WARNING: This story does have abuse and swearing in it. I'm sorry if it offends anyone in any way.

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I heard him grumble a few things while I was cooking but I never listened.
I finally finished with his food and went up stairs for a shower.
After my shower I had a full nights sleep. Mark never came up stairs which was pretty weird but I enjoyed sleeping a bed for the whole night.
A couple more days went by and I and Alice were becoming closer and closer as the days went by.
I had just finished lesson and walked Angela to the bus stop and I started my long walk home.
I saw Alice and Edward. Her family were with them today so I just put my iPod in and walked as fast as I could which wasn't that fast.
When I looked up Alice was in front of me. I took my head phones out and stared at her.
"Bella want a lift?" She asked.
"No I'm okay thanks anyway." I said still walking.
"Come on you can have one." She said walking next to me.
"No I'm okay." I said
"Please just this once?" She asked
"Fine we will drop them lot off and come back for you." She said smiling.
"I will be home by then." I said sighing
"Bet you won't."
"Bet I will…" I shouted after her "I think…" I whispered at the end.
As I was walking I got a sharp stabbing pain in my stomach so I stopped and sat on some stairs that lead down to a near by river.
I groaned a little and grabbed my stomach.
"Miss are you okay?" Some said in front of me.
I lifted my head and nodded.
"Are you sure? I can call an ambulance if you like." He said
"Its okay it always happens…Just pains." I muttered the last part scrunching my face up and taking deep breaths.
"Okay but I think you should call someone you look in pain." He said walking away.
I pulled my self up from the steps and went further down so no one can bug me.
I just needed to wait for the pains to go.
I pulled my knees as far as they would go and cried into my belly.

Seconds, minutes or even hours later I felt someone put there hand on my back.
I looked up; Alice was kneeling next to me.
"Are you okay Bella?" She asked still rubbing my back.
"Yeah." I croaked.
"You don't look it; come on you can come see Carlisle." She said standing up.
"Who's Carlisle?" I asked
"My father he is a doctor he can help you." She said.
"I'm okay I just need a few more minutes." I said putting my head back down.
"You have been here for over 45 minutes Bella. Come on or I will get Edward to carry you to the car." She said seriously.
"Yeah okay then like he can carry a fat lady." I laughed.
"I bet he can now come on." She urged.
"No you can go I will be fine." I muttered
"Fine…" She said walking away.
I sighed and put my head back down and cried some more I wish the pain would just go but it wasn't going anytime soon.
Seconds later I looked up and saw Edward carrying me.
I'm pregnant! How the heck is he carrying a pregnant lady?!
"Put me down!" I spat.
"No." He laughed.
"Please put me down I can walk" I begged.
"The car is here so what's the point." He said smiling at me.
"Put me down right now Edward or I'm going to slap you so hard." I threatened.
He just laughed and Alice opened the door and he set me in.
I groaned and folded my arms over my chest.
"Stupid idiot." I said under my breath.
"Thanks." He smiled.
Woops that wasn't meant for him to hear. I just looked out the window not wanting to start conversation off again.
"The pains have gone." I smiled at Alice.
"Yeah?" She asked
"Yup I can't feel them." I smiled again.
"That's good but Carlisle should still check you out." She said.
"That won't be needed thanks anyway." I smiled
"You sure?" She asked.
"Yeah." I verified.
We were driving when I felt something I'm not sure what it was but it felt like I had just peed my pants.
I looked down and gasped.
My waters broke, in Edward's car.
"Pull over." I said
"Why?" Alice asked.
"Pull over!" I spat.
Edward did that and I opened the door and got out.
I had to make sure and I was sure it had just happened.
"I'm so sorry…" I muttered to Edward as I looked in his car
He looked in his car and smiled. "Don't worry." He said coming over to me.
"You better get in!" Alice said covering the patch with her jacket.
I got in the car and Edward drove the opposite direction of my house.
"Where are we going?" I asked.
"Hospital." Edward said
"Okay." I said sinking into the seat.
Alice laid me back so my head was on her lap and she played with my hair keeping me calm.
"We are nearly there." Alice said to me I took a deep breath, nodded my head and closed my eyes.
Then I felt the pain. God it hurt I tried to stop my self from making any noise but an "Uhh" noise came out and Edward put his foot down and drove faster.
My eyes widened and I gripped onto his seats.
