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Chapter 33

With all the players gathered

It wasn't often Kurou admitted to himself that he was in over his head. He had always been confident and thought ahead, but his anger over Isshin and Masaki's departure from the Guard twenty years ago had clouded his judgment. Now, he was facing down an opponent that he wasn't sure he could beat.

The intel gathered on this Hollow form did it justice. It was seriously one intimidating figure to look at. The pressure of the reiatsu beating down on him was also nothing to rub his nose at. Actually, he was having an extra hard time keeping his back straight under it.

"So this is the fabled Hollow form." Kurou slowly drew himself into a fighting stance, watching Ichigo's every move. "Let's hope it doesn't disappoint."

Standing behind Ichigo, Orihime winced at the near glee she heard in Kurou's voice. There was a pattern forming with this Hollow form: every time someone was remotely happy to see it, for whatever reason, they always wound up nearly getting killed.

Considering what Kurou had done to Ichigo in the past 24 hours, Orihime knew this battle would get ugly, and fast.

Taking a step towards Kurou, Ichigo held Zangetsu limply at his side. The usual menace and deep-seated rage that was per course for this form was missing: the result of Ichigo having some control this time. To everyone's surprise, Ichigo's other hand reached up and grabbed the edge of his mask and began to pull.

"Truly you aren't reconsidering pulling this form out?" Kurou questioned.

"Ichigo-kun…" Orihime moved until she was staring up at him from his side. "What are you-"

The mask didn't break, but rather it just cracked along the bottom until it broke free. Ichigo moved it up and back until it was resting on top of his head. "That's better," he murmured.

Kurou raised an eyebrow. "That won't diminish your power, moving your mask like that?"

"Probably not."

"That sort of confidence won't afford you much in this fight, although I do admire it."

That earned Kurou an eye roll from Ichigo. Ignoring the commander for now, he looked over at Orihime. "Keep back, okay? This guy's itching for a fight."

Orihime simply nodded, her hands clutching her arms tightly. "Be careful."

Kurou snorted. "If you're done prattling," he said, drawing back his sword, "it's time to start this."

Even after seeing Ichigo fight a few times in this form, it still always floored Orihime just how fast he moved. He was literally there one second, staring down at her, and the next, he was streaking towards Kurou, Zangetsu drawn back.

The reiatsu pouring out of both of them had Orihime quickly stepping backwards and throwing her shield up. She braced herself for the clash.

When their swords met, it was like a small bomb going off. The shockwave from the clash of the reiatsu meeting was powerful, enough to send some chairs flying, and almost doing the same to Orihime.

That simultaneous burst of reiatsu was felt throughout the Palace. Just one floor down from where Ichigo and Kurou were fighting, Shinji and the Vizards came to a halt.

Shinji had regrouped with his fellow Vizards after they found him stuffed under some rubble. Ever since then, they had been searching for Orihime and the others – including Hiyori, who couldn't seem to be found anywhere.

"Hoo boy," Love said as he felt Ichigo's reiatsu. "That form's out."

Shinji's eyes were narrowed in concentration. "Yeah," he said. "Somethin' ain't right, though."

"It's different," Hachi agreed.

Not wanting to dawdle, Riza shouldered her sword and began to move again. "We can't waste time. If that form's out, everyone in the Palace is in danger."

"If that form's out, then Orihime-chan is likely nearby," Shinji pointed out. "She wouldn't let him cause that much havoc."

"But if that form's out," Kensei said with a deep frown, "that likely means they're in danger. It wouldn't have come out unless the kid had no other choice."

"Kurou likely found them," Rose concluded. "So, Riza's right, although for different reasons. We need to get a move on and find them. Hiyori will have to wait. I'm sure she's fine."

Shinji didn't seem so sure. "There's no guarantee of that. Knowin' her, she probably got herself caught or in some damn chase with the Guard. At best, we'll find her-"

For that remark, Shinji suddenly found himself assaulted by one pissed off Hiyori, who came leaping down onto him from somewhere up above. "The hell-"

"WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR?" Hiyori snapped as she pummeled him with her sandal. "I came all this damn way to find you guys, and I catch you saying I was dumb enough to get captured!"

The others looked on passively as Shinji continued to get beaten and screamed at by Hiyori. Love just shrugged, saying, "At least we found her."

