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Chapter 5: The Way it Ends and Begins

Sirius stood in the center of the pile of rubble that was the Temple. He'd searched through it for hours, and yet, no sign of Cyro, nor Malefor. Weather that was a good thing or a bad thing, didn't really matter right now, all that mattered was that Sirius was alone. The last of his kind, and without family. After the temple came down, some crazy amount of luck prevented Sirius from being crushed by the rubble, and after finding his out of the rubble, he found the group of survivors, which seemed to be a good amount. Imediately after entering the makeshift camp sight, he was aproached by a dark blue dragon with bandages around one of his eyes, and severe burns covering half of his body. he asked for someone by the name of Percy, which was his daughter. Sirius had a bad feeling that, as soon as the anxiouse male noticed who he was carrying, things would get a little uncomfertable.

They did.

After noticing Percy, and finding-out that she was dead, the dragon had a mental breakdown, and had to be carried away. Kira, Percy, and all of the other dead were buried that night. The mood at the funeral was definately not a good one. But it could have been much worse if Cyro had not defeated Malefor (Sirius didn't bring-up the fact that Malefor's body couldn't be found). Eventually, after each dragon and dragoness had gone-off to their own area, Sirius was left alone, until a young red dragon approached him.

"Uh, mister, excuse me."

Sirius looked down at the young dragon quizzically. He seemed to be around nine or ten, and a bit shorter that Cyro, "Yes?"

"The gray dragon didn't make it, did he?" said the young dragon sadly.

Sirius didn't respond, he just looked away from the young dragon. He moved his eyes to the rubble of the Temple.

The young dragon looked down at the ground, "I never got to say thank you to him..." then turned and started walking away.

Sirius turned his head back to the young dragon, "Excuse me, but, since I will most likely be...'moving on' before you, how about I take a message for you?" suggested Sirius.

The young dragon nodded, "Tell him, 'Thank you for saving me.' okay?"

Sirius nodded, "Who should I tell him it's from?"

"Tell him it's from Ignitus." then the young dragon walked away.

"Ignitus..." whispered Sirius, "I have to remember that..." Then, a bright, pure white light shimmered directly in front of Sirius. Sirius had to sheild his eyes it was so bright. After it died down, Sirius looked to see what happened, and saw a large, white and blue elderly dragon with a huge glowing crystal on a chain around his neck, "Uh, who are you and where did you come from?" asked Sirius, a little freaked about a dragon randomly appearing in front of him.

"I am The Chronicler, and where I came from is not important." responded the elderly dragon.

"Okay, why are you here, then?"

"You could tell that your sone was special, correct?"

"Well, aside from the wolf eyes, ability to use powers limited to only Lycans, and having the Dark Master want him dead, no, not really."

The Chronicler's lips curled into a small smile, "Well, what Malefor said about his part in a prophecy is true."

"Yeah, I know that, he beat Malefor." stated Sirius angrily.

"Not exactly." said the Chronicler, "Malefor is still alive."

"There is no way in hell he survived that explosion!" shouted Sirius, "Cyro did not give his life for nothing!"

The Chronicler sighed, "Malefor stored his soul away, so he could wait until he was stronger to fight again."

"So, basically...he cheated?" asked Sirius.

"If you want to put it that way, then...yes."

Sirius fell dack onto his bottom, his face blank, "Unbelievable. Percy and Cyro died for nothing."

The Chronicler smiled once more, "Actually, Malefor isn't the only one that can 'cheat' death."

Sirius looked up at the Chronicler suspiciousely, "What are you implying?"

"I can preserve Cyro's soul, so that he, too, can fight once more."

Sirius's face lit up, "Y-you can! That's great!"

"He will also need someone to train him porperly when the time comes," began the Chronicler, "and, seeing as I can't train him, you will have to."

Sirius's ears perked-up, "So, I'm ganna have to wait here for who knows kow long for my dead son to seek me out and train him?"

The chronicler nodded his head.

"Sounds fun."

The Chronicler chuckled slightly before being enveloped by a bright white light, which a small tendril of detatched itself from the main light, then snaked over to Sirius. The tendril of light entered Sirius's chest, and the light fadded, the Chronicler gone. Sirius stood and walked to the center of the Temple ruins, where he laid down on the ground and curled up to sleep.

Cyro and Percy found themselves surrounded by nothing but white in every direction, and facing eachother. They were all alone.

"Time to move on, Cyro." said Percy, not sounding as though she had just died.

"Yeah, well, I still I wish we could stay a bit longer." replied Cyro, "I mean, fourteen years wasn't such a long time."

Percy giggled a bit, "Atleast you have me."

"Cyro took a step closer, "You got a point there..."