"Easy now, calm down on the seats." Edward laughed.
Then the pain went.
"Sorry." I said releasing my hands.
"It's okay." He said smiling at me through the mirror.
I closed my eyes again and waited to get to the hospital.
I forgot about Mark this is his child he had to be there.
I tried to get up but Alice stopped me.
"…I need my phone." I said staring at her.
She grabbed my bag and handed it to me I found it and rang Mark.
"WHAT?" He spat nastily down the phone.
"I err… my water have err… broke…" I said stuttering.
"And?" He said as if he didn't even care.
"You're not coming?" He asked.
"Nope I'm busy with something." He said casually.
"This is you're unborn child and you're telling me you're not coming!" I spat.
"Don't get lippy you stupid whore." He said angry.
"I'm just saying you're meant to be there… This is our first child." I said trying to stop the tears but it was too late they slipped down my cheeks like a water fall.
"And it's the fucking last now I'm busy so fuck off." He said hanging up.
I wanted to throw the phone so far up his arse but I just put it away and put my bag on the floor.
"Everything okay?" Alice asked sounding a bit angry?
"Yeah…" I said whipping my checks with my jacket.
"Are you sure?" She asked pushing.
"Yeah…No I'm not o bloody kay!" I spat sitting up to quickly. I felt something stretch and the pain came and hit me like a tone of bricks.
"Edward!" Alice said urging him to hurry.
Alice laid me back down and massaged my head for me I just kept my eyes closed and held my breath until the pain went.
"Bloody hell that hurt." I said realising the breath I was holding.
"We are here." Alice said minutes later.
I sighed in relief, and Edward helped me out of the car.
I was put in a wheel chair and rushed to an empty room. The room had some chairs, TV, bed and a window in it. It was plain not that I should care.
Nurses and doctors came rushing in getting me ready to give birth. As soon as I got in nurses came around and started to check that I was okay and the baby they also put me on a drip which I had to look away from.
"You can go now…" I told Alice and Edward.
"I err Mark coming?" Alice asked.
"Nah he's busy." I told her feeling angry.
"What about you're mum or dad?"
"Dad's at work and I haven't called him and mum doesn't live around here." I sighed again
"I will call you're dad if you want." Alice said.
"Okay…" I said
"Is you're phone in you're bag?" She asked.
"Yeah go in and get it." I told her.
She went over to my bag and rang my dad.
"He said he can't make it he is out of town." She said putting my phone back into my bag.
I sighed "Thanks what about Angela?" I asked feeling desperate now for someone to be with me. I couldn't just expect 2 people I have only just met to stay with me.
"Okay hold on." She said calling Angela.
"She said she will be here in 5 minutes." Alice said minutes later.
"Thanks… For every-
I was cut at that by the pain coming back again.
Edward came to my side and offered me his hand.
I took it and closed my eyes.
I was squeezing hard on his hand I was surprised I didn't break it when I finally let go off him.
He smiled and sat next to my bed.
"Thanks…Sorry if I hurt you." I said biting my bottom lip.
"That's okay." He said bending his fingers a couple of times.
"You can go you know." I said looking at Alice.
"Is it… okay if we stay?" She asked nervously.
"If you want but it won't be pretty." I laughed
"I know but we brought you here so I want to stay." She smiled and sat on the other side of my bed.
"As I was saying thanks for everything." I smiled looking at her then Edward.
"It's okay." They both said at the same time.
I lay back down and closed my eyes.
Minutes later a nurse walked in and started to check everything was okay.
"Hi I'm Millie I'm going to be you're midwife." She said extending a hand to me, I took it and shook it.
"Okay Isabella Fowler I would-
I cut her off "Bella." I smiled.
"Okay Bella I would like to check how far you are." She said standing at the foot off my bed.
"How far gone I am gone?" I asked confused.
"Yeah how dilated you are."
I went bright red and stared at her.
"It's okay Bella we have to do it with every woman." She said noticing me blushing.
"Okay…" I said shyly.
"Change into this and come back." She said handing me a nighty
I took it off her and started laughing.
"What's wrong?" She asked
"Nothing-g you're expecting me to wear-r this?" I said laughing at it.
"Yes it's hideous I know but I need to check you." She said laughing a little.
I noticed Edward and Alice laughing lowly as well.
I groaned and got up with Alice's help.
"The bath room is the bottom off the corridor." Millie told us.