"I swear, she's magnetic to insults," Riza said with a shake of her head.

From where Hiyori had leapt from (a large window with a balcony that was several feet above their heads), Hikifune appeared with some of the Guard members. Sensing their reiatsu, the other Vizard drew out their swords.

"We got company you two!" Kensei snapped at Hiyori and Shinji.

Hiyori looked over and immediately got up off of Shinji when she saw who it was. "Oi, oi! Sheathe those! It's Hikifune-taichou and the Guard members under her! They're on our side!"

Free from the barrages, Shinji lifted his head and blinked. "Eh?"

"We're coming down!" It was Hikifune's only warning before she and the others leapt down from the window. She landed a few yards from them, keeping her arms raised slightly to show she meant no harm. "It's all right."

"Hikifune…" Kensei cautiously put away his weapon. "Been awhile."

"I'll say. Sorry for coming upon you so suddenly, everyone. We've been getting around via the balconies. Balcony hopping. Best way to move through the Palace quickly without detection."

"We've been looking for you guys." Hiyori sighed. "I found Hikifune-taichou and these guys locked up. They were arrested for disobeying Kurou's orders."

"Kurou's orders?" Mashiro tilted her head to the side curiously. "Don'tcha mean the Reiou's?"

"No." Hikifune shook her head. "Kurou's. The Reiou has been locked away in deep meditation for years. Everything that's happened the past two days has been the result of Kurou's doing, not his."

Shinji's expression went carefully blank. "If this isn't the Reiou's fault, then why the hell is Kurou doing this?"

"A personal vendetta. I'll explain on the way. Your friend is fighting Kurou. I know this Hollow form is powerful, but I don't want to take any chances. Let's go."

Back upstairs, Ichigo narrowly dodged a swipe from Kurou's sword. He countered with a blow to the chest with the heel of his hand, followed by a kick, which sent Kurou stumbling back.

He was doing well, but that came with the haunting realization that Kurou still hadn't even called out his shikai, let alone his bankai.

"Relax, King," Shirosaki said in his head. "It'd only make this fight a hell of a lot more fun."

I don't want fun, I want this over quick. Ichigo leapt at him, Zangetsu clashing with Kurou's zanpakutou. The commander held his ground, steel grinding against steel as each combatant struggled to force an opening from the other.

After a minute of pushing and no side giving way, Kurou placed his palm against his blade and said, "Shock, Hiraishin!"

"King, get the fuck back!" Despite having warned Ichigo, Shirosaki resumed control and forced Ichigo's body back, just before Kurou's zanpakutou fired out bolts of electricity.

The lightning trails shot out in all directions in front of Kurou. They tore apart some of the tables and chairs, and one bounced off of Orihime's shield.

Ichigo immediately looked over to see if she was all right. Finding her a little shook up but unhurt, he turned back to Kurou, who carefully kept his zanpakutou blade away from his body.

"Electricity is one of the most lethal elements a zanpakutou can possess. Fire mostly damages the skin, and the same with ice. Both can easily be overcome in their own ways, and pitted against the other, there's rarely a clear winner. But with electricity..." Kurou held up Hiraishin to the light, showing off its multi-pronged, shikai form to Ichigo. "It sends jolts through the whole body, capable of damaging organs and muscles. And it's not to easily stopped."

"Yeah, yeah, blah de fucking blah," Shirosaki said out loud. "Ya just gotta prove yer a special tyke, dontcha?"

Kurou came back with another short speech about the logic behind his reasoning, but Ichigo hardly listened to it, instead focusing on the way Kurou was holding his weapon. As he watched, he noticed powerful sparks of electricity running over the surface of the prongs.

There's an active current running through it. He touches it, he'll get shocked, too.

Surprised by Ichigo's observation, his Hollow remarked, "Well well, if you ain't right... But he's not gonna poke himself with it."

Then we make him. Electricity can jump between two surfaces if they're close enough and are conductive. Get it close enough to his skin, and it'll give him a nice shock.

A chuckle radiated throughout Ichigo's head. "Close quarter combat. Risky though, King. We get too close and we'll both be pissing lightning bolts for a week."

You're the one who wanted this to be fun. Suck it up.

"...Fuck, I liked you better when you were dumber."

