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I've been in hospital for another week, they want to monitor me for a while, check nothings wrong, they also want to check for blood clots.

So i've been getting no sleep because of all these blood tests and scans and blah blah etc.

But then there's Amu.

Everyday she comes to visit me, weather it was sunny or raining, sometimes she even sleeps here.

So..she did feel the same for me as I did for her.

First finding out that she didn't infact bad mouth me, but now we're together.

Nothing can possibly go wrong for us now!

Over the past few days, Amu would feed me like a baby and stay with me morning and nights.

But something was off. She keeps acting shifty, tense and nervous.

Maybe it was because she was in a real relationship for the first time.

I'm laying on my hospital bed, and Amu's feeding me again.

''Open wide.'' She coo's, placing a strawberry in my mouth.

I smile and chew, then I lick my lips.

I lean in for a kiss, giving Amu the taste of the strawberry.

She blushes and fiddles with her clothes.

She was better dressed now that I was awake from my coma.

Amu was wearing a purple halter top with a black ruffle skirt, knee length purple socks and black dolly shoes.

She looks so cute.

''Ne, Ikuto, if something were to happen, where I couldn't be with you, would you hate me?'' She asks reluctantly, hiding her eyes with her bangs, sitting on the bed with me.

Why would she ask such a question when we just got together?

''Hm..yeah i'd hate you.'' I reply.

She flinches and frowns.

''Juust kidding.'' I laugh.

She punches me on the shoulder and frowns.

''Well. Sure i'd be sad, but if we really couldn't do anything about it. I'd be ok with it.'' I smile, pulling her into a hug.

''But that's not going to happen right?'' I grin, sniffing her hair and rubbing her back.

Her body stiffens and she clenches my shirt.

She's being doing that alot lately..

''Hinamori-san. There's a phonecall for you in the lobby.'' A nurse with brown curly hair and glasses says from the doorway.

~~~~~~~Amu's POV~~~~~~~

Another phone call? Everyones phoning me recently..

I slide off the bed and leave the room, turning down the hall to get to the lobby.

I pick up the phone on the desk and put it to my ear.

''Mushi Mushi?''.

''Amu..long time no see.'' A voice says from the other line.

''U-utau??'' I scream down the line.

''Hehe, yes, I decided to get ahold of you because I heard your moving, to America?'' She says, sounding disapointed.

News sure does get around.

''M-mh. For two years.'' I reply, still trying to get used to the idea.

''I also heard that you're finaly dating Ikuto. Normaly I would beat you to a pulp, but since i've got Kukai, and it's you, i'm going to hold back.'' She says slyly.

''You're dating Kukai?!'' I scream.



''Stop changing the subject.'' She sighs.

She's good, she's real good.

''Sorry, it's just, I don't like this subject. It means that i'll have to leave Ikuto for 2 years.'' I sigh.

''Then don't.'' She says blankly.

''B-but Utau!'' I cry.

''Listen Amu. He's just woken up from a month long coma. Do you think that you leaving him will make him any better?'' She growls from the phone.

''N-no...but this is a rare chance for me! I'll never get this again Utau! Besides Ikuto said he wouldn't be angry if something were to seperate us.'' I plead.


''When are you going to tell him?'' She asks.


''You're not going to, are you?'' She says again with more attitude.

''No..'' I reply blankly.

''So you're going to keep him in the dark about this. You're going to wait til the last minute.'' She says, rather telling me rather then asking.

''Yes..'' Is all I can say.

A long silence, then a sigh.

''Well then I hope it doesen't all blow up in your face.'' She mutters calmly.

Before I can reply, she hangs up.

I sigh and put the phone down.

I'm going to have as much time together with Ikuto til I leave.

Which is tomorrow..

I swallow hard, and run back to his room.

I skip into the room, trying to act happy. Even though i'm breaking on the inside.

''I'm baaack.'' I smile, sitting on the chair beside him.

''Who was that?'' He asks.

''U-uhh, just my sister asking if she can sleep in my room tonight since I wont be there tonight.'' I smile.

He nods and turns his attention towards the tv infront of him.

Spongebob squarepants is on, and it's the episode where Patrick is hiding something from Spongebob, you know, the one with the string in the box?

Ironic much..

Spongebob tries lots of methods to know Patricks secret, but in the end Pat still has the last laugh.

I doubt i'd get away that easily with Ikuto..

''I'd hate it if my best friend kept a secret from me.'' Ikuto says keeping his eyes on the tv.

Does he know?? Sounds like he does!

''Y-yeah..same.'' I reply weakly.

''Hey Ikuto..can we play a game or something? To pass the time?'' I ask, wanting to have as much fun in this situation as possible.

''Sure, it's sure better then just staring at the TV all day'' He scoffs.

I reach for a box under the bed, it has games and books.

I grab the monopoly box and set it all out on the table over Ikuto's bed.

''Monopoly? If you must know, i'm a master at this.'' He grins.

We get everything ready and begin playing.

I move my silver dog up four and land on his property.

''Ehem, pay up.'' He smirks, sticking his hand out.

''Dang..'' I mutter, handing him some monopoly money.

A while later, he lands on one of mine.

''Ehehe, i'll have that money back thank YOU!'' I laugh.

He pouts and gives the fake money back.

''Dangit woman i'm your boyfriend, doesen't that account for anything?'' He whines.

''No.'' I grin.

''But i'm ill, go easy on me!'' He whinges.

''Again, no.'' I smirk.

''Hinamori-san. You've been here 24/7. I'm afraid your going to have to leave. Get some rest and come back tomorrow. Ok?'' A nurse says looking worried.

I frown and put everything away.

''Well..bye Ikuto.'' I kiss his cheek and wave as I walk to the door.

''I love you..I mean it.'' I smile.

''Me too..bye, see you tomorrow.'' He smiles from the bed.

That would be the last time I see him for 2 years.

As I leave the hospital to catch the bus, I start crying uncontrolably.

''What's wrong with me? I'll see him again.'' I sob, sitting at the back of the bus.

When I arrive home, i'm greeted by Mama Papa and Ami.

Mama prepares me my dinner and asks me loads of questions, considering she hasn't seen me for a while now.

''I'm fine, really, I was just staying with him.'' I smile.

''Him? HIM?'' Papa screams at the dinner table.

''You've been seeing a boy? A BOY?'' He cries.

''Papa..Amu's at that age now.'' Mama gleems.

''What age!? I forbid it! You're not allowed a boyfriend til your 35!'' He squeeles.

I laugh nervously and continu on with my dinner.

When walking up the stairs to my room, my mother calls to me.

''Amu, I've already packed your stuff. Be ready to leave at lunchtime tomorrow ok? Goodnight.''

I say nothing, and continue walking.

I pick up my pj's left on my bed, chang into them and pack my clothes into the small space left in my suitcase.

I flopp onto my bare bed, and examin the empty and baren room that used to be my bedroom.

''Moving, huh?'' I mumble, eyeing up the bare walls that still have the frame outlines on them.

A tear trickles down my face without me noticing, then another.

It lands on my jeans, and I raise my hands to my eyes.

''What's wrong with me? I'm such a wuss..'' I grumble.

I lay down, pulling the temporary sheet over me.

