Last period, last ten minutes..going by slowly, as ever. I mean, couldn't they atleast make maths a little funner?

''Did you hear? Won his first award when he was just 6! That's what you call a pro!'' Squeeled a girl sitting in the row infront.

''Yeah, I heard that he's dated all the girls in his year! But that's hardly suprising, guessing by his handsome looks and build!'' Meowed another girl next to her.

Who are they talking about? And is it really so important to say it during class, really?

I lean in closer and cock my head to the side, to catch the full gossip.

''Everywhere he goes he's always got his master violion with him, it's like his treasure, don't you think, Saaya-sama?'' Purrs a girl on the right to the first. Saaya-SAMA?

These fangirls must be the ones in that club in music room 3 at lunchtimes and after school that i've heard about. They latch onto a cute boy and find out every detail about him, basicaly stalking them for information. And if you get too close to their chosen one you could surely find yourself in alot of trouble. So who's their latest target?

''Saaya-sama didn't you say yesterday that Ikuto-san asked you out on a date on monday? Your so luckyyyy!'' Squeeled one of the followers.

Ikuto, who's that? Well he mustn't be all that cute if I aint heard of him.

The bell outside chimes for a second and a half, indicating it's time for everyone to go home, and for me, to go to the guardians meeting

''N-no way!'' Exclaimed Kuukai, mouth agape

''I can't believe it, Amu-chi! You drew these on your own?'' Screeched yaya, flipping sheets of paper across the guardians table

Whats up with these guys? They've seen my drawings before..why are they still suprised by it? It's really nothing good actually..

''Ohh, theres one of me. Wow it looks so..professional Amu-chan.'' Praised Nagihiko, lounging in one of the chairs surounding the table.

I had been drawing since I was little, but I wasn't all that good back then, as are most kids. But as I got older, my drawers seemed to get, well, better, then most kids. I was often praised for my 'outstanding' work and given enough awards to last the average person a lifetime. No one ever critisized my doodles or masterpeices, not even the judges! Sigh...

''Hinamori-san, have you ever thought of becoming an artist?'' Smiled a royal-as-ever Tadase.

''U-uhh..I, well..I really don't..think i'm, that good. Is all..'' I mumbled, twiddling my fingers, a slight blush creeping across my face.

Don't look at me with those eyes, Tadase! You know what they do to me! I had never done a picture of Tadase because I thought that my sloppy drawing skills would make his princely face look bad, and I didn't want him to be, well, offended!

''Believe us, Hinamori, you have the angels gift. No doubt about it!'' Smiled Kuukai, holding up the sheets of paper.

Everyone nodded in agreement and flashed widening smiles at me.

I had to hand it to them, they knew how to cheer a girl up.

''Ah, gomen, guys! I seriously have to be home before my parents flip at me. Plus I have to start on a new sketch for the schools competition next week! See you guys on monday.'' I yelled over my shoulder, stuffing the paper in my art book, and into my bag.

''Aah...theres simply nothing to draw! I can't think of a single thing that will even get me close to winning! Wow..Is this what they call 'artists block'? Man it sucks, it's like someones pushing back all inspiration.'' I groaned, laying belly up on my bed, facing the ceiling in my room.

I know, Sensei always tells us to look at others work to see if we can get anything from them! I'll just go on the school website and click on art section. So I jump off my bed and sit on the chair near my Laptop.

I type in the schools web adress and fumble around with the mouse, and locate the art section. And I come across a 'gifted and talented' button. Giften and...talented? What sort of section is that?! It's more like singling out other students! But curiosity gets the better of me, and I click. Jeez I have no willpower.

Scrolling past the introduction, I come to a gallery of student pictures and why they are so called 'gifted and talented'. My golden round eyes scan through the gallery and set upon a picture. I blink once, twice, and then I slap myself. Why am I on here?! I'm not talented! And certainly not gifted! I press my face against the computer screen, my mouth wide open.

I-ignoring that..hehe....let's see if anyone else I know is on here. I scroll down a few more and my eyes gaze upon someone, totally my type! Midnight blue hair, indigo mysterious eyes. The guy is clutching a violin. The picture caption reads ''Tsukiyomi Ikuto Musical genius 4 years running''. If he's got such an overblown title, why isn't he smiling? He looks like he's almost..bored? Wait a second, violin, musical genius, could this be...? This super hot eye candy is the Saaya groups new toy boy?! And Saaya herself got together with him!

My mouth forms an almost perfect 'O' and my arms flop down to my sides. This guy has dated all the girls in his year. So does that mean hes going for his Kohais now?

Suddenly my artists block is lifted and a crazy idea pops into my head.

''Hehe, I know EXCACTLY what to draw now!'' I giggle as I fumble around my desk for a pencil sharp enough for the job.

Monday afternoon, last period, last ten minutes. God can it go any slower!

My attention is drawn towards the chatty girls infront again, and I slump myself in my seat and twist my neck to listen to what they are saying

''Saaya-sama, your date with Ikuto-san is after school right? What are you thinking of wearing?'' Says the brunette follower.

