Hichigo poked Zangetsu with a stick. "ZanZan! Wake up!"

"Go away you blasted huligan!" Zangetsu snapped, "I'm not sleeping! Can't you see I'm meditating?!"

Hichigo shrugged, "How am I supposed to know if you're asleep or not? it looks like you are."

"Well if it looks like I am then don't--nevermind!" Zangetsu turned away, "Why do you insist on being such an annoyance?"

Hichigo didn't answer and instead started aplying with Zangetsu's hair. "What are doing?" Zangetsu asked.

"Braiding your hair. It's so lush! Do you use Herbal Essences? Or L'oreal?"

"Neither!" Zangetsu pulled away, "Now go away! Shoo!" He wafted his hands at Hichigo who pouted. "You don't know how to have fun. Say, I know! Let's have a break dancing competition!"

"There is no way in Hell I am having a break dancing competition with you!"

"I'll give you a cookie."

"What kind?" Zangetsu eyed him curiously.

Hichigo grinned, "White chocolate macadamean nut."

"I'm in!"


"Kurosaki?!" Ms. Onsho glowered to the student who was face down on his desk. "Are you alright?"

"Head...ache...!" Ichigo muttered weakly, unable to pick himself up.

A sweat drop slid down the back of Rukia's head. "Maybe you should see the nurse..." she suggested.

"They're playing Lady Gaga... I hate her..."

"...no comment..."