The Connection
Chapter Fourteen – Never Ending Fairytale

As time went on, Sarah and Jareth led a happy and a slightly dysfunctional life. After Sarah had gone home for the first time, she noticed time had stopped while she had been gone. When the day came to tell her family what her life would become, it was a nightmare. It took a while for Sarah's family to comprehend the situation. She graduated high school with honours as her family, Jareth, Gavan and Jacqueline were all present.

Sarah's relationship with Jareth grew gradually within the years. They both confessed their love for each other, and straight after that Jareth had proposed. They got married two years later. Then a year later, Sarah gave birth to a beautiful girl. Three years later, twins, a girl and a boy, were welcomed into the world.

As for Gavan and Jacqueline, they had three more children, two girls and one boy, who was born in the same year as Sarah and Jareth's first child. Gavan had finally got the life he had always wanted, a beautiful wife of whom he loves with his whole heart, and five beautiful children. He was content.

However, this is where the real story begins…

"You look very beautiful," a faintly voice could be heard behind her.

She blushed. "Thank you."

"I'm so proud of you, Chasity. You found your true love, just like I did."

"Mum, you were prophesied, you had no choice but to marry dad," she said.

Her mother laughed, tears forming in her green eyes. "Yes, but I started to love your father after I knew I was prophesied, you know the story, Chassie."

A knock at the door was heard and it revealed Jacqueline and Paige.

"Oh, Chasity, you look stunning. Noah is going to want to tear that dress off when he sees you walk down the isle," she joked. "And, Sarah, you are beautiful as always."

"Now, now, Jacquie, you know there was a reason why Jareth called his first daughter Chastity," Sarah said as she turned around to see her best friend walk through the door.

Jacqueline just giggled as Paige moved towards Chasity with a bouquet of flowers.

Chasity smoothed her dress. "So is everyone here now?"

Her mother nodded. "Yes, everyone is here, goblins and all."

She inhaled nervously. "Great," she said as she exhaled, and smiled.

There was a knock on the door again, this time, it revealed to be her father, Jareth. His eyes were wide when he saw her. He walked up to her and placed a hand on her cheek. Tears glistened in his eyes.

"Chassie," he said, softly. "Oh, what happened to my baby girl? Why did you grow up so quickly?"

Tears were now forming in her eyes. She looked to her father. "Daddy, I'll always be your baby girl," she replied, then hugged her father.

Sarah then moved towards her daughter and husband. "It's time to get married, sweetie."

Chasity looked from her father to her mother, and nodded. She took a deep breath and slipped her arm through her fathers. She kissed her mothers cheek before she left the room.

Her mother and fathers love was something that was true, and Chasity had always wanted that. She was now getting her chance of life with the person she loved. She grew up with Noah, and considered him as a best friend all her life. They fell in love or had always been in love with each other all their lives. And now they were getting married. It was right.

"Nervous?" her father asked as he broke the silence.

She nodded. "Terribly."

"Chasity, I know this might be the wrong time to say this, and I know you've heard this before; you were named Chasity for a reason. I wanted my first daughter to keep innocence until she got married. Noah is a good kid, and I know he'll take good care of my baby."

She smiled. "Thanks, dad. And I know he will."

The first time Sarah had sat through an Underground royal wedding; it went for two hours and felt like a lifetime. However, sitting through her daughters' could not have gone faster.

Now as she sits at the high table with her husband next to her, holding her hand, watching her daughter and now son-in-law dance, she felt accomplished with her life.

"Do you remember the first time we danced together?" asked her Jareth, feeling his warm breath on her neck.

"Mm hmm," she replied, feeling relaxed.

He placed kisses down her neck. "Do you want to repeat it, without the glass breaking?"

She turned her head and her lips connected with his. "Absolutely."

Jareth pulled her to the dance floor, joining the newly wedded couple.

Sarah rested her head on Jareth's shoulder. She was debating with herself whether or not to tell him the news she found out this morning.

"Jareth?" she asked.


"How do feel about having another child?" she let the question hang in the air.

They stopped dancing. Jareth's forehead pressed against Sarah's with his fingers doing their magic against her cheek. "Hmm… I don't know. Should be practice tonight?"

She smirked. Her husband was cunning, but not cunning enough… "What if I was to say that we practised enough last week in the Throne room late at night?"

Jareth chucked. "Smart move. Four kids?"

"Have you forgotten that you and I live for eternity? I can have as many children as I want," she replied, and laid her head on his shoulder again.

"Yes, that's very true." Jareth kissed her ear. "But I definitely think we should practice tonight, you know, to be sure."

Sarah chuckled. "I'm pretty sure, Jareth. But we'll do it your way tonight."

In response, Jareth swept her into his arms. She looked over his shoulder to see her daughter smiling with everlasting love for her husband, and him in return. She looked at Jareth and smiled, and knew that her story was a never ending fairytale.

The End.

A special thanks to my beta, Celecia Leigh. She is an amazing writer and editor. I recommend you read her stories, they're great.