''Ohohoho, well, I look brilliant in anything, but a girl like me can't just pick any old thing. I'm going to wear...this!'' she chirps, pulling out a frilly, sparkly long pink dress. It's so shiny that even a blind man would have to avert his gaze. To my suprise, even the large ribbons..have ribbons. Shes overdoing it now.

''Saaya-sama, you have good taste! Goodluck with Ikuto-san!'' The fanclub members sing in snyc, clapping their hands.

The thought of a sharp good looking guy like Tsukiyomi dating this popsicle made my voice come out involantarily.

''Ahahahaa, that's rich! My..god! Aaahahaaa!'' I bellow, slapping thin air and whiping tears from my eyes.

''Something the matter, Hinamori-san? Do you think my choice of dress is funny?'' She pouts, staring at me like i'm an alien.

Crap, even I went a bit overboard with the laughing just now.

''No, I was just reading some gag manga. Bala balance, is all!'' I joke, scratching my head.

The girls resume their chatting and the last few minutes pass by. The bell rings and I throw everything in my bag and race to the door, down the corridor. I turn right at a sharp turn, and feel my whole body being pushed backwards by something.

''Oooouchh!! What the hell do you think you-'' I yelp, rubbing my bruised forehead, sat on the floor.

I look up, and I almost turn into a puddle right on the spot. Standing before me, with an irratated look across his face, is the violion genius.

'', ree! Are you hurt, dizzy, mad?!'' I gasp, panicking.

''You know, if you had damaged my violin, lots of people would hate you. And ofcourse it would cost you'' Tsukiyomi said smirking and looking down at me.

''Eh-well you have a point. But wait! Isnt that a bit arrogant!'' I say looking up to him as if he was the BFG, except for the friendlyness.

He lets out a laugh. Then I realise all my papers are scattered across the floor.

I swipe all my drawings and shuffle them and look through them to see if i'm missing any.

''Oh god no, NO! Wheres my contest entry?! I just did that last night!'' I squeek turning around on all fours and looking around.

Tsukiyomi clears his throat, and I turn back round to see him holding a sheet of paper.

'' this your entry?'' He says turning around the sheet.

And there is a portrait of Ikuto and his violin.

''Yeh it is, now give it back!'' I yell as I try to grab the sheet from him.

''Here, I have no use for it anyway.. and if your going to draw me, here are a few changes you need to attend to..'' He says as he drops the picture on my head.

''First, rub out that smile you put on me..I don't smile. And second, my hair on the right has to be longer by 2 inches.'' He continues on, boredly. Is that it?!

''2 Inches....inches! Fine genius i'll get right on it..'' I reply sarcasticly, putting the picture into my sketch book.

He begins walking passed me and down the left, leaving me at the top of the staircase.

''And by the way'' He calls over his shoulder ''I like your strawberry panties''.

''WHAAAT!?'' I scream. I blush furiously and pat down my plaid red skirt.

That pervert! I draw him for a competition and he mocks my drawing, then pervs on me! The nerve!

I sigh then sling my bad over my shoulder, and I begin walking down the staircase.

~~~~~~~~~~~At Home~~~~~~~~~~~~

''Maaan! Two inches is hardly anything! And does he measure his hair length or something?!'' I yell throwing my rubber at the wall in a fit of confusment.

Who does he think he is? Since when does being a musical genius give you the right to be such a...a...ass!

The compitition is tomorrow after school and im nervous as hell! For many reasons.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Next day at school~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

God dammit!! Why is the last ten minutes of the last lesson always so dam sloow!! I tap my finger impatiently on the wooden desk.

''Saaya-sama, how did the date go?'' Asks a Saaya follower infront of me.

''Ohohohoho, well I hate to brag but, I think I may become Tsukiyomi Saaya soon! Oohohohoho!'' She laughs manicaly, lifting her right hand to her left cheek.

''Pppft..hehee...Tsukiyomi Saaya? Good luck with that, hehehe.'' I mumble, gazing down on Saaya.

Class is over and I rush over to the school hall where the compitition is being held.

I walk inside the doors and see lots of people, parents, kids and teachers gathered. The art teachers are on stage, some on panels and one by the mic.

I take my seat in the crowd and clutch my book with the portrait in it.

A teachers taps the mic and clears his throat.

''Today we will hold the Portrait competition for sixth graders here at Seiyo Academy, we have 20 competitors, but only one will stand tall and be crowned Artist of the year.'' She announces, gleaming proudly.

I swallow hard and shake nervously.

Half an hour goes by, with students going onto stage with their portraits, putting them onto the projecter so everyone can see, and explaining their reasons for drawing them.

''Now minna-san, please welcome Yamabuki Saaya to the stage.'' The teacher says into the mic.

Saaya skips up the stage stairs, bellowing, with her picture in hand.

''Gan bare, Saaya-sama!'' her followers chirp in chorus, clapping in first row.

Saaya slaps her portrait onto the projector and smiles defiantly at her work.

Everyone in the hall goes quiet, and I think I can hear crickets?

On the screen is a messy portrait of Saaya herself, with the lines all wiggly and the colouring all blotchy and out of place (kind of like the one Amu drew of saaya at first).

''I drew this maaarvalous portrait of mwa, to put my beauty on to paper, and preserve it for future generations, so that my decendants may stare in awe at my perfect looks and talent. Oohohohoho!'' Saaya bellows into the mic, a bit too loud.

Everyone laughs nervously, including the Saaya clan. I feel alot less nervous now...

''Well, thank you for that Yamabuki-san, next up is Hinamori Amu!'' The teacher says gleefully, walking back to her seat.

I shake like a leaf and arise from my seat, walk past the people in second row, and jump onto stage in a 'cool n spicy' fashion.

Everyone stares in awe and I hear ''As expected from cool n spicy hinamori-san'' and ''Thats the proper way to get on stage!''.

I take my portrait out from my book and slide it onto the projector, and take a step back.

Everyone gasps and starts whispering to the person sitting next to them, or behind them.

''Is it that bad?'' I mutter to myself, keeping my posture.

The judges on the panel exchange words and come to a decision. They signal the teacher to come to them.

They chat for a minute or so, and the teacher walks up to the microphone.

''The winner has been decided...The winner of this years Portrait competition is...'' The teacher starts off.

''Hinamori Amu!'' She announces.

''EEEEEEEEEEEEEH!!'' I scream.

Everyone in the crowd cheers, but I hear Saaya growling and ripping something apart.

''But theres like, 8 students left!'' I plea.

The head of the art department hands me a golden trophy with a model of a paintbrush and a palet on the top of the arches.

Everyone in the crowd claps and cheers.

