Yo Everyone! It's Cyro! This is the second story Cyrus let me write!…well, he actually didn't LET me write the first one…anyway, this is a story about…ME! It's about who and what I am, and how "Saviour of Shadows" all started! It's a prequal to SoS I guess. Alright! Hope you enjoy the story!

Enjoy…OR ELSE!

The Legend of Cyro:

The Prophecy begins

Chapter 1: "Here's the Gist."

Long before the urple Dragon of Prophecy, Spyro the Dragon, was born, one-hundred and fifty years to be exact, Malefor began causing...problems...BIG, problems. The current Guardians of the Elements had banished Malefor for becoming upsesed with the Darkness and it's destructice powers, but, he returned, and he came back stronger than anyone ever would have thought.

Back then, Dragon's weren't the only powerful species in the Realms, there were others, and Malefor considered them a threat. Malefor began wiping-out every single powerful species known, and unknown. After only a year, there were only two left: the Dragons, and the Lycans. What was left of the two great species had scattered, in hopes of regrouping later and in stronger numbers, but, Malfor was able to find, and kill many. Finally, after twentyfive years, the Dragons and Lycans knew that the only way to win was to work together, even though both sides didn't like the idea. So, they did fight together, and, they were dealing strong blows to Maelfor and his forces. Though their numbers were few, they're power was strong, and Malefor was on the verge of losing.

After fighting for ten years, two of the worroirs became quite fond of eachother, and had a child. Except there was one problem: The parents weren't the same species.

Yes, it's short, but hey, the chapter IS called, "Here's the Gist." Anywho, does this sound interesting so far? Don't worry, the action starts soon. Also, I get to appear! YAY! Isn't that going to be awesome!?...what? NO!?!? Fine then! I'll destroy!...

"CYRO! If you want people to read your stores, it's a good idea to NOT threaten them!"

Hmmm...that sounds like a good idea Cyrus.

"You're an idiot sometimes."