Cyor and Percy began leaning torward eachother, but Percy suddenly felt herself being pulled away, and Cyro was left to fall onto his face. When Cyro looked up, he saw Percy fading away slowly as she floated up, "Cyro! What's going on!?" scremed Percy, on the verge of tears.

Cyro watched in disbeliefe as Percy was almost completely gone. He was in too much shock and anger that he couldn't talk. They had noth just died, and now, after sacraficing so much, they were being separated. Cyro shook his head, "No! I won't let this happen!" Cyro unfolded his wings and took flight, but, after leaving the ground, his wings suddenly fealt as though they were a hundred tons, and he came smashing down into the...whatever they stood on, "N-no! What is going on!?" roared Cyro as he tried lifting his head, but ended in the same result as flying.

"Cyro! No! I-" Percy never got to finish. She was gone.

Cyro fealt the weight lifted off of him, but he didn't move. He didn't want to move.

"Is this some cruel joke?" whispered Cyro, "Do you have fun in screwing with my life!" Cyro stood to his feet, "Because if this is a joke, then I must say that it's not funny!" Cyro heared something behind him, and turned to see that he now stood in the center of the temple ruins, and his dad asleep, "What the...!?"

"Hello, young...dragon?" said a voice from next to him, unsure if calling Cyro a dragon was correct.

Cyro turned to see an elderly white and blue dragon there, "So, I'm just going to rip your wings off, and then you can beg your sorry and take me to Percy." said Cyro calmly as he began approaching the elderly dragon.

The dragon raised an eyebrow at Cyro, "Are you now? Well you seem to be a little mad."

"Ya think?" Cyro was about to take another step, but suddenly felt like his body weight a hundred tons again, "Aww crap." then he fell over from being in mid-step. When he hit the ground, his body didn't move, he just stayed in the same position, just sideways, "What...the...hell?"

"I'm sorry for freezing you in time, but, I think it will be much easier for me to talk to you this way."

Cyro rolled his eyes in response.

"I am The Chronicler, and you, have not finished your destiny yet."

"What!" yelled Cyro, "But i beat him! Malefor is dead! D. E. A. D. DEAD!"

"Actually, he removed his soul from his body at the last second, and stored it so that he will live to fight another day." explained The Chronicler, "So, I will do something relatively the same to you."

"What if I say no?"

"You cannot."

"Darn, thought I had you there..."

The Chronicler smiled a bit, "Just like your father."

"Thanks...will I ever see Percy again?"

"Perhaps." replied The Chronicler.

"It doesn't matter how long I wait, I will be reunited with her."

The Chronicler's form began to shimmer, "You might not have to wait that long, about one hundred years sounds reasonable." then he dissapeared.

Cyro stood and looked down at his body. It was now transparent, "Oh, goody, I'm a spirit." Cyro looked into the starry sky, "You know, I think this might not be so bad." a devilish grin spread across Cyro's face as he faded away, his voice could have been herd if you happened to be at the ruins, and he said, "Time to haunt some suckers!"

Cyrus, Cyro, and the ghostly form of Sirius, all stood around in a small circle.

"After one hundred years of haunting random people, I found you, and since I hate that nig purple son of a bitch as much as you...I decided to help!" finished Cyro.

"Well then, that seems to be everything." said Sirius curtly.

"Man, now I see that you have some good reasons to be kind evil and annoying." said Cyrus.

"Yeah, so now you know my story." replied Cyro.

"So, what now?" asked Cyrus.

"Yeah dad, we mastered forming a physical body for me, and we also mastered that Lightning technique you showed us." began Cyro.

"Plus, Cyro has become amazing with Lunar Force, so, can we go now?" added Cyrus.

Sirius grinned devilishly, it made Cyrus and Cyro shiver a bit, "Just one more thing to learn."

"Uh...wh-what would that be?" asked Cyro and Cyrus together.

Sirius vanished and was replaced by the spirit of two young Lycans that imidiately jumped Cyro and Cyrus. They were quickly taken care of with a blast of wind, but when Cyro and Cyrus stood back up, there was a whole army of spirits. The two stared at the army, their mouths agape.

"First, we have to build your physical streangth to prepare you." said Sirius's voice from everywhere.

Cyrus spoke up, "Ho...ly..."

"Shit..." finished Cyro.

Then the army of spirits surged forth as archs of lightning curled around Cyro and Cyrus's arms.

"BRING IT!" roared the two dragons in unison as they jumped above the army, unleashing a burst of lightning into the center of the army.

Well that's it! You got to see where I (Cyro) came from, and a little glimpse into our training. Hope you liked it!

"See, I told you threatening people didn't work as good as NOT threatening them."

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"Fine then."

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