Ignoring that little remark, Ichigo suddenly flash-stepped towards Kurou. He skirted around his side, forcing Kurou to swing his weapon around to the side. Sure enough, because of the weapon's size and the direction of the swing, one of the prongs got too close to Kurou. Ichigo got back far enough just in time to see Kurou twitch and jump a little as a shot of electricity ran through his system.

"You were saying?" He was adding fuel to the fire, but it was nice to shut Kurou up a bit.

When the Commander recovered, he aimed a deadly glare at Ichigo. "Aren't you the smart little prick? But I don't need to outsmart you." He swung his weapon again, keeping it far away from his body this time as he did so. "Just over power you!"

"This way!" Rukia shouted as she opened the door to a stairwell. "The stairs lead downwards!"

"If it actually leads us to the main hall is another question entirely," Ishida remarked as he followed her, flanked by Sado and Renji. "It'd be wiser to regroup with those we got separated from first."

"Then you go ahead and do that!" Renji snapped as he hurried after Rukia down the stairs. "Our captains are down in the main hall and we need to help them. The Guard would have noticed them by now. I can already sense a bunch of them in that area."

Sado remained silent, his brow creased in thought as he followed the shinigami, though not quite as hurriedly as Renji.

Sighing in disdain, Ishida shook his head as he took the stairs two at a time. "I sensed the reiatsu of more than just the captains. Vice-captains were with them as well. Their numbers are adequate."

"It's not about numbers!" Rukia shot back.


"It's having our allies' backs."

The shinigami and Quincy stopped in their tracks when Sado spoke up, having also noticed he'd stopped walking. He looked up towards the ceiling, where he felt the powerful reiatsu of Ichigo clashing with Kurou's up above. "We came here for Ichigo. But... I think he'll be okay now. Inoue's with him."

They waited for him to continue, wondering where he was going with this.

"I... want to help him, but this fight's on him. There are others, whose backs are bare and need help. The shinigami are gonna get overwhelmed by the Guard." He looked at Ishida. "And I consider them allies. That's why I want to help, at least. It's your decision, though."

Renji and Rukia looked expectantly at Ishida, waiting for him to answer. After a moment of internal debate, Ishida snorted derisively and pushed back his glasses. "I see your point, Sado." He knew he had let his own prejudices get in the way. It didn't help much with the bitter taste in his mouth, at having to help the shinigami, but it was one he'd have to bear. "Very well. But once that's taken care of, I intend to move on."

Sado nodded, giving him the faintest of smiles.

"Let's keep moving. We can't be too far from the main hall," Rukia said.

Grimmjow skidded back into a wall, and quickly used sonido to move out of the way before the kidou blast fired off by his opponent could hit him.

"That the best you got?" he sneered as he charged at him, swiping with his sword.

A few yards down the hall, Neliel looked over her shoulder and sighed, sheathing her weapon as her enemy crumbled onto the floor, defeated. "He's fired up, as usual."

"Nel-san!" Pesshe suddenly came around the corner up ahead, waving his arms. "We might have found a way up to the floor Ichigo's on!"

Pleased, she smiled and nodded to Pesshe before turning back to Grimmjow. "We need to leave! They found a way up."

"Tch." Grimmjow scowled, but with a powerful kick, he sent his combatant crashing through the way, and, judging by the loud thud that followed seconds later, likely down a floor or two. "Just as I was getting warmed up."

"Consider it practice for the fights ahead," Nel said as she started to make her way over to Pesshe, expecting Grimmjow to follow. "We've been fortunate so far that all we've run into are the basic foot soldiers."

Grimmjow clearly didn't agree, judging by his expression.

And Nel didn't need to see it to know what it was. "We are," she insisted as she reached Pesshe and let him lead the way. "There's no point in wasting all our strength now. Besides, once we get up to where Ichigo is, I'm sure we'll run into them. It seems their Commander is up there, and he'll be well guarded."

"You think Ichigo's gonna be okay?" Pesshe asked as he hopped up the stairs.

"He better be," Grimmjow muttered before Nel could answer. "Didn't come here to save his sorry ass only to find said ass dead."

Nel exhaled a laugh, smiling amusedly as she climbed the steps. She wouldn't say Grimmjow was worried about Ichigo. They'd never be friends or anything like that, and she was fine with it. But he was concerned in his own way, and likely that was the best one could ever expect out of him.

