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Grievances with Gaara

Chapter 1: Falling In

Random Summery of what happened in Issues with Itachi (just in case someone wants to stupidly not read that one first).

Akira was kidnapped by Itachi (Who broke her door) and was forced into the Akatsuki (by Pein) after retrieving Orochimaru's ring. Akira, Itachi, and Kisame are ordered to attend the Chunin exams and spy on Orochimaru and Naruto. Akira makes friends with Naruto and has some special moments with Gaara. Itachi and Kisame leave on Pein's orders and they leave her to die (thinking Konoha would kill her). Akira survives because Konoha is nice and made her a citizen (they also know she is a Chisiki which means she has a book that tells her things).

Akira gets kidnapped by the Akatsuki once more and later goes on another mission during the Sasuke retrieval arc and meets with Kimimaro, Gaara, and Lee (After Itachi left her in a tree so she would not run off) before returning with Itachi. Some times passes and the Akatsuki send her away (to Orochimaru) while they seal Gaara's demon. Akira returns and is upset because of Gaara's death so Itachi makes her forget him.

Pein then tricks Akira into going on the mission to help capture Naruto and kill Sasuke. Akira gets left in a tree once more when Itachi leaves her before Sasuke kills him. Madara comes and asks Akira to answer some questions and she gives him unacceptable answers and is forced to flee. Akira uses a jutsu that allows her to teleport to someplace safe. That safe place that she was transported to was Gaara's lap...

"So Akira suddenly appeared in your lap during the meeting with the council?" Temari questioned looking at the women still located in her youngest brother's lap.

"Yes." Gaara answered simply.

"Lucky." Kankuro muttered to himself.

"What are we going to do with her?" Temari questioned.

"More importantly what did the council think about it?" Kankuro questioned.

"They freaked out." Gaara answered.

"I still want to know what we are going to do with her?" Temari questioned.

"Technically she is a citizen of Konoha." Gaara answered.

"Can't we keep her?" Kankuro questioned.

"If she wants to go back to Konoha we can't keep her." Temari pointed out.

"She seems comfortable here right now." Kankuro muttered.

"Oddly comfortable." Kankuro muttered.

"Are you going to move her?" Temari questioned looking at Akira sleeping peacefully in Gaara's lap.

"No." Gaara answered simply.

"I don't blame you." Kankuro muttered.

"What do you think we should do?" Temari inquired.

"I think we should inform Konoha about her whereabouts and tell them we are giving her the option of staying here." Gaara answered.

"Where will she stay if she chooses to stay here?" Temari questioned already knowing but wanting to hear her brother say it.

"The Kazekage mansion." Gaara answered simply.

"Fine by me." Temari said grinning, "It would be nice to have another woman in the house, especially one that can cook."

"We will leave and get the guest room ready." Kankuro offered.

"Good idea, for once." Temari responded.

"You could have left the for once out." Kankuro whined as he left the room. After both of his siblings were out of the room Gaara went back to staring at the sleeping woman in his lap while smirking to himself.

"I really hope Akira decides to stay for Gaara's sake." Temari said after they were out of earshot of the Kazekage office.

"Yeah, he seems to like her if the possessiveness and the fact that she is still in his lap is any way of telling.

"We have to help him by convincing the council members to let her stay with us." Temari decided.

"Why do we have the crappy job of talking to the council?" Kankuro whinned.

"Because we are older." Temari answered simply pulling a resisting Kankuro behind her.

After Temari and Kankuro convinced the council to allow Akira to stay in their home, after telling them of Gaara's possessiveness and happiness at Akira's presence, they went back to Gaara's office to find no one there. They realized how late it was and traveled to their home where they found the still sleeping Akira snuggled, yes snuggled, happily in Gaara's arms as Gaara slept for the first time all week.

"This would be perfect blackmail if I didn't think the flash would wake them." Temari admitted closing the door to Gaara's room, where they found the sleeping duo on Gaara's bed.

"Yeah, I wonder what brought Akira here and not to Konoha."

"Hopefully we will get some answers when she finally wakes up." Temari agreed.

"Until then Gaara and her can happily snuggle all they want." Kankuro added snickering.

I opened my eyes to find myself still safely in the arms of Gaara. My, very small or so I thought, movement woke him from his slumber.

"Akira." Gaara whispered sleepily, still not used to waking up in the morning.

"Gaara, you're not dead." I greeted back.

"You mentioned that before."

"Well they told me you were dead."

"I was for a while but Naruto and Chiyo-sama brought me back." Gaara explained.

"Wow, so much has happened since I last saw you." I muttered eying the Kazekage robe that was hanging on a chair.

"I am more interested in your story." Gaara replied.

"I would rather tell it only once." I explained.

"I will call a meeting of the council and we will listen to your story." Gaara responded his tone changing into a business tone.

"That works." I replied looking from Gaara to stare at the ring on my finger for a bit before I was distracted by Gaara leaving the room and then a shout.

"What the hell Gaara why are you waking us up so early for?" I heard Kankuro scream and I laughed. I made my way down to the kitchen and decided I really wanted pancakes.

"Why are you here?" A council member asked hoping I would then begin telling my story.

"Well, Uchiha Itachi is dead he was killed by his little brother Sasuke. I was a member of Akatsuki until that time..." I told them everything they wanted to know about me, including my clan name and about my book. I figure if the bad ninja get to know about it I might as well tell the good ninja about it too.

"What was your relationship to Itachi?" Temari questioned.

"He loved me, and I loved him." I answered looking at my hand and then directly into Gaara's hurt eyes.

"Do you wish to stay here or go back to Konoha?" a council member questioned.

"Well, I think here. Here I have a place to stay and people who are important to me." I answered not braking eye contact with Gaara.

"Will you use your book to aid Suna?" a council member questioned.

"I am not sure. I am reluctant to use it too much, lest I become useless without it." I answered unhelpfully.

"What if there is a large problem that your book could know the answer to?"

"Then yes." I answered smiling at the man.

"Do you know Akatsuki's intentions?" Kankuro questioned.

"I know that Pein is planning on taking the nine-tailes after Sasuke secures the eight-tailes." I answered.

"Anything else?"

"Not really, I wasn't really in the loop or trusted."

"So Sasuke killed his brother Itachi, who was secretly working for Konoha, and now has joined the Akatsuki to destroy Konoha." Temari questioned confused.

"yeah I don't get it either." I admitted, "He's an idiot."

"Will Madara come after you?" Gaara questioned worried about both his village and me at the same time.

"There is a possibility, but I doubt it since he has no clue I am here."

"Then we'd better keep it that way. No one outside of this room is to know who you are. Naruto and his team will be stopping by on their way back to Konoha so we can inform them of your whereabouts then." Gaara ordered.

"What if there is someone here, in suna, who will probably recognize me?" I questioned.

"Who?" Gaara asked.

"A little boy named Aki." I answered and then had to explain to them who Aki was.

Preview from next chapter: The return of Aki

"Akira!" Aki shouted the minute he entered Gaara's office before he ran at me and hugged me.

"Hello Aki." I greeted back happily picking him up.

"Apparently he does recognize you." Gaara answered.

"How have you been?" I questioned.

"Can I live with you?" Aki questioned holding onto me like the Koala that he is.

"What about those nice people that adopted you?"