~~~~~~~~~~Ikutos POV~~~~~~~~~~

Everyone in the hall left and went home already, why is that Amu girl still here? She's sitting on the stage stairs looking at the trophy with a guilty look on her face.

I hide behind the stage curtains and peek slightly out of them.

''Why did I win? There was 8 people left, anyone of them could have been 10x better then me, I bet they hate me now..'' She mutters, still looking at the trophy on her lap.

What's her deal, you win you win, no time for losers.

''Amu-chiii!!'' Yells a girl with pigtails, at the doorway of the hall.

''Huh? Oh Yaya, what are you doing, I thought everyone went home.'' Amu says getting up and walking towards Yaya.

''Yup, but Nikaido-sensei asked me to stack the bookshelf today, so you wanna walk home today, huh huh, wanna wanna!'' She pouts bouncing up and down.

''Alright, let me get my stuff from class then.'' Amu giggles and walks out of the hall.

I come out from the curtain and jump down from the stage, i'm about to leave when I remember that Amu left her trophy.

''God sake, that girl has the memory of a goldfish.'' I sigh as I pick it up and take it home.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Amu's POV, next day~~~~~~~~~~

''Amu-chan, schools in less then 10 minutes, wake up!'' A voice calls from downstairs.

'''' I mumble, rolling over on my side, then it dawns on me ''SCHOOL! AAAH I'M LATE FOR SCHOOL!'' I scream, falling off my bed.

~~~~~~~~~At School, guardian meeting~~~~~~~~

''Kuukai! I'm telling you, the kitty was THIS BIG!'' Exclaims Yaya, slapping the table.

''Yaya...did the kitty have stripes?'' Kuukai says nervously.

Yaya's eyes sparkle and she jumps up and down.

''Yah Kuukai, how'd you know?'' She smiles.

Everyone laughs nervously.

''Oh yeah, Hinamori-san, you won yesterdays competition right? Can we see the trophy up close?'' Gleams a royal as ever Tadase.

''Yeah sure i'll jus-'' I start off.

All colour drains from my face.

''Hm, whats wrong Hinamori?'' Says Kuukai, with a worried look on his face.

''Nothing, i'll be right back!'' I shout over my shoulder, running down the steps, past the fountain and out of the door.

~~~~~~~Ikuto's POV~~~~~~

I'll just go to the guardian meeting place, thingy, and give her the trophy.

I walk towards the door and reach my hand out for the handle, but the door swings open, and a pink haired girl falls onto me.

''Ouuch, why does this keep happening to me?'' Amu whimpers as she rubs her forehead.

She opens her honey orb eyes and looks at me with disgust.

''Oh, it's just you, then I guess I don't have to say sorry.'' She says as she stands up and walks passed me.

''Hmph, ok fair enough, i'll just keep your lovely art trophy'' I smirk as I stand up and grab the piece of worthless junk in the grass.

''What? Where is it, where did you find it!'' She cries, turning around and rushing up to me.

I hold the trophy out infront of me, she goes to grab it but I hold it up high, far above her reach.

''What the hell Tsukiyomi, give me back my trophy!'' She yells, getting on her tiptoes and streching.

''Uh uh uhh'' I tease, wagging one finger infront of her angry face.

''On one condition'' I say as a smirk appears on my face.

She keeps her eyes on the trophy, still reaching for it.

''Uh huh, condition, ok, sure, NOW GIMMIE MAH TROPHY!!'' She yells.

''Ok, the condition is, you have to kiss me, right here right now, on the cheek.''