"Thanks." I said waddling out of the room with Alice holding me.
Such a little girl with such big strength.
She helped me changed and took me back into the room.
I lay back down and Millie put my legs in stirrups.
I went red of course there was a boy sitting in the same room as me as a nurse was about to touch my private bits.
I saw her put gloves on and she touched me. I tensed and moved away.
"Bella it will only take a second don't tense or flinch please." She said staring at me.
I groaned and relaxed, it was over quickly after that.
"See wasn't that bad was it?" She asked taking my legs out of the stirrups and taking her gloves off.
"Yes it was." I sighed and lay back.
"No it wasn't." She laughed.
"Yes it was… I don't appreciate people touching me down there." I stared at her.
"Every pregnant lady has to go through it and you should be glad it wasn't a male doing that." She laughed and filled something in on the paper and walked out.
I looked at Alice who was laughing I then looked at Edward who was stopping him self from laughing.
"What's so funny?" I asked Alice confused.
"You're such a drama queen." She laughed.
"Am not how about I get some random women touching you're bits." I said cocking my right eye brow up at her.
"I'm not pregnant though." She said looking down.
"When you do watch I'm so going to stand there laughing in you're face." I said huffing.
"Okay then Bella okay." She said patting my arm like I was a dog.
I huffed and lay back then the contractions came again.
I groaned and grabbed on to Edward's hand.
"God!" I spat after it finished.
"You okay?" Alice asked.
"No it hurt." I sighed and lay back down.
"It will be over soon enough." She said sitting back down.
"I hope." I sighed and closed my eyes.
A couple minutes later another contraction came and my eyes nearly came out off my head it hurt that much.
"BLOODY HELL!" I shouted.
"It's okay." Alice said taking my hand.
"God it's not it hurts." I sighed and closed my eyes again.
Seconds later I heard the door open and close I didn't bother getting up to see who it was.
"Isabella?" I heard a male voice say.
"It's Bella…" I muttered.
"Okay Bella I'm going to be you're doctor if that is okay." He said. He had a deep kind of voice but sounded bell like.
I opened my eyes and bloody hell, my mouth fall open. An amazing man stood hovering over me.
I heard Alice and Edward chuckle a little so I closed my mouth.
"I'm Dr. Carlisle Cullen." He said extending his hand.
I shook his hand and stared at Alice.
"So you have met 2 of my children?" He asked.
"Yeah…" I sighed. The contraction came again and I took Edward's hand.
Carlisle was checking everything and making sure everything was going to be okay.
He was stunning like his children, pale skin, perfectly white teeth, blonde hair, and golden topaz eyes.
I fall back down on the bed and closed my eyes hoping it would all end soon.
I heard Edward talking to Carlisle about how far apart my contractions are and stuff.
About 3 minutes later another contraction came, the baby is coming soon I could feel it.
"Bella I'm going to send the midwife in to check you again." He said leaving.
I just nodded and fall back down.
"Bella I'm just going to check you." Millie said coming into the room minutes later.
I groaned and sat up, she put my legs back into the stirrups and checked this time I didn't flinch or tense because I wanted it over and done with quickly.
At least she covered me up while she did it.
"Nearly there!" She said excited.
"Can't wait." I said sarcastically.
After she was finished I lay back down and heard the door burst open.
"I'M NOT LATE AM I?" Angela shouted trying to catch her breath.
I looked over at her and she came rushing to my side.
"No you're not." Alice said for me.
"Bella! You look a state." She said hugging me awkwardly.
"Thanks. Not looking very good you're self." I commented.
"Shut up I had to run most of the way!" She said slapping me playfully.
"Thanks for coming." I smiled
"Obviously I am going to come. I'm not missing this for the world." She said taking my hand.
I got another contraction and pulled my hand out of hers and death gripped the bed.
"Bella?" She asked a bit surprised.
"She's having a contraction she is okay." Alice said for me.
This one lasted longer than the rest and it hurt more.
I released the bed and lay back down.
Angela grabbed a chair and sat next to Edward, she was holding my hand while I kept my eyes shut.
Another contraction came and Edward took my hand this time.
They were getting more frequently, longer and harder.
After another couple of contractions I was really tired but I knew I was going to give birth soon enough.
"I need to push." I breathed in and out deeply.
"I need to BLOODY PUSH!" I screamed trying not to push.
"Alice go get Carlisle." Edward commanded.

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