Benevolently Unbound - A Sesshomaru Romance

"The darkness had been peeled away like the rise of the morning sun. The feeling of being embraced by someone that knew you the best was terrifying and beautiful. No one would ever know me better than myself and I would never part from that again."

On the ground, crouched before a mad man with title and royal blood, Rem shivered. Her tensed and tears freely fell, her fists clenched.

"I know you..." Ichiou laughed as she pulled away the hair which blocked her eyes and stood hunched over. She looked half dead. She felt half dead.

"Rem...?" Her mind blazed with his voice and her heart sang. A sound which pained her for her stupidity and ignorance. She forced her mind clear by digging her nails into her palms. Blood trickled.

"I know you... I know what you are." She lifted her head to glare at Ichiou, his attention was on the ground where blood pooled at her feet, smoking and frothing. Her blood was eating away at the stone with an acrid stench which burned his eyes. She would not look at Sesshomaru. Not yet. If she did...

"You know me? You know nothing." In her ears she could hear the distant sound of faded screams. Slowly they became louder and louder, Ichiou's sword glinted like a thousand treasures at his side.

"You are right... I know nothing..." Her face contorted as she swung her fists at him, poison flew with each swipe she took to maim him. "DIE!" The recalled memories of her past no longer caused pain, rather they gave her strength.

"You filthy wench, get back." He reached for the sword at his side and hit a wall behind him. It's metal sheen reflected light and she saw her own image on the blade. Time stopped with the blade drawn in front of him, but time was in her favour.

The weapon was in his hand, still withdrawing from its sheath. And opportunity was in her grasp.

Rem grasped Ichiou's hand still drawing the sword. He fought to continue pulling the weapon back to cut her down, but she held firm.

"I know what you are... you are dead." She forced the blade threw his chest pinning him to the wall. His scream ripped the sky open and she ripped the sword from his gut and raised it to kill him without a chance of survival.

A gentle hand held her.

"Leave this to someone else." Sesshomaru stood behind her and she dropped the bloodied weapon at her side. It clanged and sparked against the stone.

"I will take it." Davien flew down on raven wings. "I am... glad to see you are alright." He turned to Sesshomaru. "I thank you as well. I'd ask how you knew I did not betray, but I don't really care. Thank you for my release. I owe you a life debt. You need only ask." Sesshomaru nodded and with the sound of soft wind, Davien took his brother in his arms.

"Davi... you came back for me?" Davien did not answer and smiled at his brother's pathetic form before taking to the skies.

No words were spoken between the two who remained, only the cries of war below and the wind which offered only a quiet sigh. She turned, but her eyes were on the floor, the blood stained stone. A single finger trailed from her ear to her chin, making her look up.

"I had forgotten... I had forgotten and left..." The tears would not stop as much as she wanted them to.

"And if I said, that did not matter?" She sobbed outright and she flung herself into him, crying uncontrollably.

"I have missed you... so much!" She pulled his shirt and squeezed as if he might suddenly disappear, her knees gave away and hit the ground. Sesshomaru bent down to her and again lifted her face.

"I know. I... have also." Frozen in a moment she feared a dream, he closed the gap between them and kissed her. His lips so warm and soft broke her heart into pieces too many to count or find. Pieces of her she could only give to him. He pulled away, just a little to look at her and she pushed forward pushing hi back.

"Don't leave me... Please!" He sat up and gathered her in his arms, no longer aware of the outside world.

"I do not plan to. Not ever." She allowed herself to look into those ambers eyes she often lost herself in. The eyes she daydreamed about in the garden outside when Jaken would pester her.

"Ever..." The psalms words of a thousand sages could not heal the wounded heart, but his simple words could and she thanked every god known and unknown for him. "Home." That was all she could manage to say and Sesshomaru stood up, Rem cradled so small in his arms he thought for a moment that he might break her. She was so fragile to him and there were so many times he did not know what to do with her.

Traveling, Rem could only think was other worlds and planes of existence, she allowed herself to release everything painful. She was given the chance to start new and she would protect that new future with her life. The warm light that bathed her carried her to lands she knew and had grown to love.

"I love you..." She allowed her spirit to say what her voice was unable to and the light grew brighter; its warmth delving into her soul and dreamless sleep, peaceful sleep took her away.





Story continues with Mephitic Dreams.