"What now, woman?"

"Nothing. Just thinking, but it'll have to wait. It seems we've reached the right floor."

Dondochakka was waiting for them at the top, glancing over his shoulder at times to make sure the coast was clear. Once all of the Arrancar had made it out of the stairwell, he scratched the back of his head and looked around. "It's the right floor, and I can sense them, but their reiatsu is so huge, it's hard to pinpoint where they are, dontcha know?"

Neliel took a few steps down the hall, and waited. She stood still, her hand over her sword hilt as she wordlessly stared off into space.

"Nel-san?" Pesshe seemed as confused as his cohort as to what she was doing.

"Shut up," Grimmjow snapped. "And listen."

Dondochakka gawked. "But, listen for-"

Suddenly, voices and footsteps resounded down the opposite end of the hall. Nel turned around, and drew out her sword. "For that," she answered, walking back her Fraccion.

"Guard dogs always come running from the direction their master's in." Grimmjow grinned in maniacal glee and joined Nel. "And these are the ones with the real sharp teeth."

"It seems you'll get your fight with the Guard," Nel said, her expression passive as they waited for the enemy to come. "But let's not take too long. We came here to help Ichigo. Once we're through," If we make it through. But she refused to voice that thought. "we keep moving to get to him. Let's all survive this and go home together."

Pesshe and Dondochakka joined them, braced for the rough fight ahead. "We go home with you, always!"

"...You too, Grimmjow," Nel said, glancing over at him.

"Like hell I'm dying here anyway," Grimmjow said, his voice low. "Or you three. I'm not running that stupid village on my own."

By the time the Arrancar had clashed with the approaching Guard, Ichigo and Kurou had done a number on the dining hall. Streaks of black were strewn across the walls and ceiling from the lightning strikes, and more than a few windows were blown out.

Hiraishin's bolts were really pushing the limits of Ichigo's speed. He'd taken one or two hits already from it, but luckily no more. Still, it was decidedly tricky to dodge the strikes, and Kurou had long since wisened up to Ichigo's tactic of shocking him with his own weapon.

"This is the limit of your power, boy!" Kurou sent out a huge streak of lightning that made an arc through the air. A cero would stop it, likely, but there was no time for one as Ichigo was again forced to dodge. "I still have my bankai. Surrender now before you get more injured, or something happens to your little woman over there."

Orihime's shield was the only reason she hadn't been shocked yet. However, maintaining it for so long was draining her, and it was beginning to weaken. Still, she refused to show her weakness, and she shook her head when Ichigo glanced over at her. "I'm fine!"

We need to end this before he pulls out that bankai. If he does... Ichigo wasn't worried about himself, but Orihime. Hiraishin's attacks were long range and powerful as was. In bankai, he didn't want to imagine what they would do. And he could sense Orihime's power begin to weaken. That scared him more than anything.

"I got an idea." Shirosaki eyed up Kurou's sword arm. "He has to keep that arm outstretched to keep the prods from blitzing his ass repeatedly. Can't get him to shock himself again, but it leaves his arm wide fucking open."

The logic was simple to follow: damage the sword arm, and Kurou's offense would weaken. Either he'd have to keep battling with a damaged arm, or he'd have to switch arms, and that was always foolhardy during a fight.

Right. Think you can do it?

"Gee, King, I'm honored that you so fucking graciously-"

Shut the hell up and just do it. We don't have the time.

Ichigo still didn't like giving control over to Shirosaki, even if they were sharing it now, but he knew his Hollow was a little faster, and he knew where to hit to make it count.

Not arguing for once, Shirosaki resumed the helm and darted across the floor. He ducked under a streak of lightning, unphased as he hopped onto the remaining tables. As he jumped across those, he could hear them being destroyed one by one as lightning bolt after bolt tore them apart. It helped him gauge just how far behind the strikes where, and also to time his own hit.

As he hoped, Kurou began to move as he circled closer, reeling in the opposite direction as he sent out another stream. While him moving made aiming trickier, it also meant Kurou's attention was divided between his fighting stance and keeping his feet moving.