~~~~~~~Next morning~~~~~~~

I awake to the sound of rushing around and birds chirping.

Looking to my side at my table clock, I found that it was 9:38.

I slip off my bed, pack away the remaining stuff like my clock and my bedsheet, got dressed in a blue summer dress and a white jacket, completed with a white sunhat.

Even though I'm sad, I'm determined to make the most of my time in America.

I take my time walking downstairs, taking in my surroundings.

''Amu, grab some breakfast we're going in a bit.'' Mama smiles, eating her toast and scrambled egg.

I say nothing, fearing that if I do, i'll burst out crying.

After eating and checking were ready to leave, we hop into a taxi with a few suitcases in the back.

All our other heavy stuff will be transported over by a moving van, then onto the plane, then back onto another moving van to our new home.

I told all my friends to meet me at the airport to say goodbye, and that i'd pay for their taxi's back.

As I step out of the taxi into the cold air, realization hits me, that I was infact moving miles and miles away from everything i've ever known.

I felt as if I was going to cry, so I tried to convince myself I was just going on holiday.

'It's ok, i'll be back soon, don't cry.' I thought, pulling my suitcase across the pavement and into checkout.

After all the faffing around with baggage and checking in was done, I met up with the guardians and a few extras in the cafe.

I ran into the Cafe on the brink of tears, and found everyone sitting at a table ordering food.

''Guys..'' I sobbed, standing around like an idiot.

They all stood up and ran to me, and brought me back to the table, obiously knowing that I wouldn't make it there with my own two legs.

As I looked around, I saw; Rima, Nagihiko, Kairi, Yaya, Kukai, Utau and..no Tadase.

Not that I want him here, after all the mess he made up.

And no Ikuto, that's the way I like it.

I don't want him coming here because it will just be harder to leave.

''So...your actually moving?'' Yaya frowned looking at the edge of the table.

''We'll miss you, don't forget that.'' Naghiko smiles weakly.

I look over to Utau, who is glaring daggers at me.

I know what she's thinking.

'Oh, I don't see Ikuto here. I'm right then?'.

I don't dare ask.

''So. One last meal before you leave, joker?'' Kairi smiles, handing me a menu.

I'm not dying, Kairi..

I return the smile and scan through the menu, picking out the cheapest there is, I don't want to be a burden.

