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She will be saved.

"I'm sorry-y" I stuttered as I rushed to pick up the broken plates off the floor

"Stupid bitch." Mark said kicking me in the ribs.

I groaned and grabbed my side, I tried to crawl away but I was to late as usual.

He grabbed my hair and pulled me off the floor.

"Ouch!" I moaned.

He laughed; yes he loved seeing me in pain. I was his punch bag and he was my 'master' so he thought and said.

"Shut up you silly bitch." He said throwing me to the floor and kicking me again.

I grabbed my ribs again and curling up in a ball on the floor trying to protect my self.

I wouldn't cry I was going to be strong he is not going to get the satisfaction.

"Get my tea done! I want a beer as well." He said grabbing my around the throat.

I tried to get his hands from around my neck but it wasn't going to make him let go off me. He slapped me in the face and dropped me again returning to the sofa and flicking the TV back on.

I could taste blood which made me feel really sick so I quickly washed my mouth out and quickly grabbed him a beer out off the fridge and gave it to him.

"It's about time." He muttered.

I returned to the kitchen and quickly cleaned up the plate I hade broke.

I quickly finished cooking his food for him and gave it to him.

I cleaned up and made something light to eat so I could go up stairs away from him.

"I want another beer now!" Mark shouted from the living room.

I quickly grabbed him one, gave it to him and took his empty can off him.

I finished cleaning up and went up stairs.

I pulled my top up and looked at the fresh bruises that were covering the old ones.

My lip was busted and my hair was a mess.

I took a quick shower and got ready for bed.

I got into bed early and tried to get in as many hours as I could before college starts.

I am 17; I am living in Fork's with Mark who is my abuse husband. I know we married young not the best thing but I thought I loved him. He was amazing when we first started to go out, he treated me well but now it was different. I am his slave and we both knew it.

My name is Bella Fowler, I wish I could get out of this relationship but that's the thing he won't divorce me and I'm scared about what he will do if I try and push him to do it.

I told Charlie I was happy and moving out. He believed me and let me as he thought Mark was a great lad but he wasn't no. He is an abusive idiot that one day I will find the courage to stand up to.

I lay in bed and blackness took over shortly after.

I woke to been kissed violently.

Mark was on top of me ripping my clothes off me and doing what he always does.

He got his little kicks out of seeing me hurt and we both knew it. Someone deep down is telling me to hurt him back but I love him I don't even know why.

He then pushed me off the bed when he was finished with me.

I grabbed my dressing gown and went down stairs to the couch. My normal place of sleeping after he has done his business with me.

I curled up on the sofa and cried my self to sleep, my normal routine.

I woke early to the sound of Mark getting ready for work. He went shortly after without speaking to me, I just pretended I was asleep the whole time.

I got up after he left and took a nice hot shower; I got ready for college and grabbed my stuff. I put make up on before I left obviously so I could cover up my busted lip a little.

I study Health and Social care, GSCE maths, GSCE English, Social science.

Mark is a doctor, that's another reason I won't tell anyone they wouldn't believe me due to him been a doctor. They would just lock me up and throw away the key saying I am mental.

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