Summoning as much energy as he could, Shirosaki waited for the perfect moment. Just as Kurou raised his arm, leaving it bare and exposed, he shot across the floor, moving as fast and far as he could in one shunpo. Even he barely saw where he was going, but he grinned when he felt Zangetsu tear through flesh, and his smile widened when he heard Kurou's short yell.

When he came to a stop, he found himself squarely in front of Orihime. Both of them had done that a lot during the battle, he noticed: keeping their body in between her and Kurou when they were close enough. The reason one of the bolts had hit them was because Kurou had decided to be a jack-ass and sent it at her.

"Are you okay?" her soft voice broke through his musing.

He waved a hand dismissively. "Just fine. Can't say the same for-"

A riotous burst of laughter cut them both off, and Shirosaki snarled as he turned back around, only to find Kurou laughing to himself as he tossed his zanpakutou to his other hand. His sword arm was torn apart, and the Hollow was pleased to see the results. Still...

Something's not right, Ichigo thought as he resumed control.

"Cute tactic, boy, but that won't work." Kurou easily handled Hiraishin in his left hand, moving it about and swinging it just as easily as he had done with his right.

"He must be ambidextrous," Orihime murmured.

"Son of a bitch!" Shirosaki roared inside Ichigo's mind.

"Still, deprived of one working limb, you've forced me to take the next step." Kurou smiled easily, and held up Hiraishin. "Bankai."

The main hall was nearly as much of a mess as the dining hall. Nori had launched himself at Momo after her speech, and was immediately blocked by her and Hitsugaya. And that was enough to finally spark the fighting.

It was a tough match for the captains and vice-captains, but they were holding up much better than they expected. Actually, it was much better than Nori was expecting, too.

"Don't show them any mercy!" he shouted to the other Royal Guard. "We are Royal Guard, elite members protecting His Majesty! These run of the mill shinigami should be no match for us!"

He was answered with a kidou spell to the face, courtesy of Momo. It was her way of telling him to shut up. Hitsugaya readied Hyourinmaru, knowing Nori's wrath wasn't far from reaching its breaking point.

All but growling as he shook off the attach, Nori shouted, "I'M SICK OF KOWTOWING TO YOU LOT." He took a menacing step, then another towards Momo. "The separation of our institutions has left you shinigami disrespectful little pissants. If you won't go down the easy way, then you'll go down my way. KILL THEM!"

The two childhood friends weren't entirely sure what happened next. One moment they saw Nori streaking towards them, his sword drawn and rage in his eyes, and the next, he was sent flying in another direction.

From the side, a Royal Guard member stepped in front of them. He watched with almost grim amusement as Nori crashed into the staircase, the sound loud enough to catch everyone's attention and halt the battles.

"It's a wonder Kurou likes you and Ryou so much," Kichirou said as he shouldered his sword. "You're both temperamental assholes. Then again, peas in a pod…"

"Kichirou," Nori seethed as he got to his feet. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing I haven't been doing the past few weeks," he said with a shrug. "Besides 'kowtowing' to Kurou and you. I have to agree with you, it does get old fast."

Hitsugaya, understandably surprised, addressed Kichirou, "Why did you help us just now?"

He smiled, giving the captain a wink over his shoulder. "Ah ha, good question. But the better one would be, why have I been helping you the past few weeks, hm?"

Nori's eyes bulged in their sockets. "What?"

"Come on," Kichirou said, his posture relaxed as he turned back to Nori. "Don't you find it a little strange the shinigami reaped all of these unforeseen advantages? Like Kurosaki Ichigo's Hollow Form seemingly unable to come out when Kurou tried? That those from the Human World managed to escape? It never struck you as odd that they got so lucky?"

As confused as he was, Kyouraku kept his composure and said, "We thought ourselves lucky, yes. There was some skill involved, mind you, but I take it you had a hand in this?"

"You son of a-"

"Ah ah, now Nori," Kichirou said, wagging his finger at him, "you really need to watch that temper. Blood pressure and all. But to answer your question, Kyouraku-taichou, yes, I did." He turned to the captain in question and gave him a little salute. "Captain Kichirou of the Royal Guard, at your service. I specifically head the intelligence division of the Guard."

"So that's what happened," Hitsugaya muttered. "You were spying on us and fed the Guard information."

"False information, thank you very much," he amended, acting almost offended. "Now, not all of it was, just key bits, you know."