''Latte and a box of chocolate pocky, please.'' I ask, placing the menu onto the scratched and battered table.

~~~~~~~1 hour later Ikuto's POV~~~~~~~

''Nurse-san. Do you know if a girl with pink hair has been here today at all? About yeah big?'' I ask, making hand signs to about how high Amu is.

The nurse just shakes her head and returns to her patient.

Enough of this, i'm going to go check on her at her house, damn nurses wont give me any information.

I take all the wires out, and open the window above me and climbing out.

I know what your thinking. 'Your crazy! You'll fall and then you'll be in a year long coma!''.

Not necessarily. My rooms on ground floor.

I land on a box not far from the floor, and then jump down onto some grass.

Again, your probably thinking 'Your not thinking of walking into the streets wearing a hospital gown?'.

I wear casual clothes in the hospital, no way am I showing my ass off in one of those gowns.

Smirking and walking down the street, I think of ways to make Amu blush and call me a hentai, as usual.

Using the alley cats route, I reach her house in a matter of minutes.

I jump onto the balcony with the gracefulness of an athlete.

Peeking into the bedroom, I find nothing.

And I mean, nothing. Nada, zero, zilch.

Not even my little ichigo.

What's happening? Why is the room, empty?!

I slide the door open and rush inside.

The only thing left is the carpet and wallpaper, even the bed is gone.

''A-Amu..?'' I whisper, hoping for a reply.

I run downstairs hoping to find her.


Again, the rooms are empty, cleaned out and barren.

I find a letter in the middle of the living room floor.

I take small steps, reaching the letter with cautiousness.

Hopefully this isn't just scrap paper.

I unfold it and let my eyes wander over the black letters, that are indeed, Amu's.

Dear Ikuto.

Gomen, I know it shouldn't have ended like this, but it did.

I'm getting the chance to enter lots of competitions and become much better at what I love.

I hope while i'm gone, that you too can improve at doing the thing that you love.

Wait for me. Ok? It's only two years.

When I arrive home, back in japan, I want to see an older, more mature, and less perverted Ikuto.

Ok, ignore the last bit, that wont happen.

Don't hate me for this, and please, don't come chasing after me.

Yours always, always, Amu. :)

I crumble the paper within my grasp and bite the insides of my cheeks.

''B..BAKA!'' I yell, shoving the paper into my pocket and rushing out the door.

I know she said not to come chasing after her, but does she really expect me to follow the rules?

No way. I'm coming for you Amu and you know I am!

~~~~~~~Amu's POV~~~~~~~

''Amu, we're going. Say goodbye and come on.'' Mama calls from outside the cafe.

''Come with me to the gate?'' I smile weakly, looking around at my friends.

They nod their heads and exit the cafe with me.

Rima grabs my hand, and Yaya grabs the other.

They both hold tight onto me, as if they don't want me to go.

I sigh and walk on to my family, who are waiting at gate 8.

Mama hands me some money to give to everyone so they can get a taxi home.

''Here. It should be enough for all of you. But don't fight over the change.'' I grin, passing it to the brains of the outfit, Nagihiko.

''Thanks, Amu.'' He smiles.

A minute silence shadows over us, and I stand before my friends, waiting for something to happen, and stop all this from happening.

But my wish is ignored, and i'm tugged through the gate by my parents.

''Bye! I'll miss you guys! Definatly wait for me!'' I scream, watching their figures get smaller and smaller.

They raise their hands and wave, and I see Rima and Yaya try to run to me, but get held back by Kairi and Nagi.

And Utau, walking away.

Probably still disapointed in me. I don't blame her, I am too.

When the plane door opens, people rush in to get the best seats.

We get in too and find ours at the back.

I sit by the window. I've always liked a view.

I hope to see the moon tonight, and lots of stars.

They remind me of Ikuto. My special blue cat.

So mysterious, always knowing how I feel, I wonder if he's read the letter yet?

Don't come chasing after me. Please don't.

The plane starts, the roaring engines signal that we are reversing, then taking pace down the runway.

I gaze out the window, out onto the runway, watching the white lines pass by.

''AMU!'' A voice yells from outside the plane.

No way.


I'm hearing it, right?

It can't be Ikuto.

I turn my gaze further down the right, and see a man running down the runway, chasing after the plane.

Not just any man.

My man.

''Baka...I told you not to follow me.'' I smile.

He stumbles a few times, trying to keep up with the speeding vehicle.


''I told you..I-I told, you.'' I whisper, shutting the blinds on the light, and on Ikuto.

''AMUUUU!!'' The voice calls in a last desperate attempt to get me to somehow jump out of the plane.

''T-This is why..I didn't want you to, c-come!!'' I shout, bursting out crying.

I bury my head in my hands, letting the salty water flow out onto my trembling hands.

The plane speeds up, and the engine roars like a fierce monster.

Rushing down the runway, the wheels leave the gravel, and takes us up into the sky.

''I told you..'' I whisper.

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