiled.

"Why don't you stop them?" I gritted.

"You know why," he sighed.

"You have to get a hobby," I shook my head.

"You've been cursing again," he chuckled.

"I've learned a few things from hanging around humans," I nodded.

"I don't know if that's a good thing," he murmured.

I glared at him. "You can end this foolishness right now," I reminded him.

"True," he agreed. "But I have my reasons for what I do."
I exhaled. "What now?"

"Now you practice that patience of yours," he said.

"Uh huh," I muttered.

I knew the moment that he left for the door opened and Zachariah entered. I glowered at him for a moment and was tempted to bite him. My only concern was for the poor vessel that he inhabited.

"You are certainly well contained," he observed.

"Your point?" I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Well, considering that for a long time we just thought that you were rogue," he laughed.

"Zachariah, you have never known what it is that I do," I shook my head. "It was never your right to find that one out."
"But you're one of the few who ever really spent time with the Father," he said.

"So has Michael," I pointed out.

"But you were sent off," he shrugged. "You didn't participate in the war. Why is that?"

"I was ordered not to," I told him.

"Why?" Zachariah pressed.

"How must I know?" I snapped. "I don't question the orders that I'm given, I just follow them."

"But you questioned the ones that we gave," Zachariah said pointedly.

"You're not the Father," I growled. "I don't have to follow what you say at all."
He stood straighter. "The Father abandoned us a long time ago."

"Where's Dean?" I demanded.

"Dean?" Zachariah stilled. "Why do you ask?"

"Because you separated them," I guessed. "You got Sam released from the panic room and you brought Dean up here."

"Very clever," Zachariah murmured. "But Sam made his own choices. We're simply protecting Dean from a fool's errand."

"A fool's errand?" I glared at him. "What fool errand would that be? Stopping Lucifer from walking free?"
Zachariah bristled at my reprimand.

I remained seated on the floor for I felt that if I stood I might do something that would only get me hurt. I glanced behind me and stared at the point behind me. I realized that he wasn't gone but listening.

"Did you hurt Dean?" I spun my attention back to Zachariah.

"Dean is unharmed," Zachariah insisted. "After all, he is very important to us."

"What?" I scowled. "Dean won't need to be Michael's vessel if you stop the final seal from breaking."
"You're not being rational," he murmured.

I arched an eyebrow at him. "How is any part of this plan rational?"

"You've got to accept that this is the will of Heaven," Zachariah smiled.

I shook my head. "I will be there when they lock you in a pit and throw away the key," I warned.

"How are you going to accomplish that?" he grinned. "Now you be a good angel and stay in your cage. There's nothing more that you can do."
He turned and left me.

I rolled quickly into a standing position and spun to face him.

"Now can I smite him?" I demanded.

"No," he shook his head as he reappeared. "Dean is well but you're going to have to help Castiel."
"Castiel? He doesn't need help," I shook my head.

"Yes he will," he countered.

I stared at the spot as he vanished again. I threw my head back and glared at the ceiling.

I waited for Castiel to enter the room. He moved quickly and quietly and then he stopped. He stared at me for a moment and I saw remorse clearly etched on his face.

"Are you willing to go against them?" I asked.

"I am," he nodded.

"Why?" I demanded.

"They're not doing the will of Heaven," he shook his head. "You were right. I have to choose and I choose to help keep Lucifer locked up. But how can we stop Sam from killing Lilith?"
"We can't," I told him.

"What?" his shoulders slumped.

"There is only one person who could ever stop Sam," I said quietly.

Castiel's head snapped up. "Dean."

"Yes," I nodded. "No matter what happens between them, they are still brothers."

"This may be something that they can't recover from," Castiel whispered.

"And it would be our fault," I replied.

"I'll let you out," he said.

"No," I shook my head. "The second I'm free they'll know. You have to get Dean out of here."

"But I don't know where Sam is," Castiel shook his head.

"The prophet will know," I nodded.

"Of course," Castiel agreed. "I'll take him quickly. How will you distract the others?"

I smiled at him and he took a step backwards. "Go."

Castiel quickly left the room and I kept my eyes closed. It was going to happen very quickly and I had to time it perfectly. I stretched out my senses and felt Dean's presence and then he was gone. I opened my arms and summoned water to fall like rain. The flames were extinguished and I stepped out of the circle. I walked to the door as Zachariah burst through it. I threw him across the room and shook my head.

"You forget what I am," I told him as I left.

I arrived at Chuck's house in time to see Raphael descending. I moved forward and my arm was grabbed.

"Dean's already gone," he said. "You remember where the door is."
I nodded and traveled to what was now an abandoned convent. I felt the ground shudder and shook my head in dismay.
"Now!" his voice sounded in my ear. "Keep Lucifer busy while I get those two out of here."
I appeared in the room as Lucifer began screaming that he was free and merged quickly with the bright light that he was manifesting as. I screamed as I collided with him.

He threw me against the wall and howled. "Bitch!" Lucifer yelled.

"Well, you didn't expect it to go easy did you?" I taunted. I saw clearly that Sam and Dean were no longer in the room. However, I was left with Lucifer and he was not pleased.

"I'm going to kill you this time," he roared.

"Try it," I stood to face him.

The End.