Since Nori was too busy seething and trying not to explode, Ukitake asked, "Why though? Why would you turn on your own comrades?"

"Not to mention directly disobey a superior."

The voice was a different one, but the shinigami knew immediately who it was. From behind the rubble in front of the underground entrance rang Urahara's voice, "Just a moment, everyone! I'd like to clear this."

It was all the warning anyone got to clear the way before Urahara blasted the debris with Benihime. Once the dust cleared, he stepped out from the passage, Yoruichi just behind him.

"My apologies." Urahara grinned cheerfully as he beat the dust off his hat. "But as I was saying, you also disobeyed a superior's orders, didn't you, Kichirou-san?"

"Yes and no. Not the superior I'm worried about, anyway."

"Ah, yes yes. It'd be a different story if it was the Reiou you'd gone directly against, but it wasn't."

There was a tense, dangerous silence that fell over the shinigami as Urahara relayed that bit of information. "What do you mean," Kyouraku said in a low voice, "it wasn't the Reiou he went against?"

For the first time, Kichirou seemed a bit apologetic as he explained, "Our Reiou has been in meditation for years. This whole plan – from the kid's kidnapping to imprisoning Soul Society – was cooked up by Kurou himself. Anything with the Reiou's signature on it was forged."

"So we got our asses locked up and bossed around by these pricks with no real meat to back them up?" Kenpachi growled.

"We've been made for fools," Soi Fong said, her tone dripping with barely restrained anger.

"Who do you think you are to do that to us?" Hitsugaya snapped.

Before he could lunge, Hinamori took hold of his arm. "Wait." She turned to Kichirou. "Why didn't you stop them sooner, then? If you were against them?"

"Sorry about that," he said, frowning. "But I needed to wait for the right time."

"Luckily, that time has come," Urahara said. "I have faith that Kurosaki-san can stop Kurou."

To that, Nori let out a bark of laughter. "Please, he's just a boy. Commander Kurou has centuries of training at his beck and call."

Urahara looked put off, tapping his chin. "Ah, I suppose you have a point."

Nori turned, looking smug, and was about to say something to Kichirou when Urahara piped up, "Of course, that's if I was talking about Kurosaki Ichigo."

Kichirou grinned while Nori's smugness melted away into muted horror. "You – you can't mean…"

"This is my bankai, Kurosaki Ichigo." Kurou held out his sword, still multi-pronged but with a nauseous gas pouring out of it. "Electricity and poison. A deadlier combination than ever conceived. Even if you can outrun the lightning, you can't outlast the poison."

From behind Ichigo, Orihime stared on in horror. "But, why would you…"

"If you won't cooperate with us," Kurou said, looking at both of them, "then I'll have to dispose of you. I can't have you walking away from this."

Ichigo and Shirosaki remained silent, both of them thinking quickly as to how to overcome this.

Suddenly, Kurou flash-stepped, disappearing temporarily before appearing several yards behind Orihime. "You said you needed her for that Hollow form. Well… then I suppose she must go first."

Even with her shield still up, Orihime knew it wouldn't be strong enough to repel the attack. Still, she threw it in front of her, just seconds before Ichigo flew past her and charged at Kurou. "Ichigo-kun, no!"

A blast of electricity came from Hiraishin, aiming in Orihime's direction. Ichigo had no choice but to take the attack. It was powerful enough to send him tumbling across the floor, stopping inches short of Orihime's shield.

Terrified, she ran around her shield and over to him. "Ichigo-kun!"

"Get back behind the shield!" he shouted.

"It ends for both of you here!" Kurou stepped back and shouted, "Twin Arcs of Heaven and Hell!"

Two huge streaks – one electricity, one poison – shot from the prongs of Hiraishin and plowed straight for the couple. Orihime threw up her shield, but braced herself for the worst.

Suddenly, another blast of reiatsu came from the side. A deep voice shouted something – too loud to hear over the cacophony – and when Orihime opened her eyes, she saw a broad figure standing in front of her shield, zanpakutou in hand.

Ichigo immediately got to his feet, though shaken, and stared in complete shock as Isshin looked over his shoulder.

Urahara smiled broadly. "Ah yes, I do mean that. Kurosaki Isshin, your former commander, is here. Did you really think he'd let you take his only son without retaliation?"

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